Tips - Choosing right Salesforce Consulting partner

Tips for Choosing the Right Salesforce Consulting Partner

February 17, 2021


A Salesforce Consulting Partner company is the one that has been given the rightful authorization for providing implementation services of the Salesforce-related products and services by the Salesforce platform. This is to let the company develop as well as provide custom-based solutions, along with implementations and required integrations in the projects. These companies are given proper training to lead the phase of innovation and also help other companies in having contact with their customers in quite renewed ways.

To become a part of the family of Salesforce consulting partners, the applicants are required to undergo a quite demanding process of selection. They need to meet all the requirements and further provide the requested information to get accepted. This would further require quite a significant effort in terms of investment, training, certifications, etc.

The acceptance of any set or standard policies are actually officialized by the set agreement of the Salesforce partner program (SPPA), which is known to be the first step of many that would help in getting rightful access to the community (Salesforce partner community).

In this blog, there will be a discussion of the several tips that a business would require to choose the rightful Salesforce Consulting Partner.


8 Tips For Choosing The Consulting Partner

A Salesforce Consulting Company would help in examining the goals of a business and further identifying the real needs of the business, while also analyzing the market, competitors, etc., properly and coming up with a suitable solution. 

Organizations who wish to use the Salesforce platform, have to make sure that there would be a rightful selection for the Salesforce Consulting partner from the several options available to them within the Salesforce ecosystem. The following tips would be helpful to the organizations for the same:

Tips for choosing salesforce consulting partner

1. Establishment of Proper Research

For this initial step, the organizations would be required to look for Salesforce implementation partners case studies that would be related to their industry verticals as well as business. Also, they would need to find their peers from all other industries who would have specifically adopted Salesforce, in recent times. Salesforce’s official trailblazer community or joining in-person groups are said to be the official forums through which they can get quite proper advice from those peers.

It is certainly considered to be better while being associated with a skillful as well as certified Salesforce Consulting Partner. Salesforce provides quite a strong certification program that also offers credentials for the Salesforce Consultants, Developers, Architects, and Marketers.

While being dependent on the number of certified experts in the company, the partners are also awarded tiers— Registered, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Global Strategic Partner.

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The companies hiring Salesforce Consulting Partner, must ensure that the employees of the Partner company or the project team members are qualified with required Salesforce certifications. These certifications would provide authenticity to the Partner company and assured reliable implementation services of Salesforce.

3. Not Just Settling with a Few

The organizations would be required to avoid picking up that particular company that sends the first proposal and rather search and try to get some more. A good amount of time should be taken for this decision while comparing many and also ensure to seek for the demos along with proof of concept (POC), case studies, and other relevant things, from them. A Best Salesforce Consulting Company will be able to sketch an implementation plan while also acknowledging the business needs before working with the new clients.

4. Budget is a Small Factor

The Salesforce projects should never be considered as a cheap one, which in turn implies that despite searching for the most economical option for a Salesforce Implementation Partner, the organizations should also try with proper efficiency in time along with providing the most comprehensive Salesforce Implementation.

There have been some cases wherein the organizations have been often running with quite wrong anticipations over some of their parts of implementations. 

5. Selecting over Long Term Engagement

When the assets, that are internal to the organization, haven’t been implemented with the help of Salesforce certified experts and its execution could be quite critical to the business, then a sensible strategy has to come up with the help of a Salesforce Consulting Company. They also have the capability to back up with the business organization, while beginning from the execution process to further processes that are set as per the emerging needs. Salesforce-certified experts would also have their in-built instruments which would help in identifying the risks, quite proactively even before the emergence of issues. This is the reason why an ideal approach for these customer-centric businesses would be a long-term engagement.

6. Being Assured about the Sufficient Team Size

The perfect blend among the personnel would be always contributing to the success of the specific project. So, it is quite essential to acknowledge if the Salesforce Consulting Company that any company would be hiring has to hold the required team to finish up the project on time.

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Also, it is quite important to know that the Salesforce partner has a team of well-experienced Admins, Developers, QAs (Quality Analysts), Business Analysts, and Consultants. After being assured of this tip, the businesses can move ahead towards the next step. 

7. The Project Management Strategy needs to be well analyzed

When both of the parties will be coming together with an agreement related to the involved scope of the work, it is time to discuss by also ensuring proper documentation about how the work would be further executed. The stakeholders’ responsibilities, the well-needed contingency plan to mitigate any risk involved, and the SLAs are considered to be some of the factors that should be further considered at the very start and not dealt with on the go.

8. Determining all the Work related Plans

For proper clarity as well accountability, both the parties involved need to know the roles of in-house as well as the consultant team members that would be involved in the process. The key roles involved would be Data Architect, Project Manager for Internal Requirements, and Project Administrator that are required to be well-defined and assigned based on competency.


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To further finalize the right Salesforce Consulting Partner that would fit your business perfectly, it would demand a systematic follow-up of a strategy. You should also be aware of the people they hold along with the processes that they carry out. After the project requirements are defined, one can check properly if their approaches would go similarly. Go through the full pack of services to ensure they would be the best fit on a long-term basis.

So, the tips, as mentioned above, will definitely help you in choosing the best and right Salesforce Partner to make the business reach new levels of height.

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