Hire a

Remote Salesforce Developer

What does it mean to
Hire a Remote Salesforce Developer?

Hiring remote developer means a dedicated Salesforce developer who will be working exclusively for your project.

Cyntexa has a strong team of various certified Remote Salesforce Developers. We offer you complete flexibility in hiring the perfect personnel for your business which gives you complete control over the development process, within the specified time and budget.
Remote Salesforce developer
Remote Salesforce developer

Hire a
Remote Developer

Hiring a remote developer means a dedicated Salesforce developer who will be working exclusively for your project.

Cyntexa has a strong team of various certified Remote Salesforce Developers who can help you to improve your business efficiency through consulting and implementing solutions over Salesforce.

We offer you complete flexibility in hiring the perfect personnel for your business which gives you complete control over the development process, right from scratch within the specified time and budget.

Hiring Models

Hire the candidate who’s right for your business.
To make you choose wisely, we offer different hiring models, select the one which suits your needs.

For introducing small updates in an application/system or irregular flow of work
  • No time-bound or Minimum time commitment
  • Can be allocated to 1 or more projects at a time

For small projects with no time-bound and continuous development support on an org or application

  • Min 20 hours/week or 80 hours/month
  • Can be allocated to 1 or max 2 projects at a time

For a dedicated developer working exclusively with you on your implementation & customization projects or an AppExchange application

  • Min 40 hours/week or 160 hours/month
  • Exclusively allocated to 1 project at a time

How to Hire a Remote Developer
in 4 Simple Steps


Let us know who you are looking for, what kind of experience level that individual should have, and for how long you need them for.


We believe that interviewing the candidate is essential to make a fair choice. Schedule an interview to select the right candidate who fulfills all of your requirements.


Select the best individual from our talented pool of Salesforce developers, architects, consultants and administrators having experience of working on real-time projects and having the capability to solve the most complex business problem out there.


Time is equal to money and for any business, these two are the most important assets which should not be wasted hence we make our processes easy so that the individuals can start working immediately.

Types of Developers we have

At Cyntexa, we have skilled and experienced Salesforce remote work developers for every Salesforce cloud. Hire the developer which suits best your requirements.
Salesforce Platform Developer
Salesforce Platform Developer
Salesforce AppExchange Developer
Salesforce Marketing cloud developer
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer
Salesforce Commerce cloud
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer
Salesforce Lightning Developer
Salesforce Lightning Developer
Salesforce Heroku Developer
Salesforce Heroku Developer
Salesforce Quality Assurance Engineer
Salesforce Quality Assurance Engineer
Salesforce CPQ Developer
Salesforce CPQ Developer
3rd Party Integration Developer

Why Cyntexa is the best place to look for Salesforce Remote Developers?

Salesforce Certified Developers
Our Salesforce developers proudly wear their coding hats with feathers of Salesforce certifications. They have earned these Salesforce certifications by cracking the exams conducted by Salesforce itself to assess their expertise.
Flexible Working Hours
Hiring and managing a remote team is very difficult especially because of the time zone differences but we offer flexibility to our developers to work in the time zone which suits our clients.
Free Expert Assistance
You don’t just hire Salesforce developer(s) with Cyntexa. You get the entire team’s Salesforce expertise and strength to overcome complex, challenging problems in your project.
Flexible Engagement Models
We offer a high level of flexibility so that you can scale up or scale down anytime to match your changing requirements.
Start Immediately
The developers can immediately start working with you without you waiting for weeks or months.
Easy Hiring Process
Hire the best developers in just 3 simple steps and start working on your dream project as soon as possible.
NDA & IP Protected
We provide a secure environment to our clients and developers to communicate and are also open to signing an NDA which protects your data, your application, your idea and you. Also, you will be having the IP rights to the code/application which our developers create.
Top-Notch Talent
We offer you people who are not only amazing coders but are always self-motivated and hungry to learn new technologies & trends to stay top-notch in the market.
Outstanding Coding Practices
We at Cyntexa are committed to excellence, hence we train our developers to follow the right coding practices while writing the code.
24/7 Support
We keep our clients at utmost priority, that’s why we are available 24×7 to support you with any issues that you are facing so that your work doesn’t get hampered.
Flawless Communication
Communication plays a very important role while building something in a team, hence we believe in seamless communication which helps both you and our developers to work efficiently and produce amazing results.
Dispute Assistance
Disputes rarely happen while working with Cyntexa. But in case you are facing some issues with our developer, we will help you by providing someone who’s the right fit for you.

Tools we use

We at Cyntexa ensure that the timelines are adhered to with seamless communication to deliver quality results on time.
We use a plethora of communication and project management tools to ensure the same.

Our Portfolio

Our Valued Clients

We are trusted by some exceptional brands as well as SMEs in different industries only because we believe in providing real value to them and ease their complex business processes with our simple Salesforce Solutions.

