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As an award-winning Salesforce Crest (Gold) Consulting Partner, Cyntexa empowers businesses of every size and industry to put customers first with the world's leading CRM platform. From conceptualization to implementation and integration to ongoing support, our Certified Salesforce consulting partners can do it all. We follow the best practices and industry standards for consulting services that put you ahead of your competitors.

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Get Your Chaos Settled With Our Salesforce CRM Consulting Services.

Salesforce consulting services are your compass in the journey towards harnessing the full potential of Salesforce. Our Certified Salesforce consulting partners deliver these services to help businesses tailor solutions to their unique needs. But it doesn’t stop at implementation, customization, and integration. These services extend to post-implementation support, training, and strategies for growth.

We apply our Salesforce consulting expertise to analyze your business needs, and recommend tailor-made solutions that reduce the tech burden while improving your ROI. We don’t just advise solutions; we architect your digital future, enabling you to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of tech.

Salesforce Consulting Services
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Our Salesforce Consulting Covers the following

Let’s partner with our certified Salesforce consultants to align your business with customers and achieve better results.

Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce implementation consulting services help businesses successfully navigate their journey of adopting Salesforce CRM from the setup process to continued support growth and new ideas.

Salesforce Integration

Our Salesforce consulting services start by figuring out the extent of integration needed. We then define an integration strategy that fits your business needs. Finally, we ensure a smooth deployment of the integration.

Salesforce Development

Whether you want to develop a custom application on Salesforce or want to customize the existing Salesforce application, our Salesforce development consulting services lead you to the fulfillment of your requirements.

Salesforce Customization

Our Salesforce customization consulting service is powered by a dedicated team of professionals. We strategically understand your needs and customize the CRM to ensure it fits seamlessly into your business.

Salesforce Appexchange

Want to list your application on the AppExchange marketplace? Our comprehensive AppExchange consulting extends from AppExchange App development to listing your application on the platform.

Salesforce Consulting Process We Follow

Step 1

Understanding Your Business

Salesforce consulting services involve understanding the business and industry being helped, utilizing industry experts with hands-on experience to identify core challenges, and creating a roadmap for Salesforce implementation through brainstorming sessions with relevant stakeholders.

01. Analysis Of Current Processes

Our Salesforce consulting focuses on evaluating and analyzing the current processes and implementations through various techniques like SWOT Analysis, etc. The strengths of the current implementation are then carried forward into the new iteration.

02. Deep Dive Into The Challenges

The next step in the Salesforce consulting process is identifying the bottlenecks in your existing IT systems and business functions. The idea is to zero in on the root of the problem and break down silos.

03. Introduction/Realignment Of Salesforce

After undertaking a comprehensive analysis of your current Salesforce or Non-Salesforce systems, we will work towards creating a strategic roadmap that revolves around your new requirements.

Step 2

Roadmap For Success

Our Salesforce consulting partners will create a blueprint for new implementation based on the issues identified, with the main focus on designing a customer-centric strategy to achieve the full potential of the Salesforce investment for clients.

01. Salesforce Org Check (For Existing Salesforce Customers)

If you are already using Salesforce for your business, our consultants will undertake a thorough analysis of your current Salesforce Org. This will create the focal point of the new implementation.

02. Creating A High-Level Architecture

This document serves as the starting point for the new implementation. It specifies the Salesforce products and the number of licenses needed, as well as provides a general overview of the new implementation that will be used in the development phase.

Step 3

Project Kick-Off

We will assist you in acquiring the necessary Salesforce licenses by introducing you to Salesforce's account executives and will help you implement the same.

01. Connecting You With Salesforce (For New Customers)

We will identify the number and types of licenses required for your business and help you in acquiring the necessary Salesforce licenses by looping in Salesforce's account executives.

02. Start the Implementation or Customization

Along with Salesforce consulting, we can also assist you in implementing and customizing the Salesforce platform according to the solutions devised.

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Salesforce Implementation Services?

Transform your business operations with Salesforce and bring your business to the next level with our expert implementation services. Let us take care of the implementation process.

Best Practices We Follow For Salesforce Consulting

We ensure that we follow the best industry practices while undertaking Salesforce Consulting services.

360º View

Our consultants take a 360º view of your current IT systems/Salesforce implementation to ensure that they have a full understanding.

Strategic Blueprint

After eliciting requirements, our consultants develop a strategic blueprint that is truly unique to every client and their business.

Clean Data Governance

Our team will ensure that they follow clean data governance for your businesses. There are clear bifurcations between different databases, and every data source helps Salesforce become the ‘Single Source of Truth’.

Focus On Standard Objects

Salesforce is a customization behemoth. However, we also believe in “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” To keep things simple, we focus on using standard objects whenever possible and only using custom objects for your unique business functionalities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce CRM Consulting Services helps organizations optimize their use of the Salesforce platform. In Salesforce Consulting Services, consultants suggest the right Salesforce products to fulfill the business requirements and help in buying licenses after digging deep into the business. Experienced Salesforce consultants with industry-specific knowledge and expertise provide services to help organizations implement and configure Salesforce.

The cost of hiring a Salesforce consultant can vary depending on several factors, such as their level of expertise, the complexity of the project, and the location of the client. On average, an experienced certified Salesforce consultant can charge anywhere from $100 to $250 per hour.

Some Salesforce consulting firms charge a flat fee for a project, which can range from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars depending on the scope of the work.

Salesforce consultants provide a wide range of services to help organizations optimize their use of the Salesforce platform, these services include:

  • Implementation and configuration
  • Data migration
  • Training and user adoption
  • Salesforce Integration and customization

  • Reporting and analytics
  • Optimization and scalability
  • Technical troubleshooting and support

Salesforce consultancy services are important as they help organizations maximize the value of their investment in Salesforce by providing expert guidance and support in implementing, configuring, migrating data, creating reports, troubleshooting technical issues, and more.

To choose the right Salesforce Consulting Firm in USA, you need to take into account several important factors. These include industry expertise, Salesforce certifications, reputation and references, communication and collaboration, cost and value, scalability and support, technical expertise, flexibility, a proven track record and proximity.

A Salesforce consultancy may be necessary for your business if you have:

  • Complex needs that require custom solutions.
  • Lack of internal expertise or resources.
  • Have trouble with user adoption.
  • Need to scale your business operations.
  • Require ongoing maintenance and support.

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