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Effortless document generation with Nintex Drawloop DocGen and  Salesforce

June 29, 2022 eye-glyph 78
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About the Company

Our esteemed client is an event management firm that operates in the United States. They organize 5 to 7 events every month for an average of 500-10,000 attendees across the nation.

The client focused on creating, printing, and sharing event invitations, itineraries, notices, and reports. Their team had to customize these resources manually for each person, which was a very time-consuming and complex task. Therefore, they were looking for a solution that could resolve their challenges.


The client was struggling with various challenges, and the prominent one was to create a customized document for the person who was receiving it. Creating personalized invitations for every guest, that too, manually, is a critical task that requires a lot of time and effort.

Moving further, the client struggled to keep track of all the documents they had created as they were in different formats. Some were present in PDFs, Word, PPTs, and so on. They were looking for a solution that could effectively manage all the designs and work as a template for future use.

Our client needed help managing the emails and responses from various invitees. This was because they used other applications for managing the invitations, which was expensive and inconvenient. Also, the invoicing process was done manually by the operations and accounts department, which sometimes resulted in wrong calculations and delayed payments.

Every challenge above indicates that the client relied heavily on manual efforts, which also resulted in errors while designing or calculating the invoices.

In a summary:

  • Challenge in creating personalized documents
  • Difficult to manage different types of documents
  • Time consuming and expensive bulk invites
  • Time consuming invoicing process
  • High degree of errors


After understanding the needs and requirements of our client, we suggested they go for Nintex services. We implemented Nintex Drawloop Docgen in our client’s system. It is a no-code solution that allows the automated creation of documents and delivery processes. It streamlines the document creation process when dealing with a large set of data or when the document is to be generated based on a specific business rule or template. Also, it enables users to create dynamic and data-driven documents in various formats.

We created different Docgen Packages and Templates for the client based on their needs and added Merge and Prompt fields so they could customize the documents accordingly for every individual. This way, they didn’t have to create the same document multiple times for every customer; they just opened the template, filled in the Merge and Prompt fields, and it was ready to go. It cut down on manual work and the time it took to create a document.

In order to create and manage different formats of documents, we added export and delivery options, which could convert a document into another format with just by a click. Also, it could be stored in Salesforce notes and attachments.

Moving on, to manage bulk invitations, we implemented Nintex Docgen delivery options. As soon as the team designed the document, with a hint of personalization, the document was automatically sent to the invitees. If any response is received, it is stored in Salesforce. This collaboration of Nintex and Salesforce helped to efficiently manage the invitation process and reduce the workload for the employees.

Catering another challenge of invoicing, we created various invoicing templates and added various fields like merge and prompts so that the client can customize them according to their needs. Also, we implemented the workflow to export the data from Salesforce. The client’s team only had to fill in the relevant details in the invoice and mail it to the appropriate party. This helped to make the invoicing process faster and more efficient, and accurate payments were made and received.

The implementation and automation helped the client to reduce their manual efforts and increase efficiency.


“After Cyntexa implemented the Nintex Drawloop DocGen with Salesforce, our manual efforts have reduced with a great percentage. It really helped us automate various tasks, and allowed us to use any existing document templates and customize it according to our need. It helped us in achieving email automation and streamlined the invoice generating process.Overall, we had a great experience working with Cyntexa!”


  • Automating various tasks helped eliminate manual workload for employees, which improved productivity and reduced errors.
  • Template creation and storing it for future reference helps to reduce repetitive designing.
  • Ease of creating and managing different types of documents.
  • Ease of sending bulk invitations through email automation.
  • Automated invoice management helped to generate accurate invoices and timely payments.

Reduction in Manual Efforts


Increase in time management


Improvement in Customer Satisfaction


Increase in Efficiency

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