Reviews & Comments

Quick and Effective Service!
Cyntexa is a high touch and results-oriented partner that executed a project quickly and with solid initiative. They hit our timeline, budget, and delivery objectives. Additionally, they were high touched and genuinely cared about the quality of our work (on our slack channel, hoping on early and late calls as needed). I would use them again.

Devin Bostick

Expert Team!
Cyntexa has continuously demonstrated a high-level of Salesforce expertise and a willingness to go beyond what is necessary to ensure the project is a success.

Bryant Lau
Funnel Guage

The best experience & support!
The implementation of Salesforce at Accolend has been incredible. Cyntexa helped us to identify and relieve our biggest organizational pain points around the ways we were collecting, storing, and analyzing data, and worked with us to build the solution to our problems. Now we can take actions and shorten our delivery time. Since all The Cyntexa team members were skilled and worked fast, we enjoyed working with them and trusted their input. This is helpful for our Customers because they now have a deeper pool of experts to rely on.

Boris Grinberg
Managing Partner

Excellent, hard-working team!
I have nothing but praise for this team. I had a need to find a qualified person to do custom Salesforce Forecasting & Sales Insights for our Organization. Not only did they accomplish the goal but the team has a certified Salesforce expert that exceeded my expectations. The developer implemented the algorithms & formulas to my specífications, wrote test classes and provided documentation in a very timely and highly professional and friendly manner. Cyntexa has an excellent team of Salesforce developers who are hard-working and dedicated.

Anil Jogani
Sr. Director Field Operations

Abstrakt Marketing Group
Quality & Quick Project Delivery!
Very thorough when reviewing project requirements turns around quality work very quickly. Will definitely work with again. Great work, the project went very smoothly. Helped us take all of our data which was in multiple excel spreadsheets helped us load and integrate data and Customize and create fields in Salesforce.

Kristin Harris
Project and Process Development Manager
Abstrakt Marketing Group

Top Team!
Cyntexa is hyper-communicative, fast and does a thorough job. Cyntexa was helpful in creating a strategy for our client and worked seamlessly as a part of our team to ensure successful project delivery and launch.

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Asked Questions

What does it mean to hire a Remote Salesforce Developer?

Hiring a dedicated Remote Salesforce Developer means having a Remote Developer who will be exclusively working on your project only, taking care of the development part of your project.

What skills do your Remote Developers possess?

At Cyntexa, we provide you best Remote Salesforce Developers needed for salesforce who are highly skilled possessing all the expertise that is required to work on your project. They are experienced enough to understand your business requirements and implement them into your Salesforce org.

What hiring models do you offer?

At Cyntexa, we offer 3 hiring models which include Part-time, Full-time, and Hourly. You can select the hiring model which best suits your business needs.

While hiring dedicated resources from Cyntexa, how will I be reported?

We remain constantly in touch with you through communication channels like zoom meetings, hangouts, Skype, email and phone. Our developers regularly update you about the work progress and work on your feedback.

What happens if I have problems with my assigned Developer?

Cyntexa provides you the best experienced and professional developers who work right according to your business. If in case you still face any difficulties with them, we will look into the matter and try to resolve it. We also change the developer for you if the issue still persists.

Why is everyone hiring remote developers?
  • Remote developers are more productive as it gives them the flexibility to work at any time of the day.
  • If you are open to remote developers you can find the right talent for a very specific tech stack.
  • By hiring a remote you don’t have to invest in physical infrastructure, at the same time developers can choose their environment and tech infrastructure.
  • Don’t restrict yourself, break the location barriers, and get the best remote developers from across the globe.
How long does it take to hire Salesforce Developer?

Typically it takes around 3-4 weeks sometimes as long as a couple of months but with Cyntexa you can hire a Remote Salesforce Developer in just 3 days.

How do I evaluate a candidate?

At Cyntexa, we recommend you the best developers that suit your requirements and business model, you can screen and select the resumes of the candidates by interviewing them easily and start working with us.

What is the difference between hiring a Developer and hiring a team?

Hiring a dedicated developer means to have a dedicated resource who will be working with you on your project whereas hiring a dedicated team means to have a complete dedicated development team including consultants, project managers, developers, and quality assurance engineers who will take care of your complete project.

What is the process to hire a Salesforce Developer?

You can hire a Remote Salesforce Developer from Cyntexa in just 4 simple steps:

First, submit your requirements by filling out our form so that we get to know what you are looking for, based on your requirements we’ll share the recommended candidate’s resume with you from which you can screen and select the candidate of your choice and start working with us.

If I hire a Developer, does that mean I have that person dedicated only for me?

It depends on the hiring model that you select to work with us. We offer 3 hiring models:

Full-time, part-time and hourly.

Do you have developers for all my needs?
Don’t worry, you are in the right place as we have developers for your needs such as:
  • Salesforce Platform Developer
  • Salesforce Appexchange Developer.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer
  • Salesforce CPQ Developer
  • Salesforce Heroku Developer
  • Salesforce Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Javascript Developer

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