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March 17, 202012 Mins Read

What is AppExchange?

AppExchange is a marketplace for all kinds of Salesforce products such as Salesforce applications, Lightning components, Flow solutions, etc.

 It is useful in solving minor and major problems related to the shortage of time, building on solutions from scratch, third-party services that your users have been asking you to integrate, or any such problem that can be solved through Salesforce components.

AppExchange can also be referred to as a community where Salesforce partners, clients, or brands can interact, and create solutions or services. 

For Lightning Platform developers and consultants, AppExchange works as a gateway for connecting customers to their business solutions.

For Salesforce administrators and users, AppExchange works as a hub for tools and talent that can help them unleash their productivity.

How does AppExchange work?

When you need a marketing tool to promote your app or component, AppExchange can act as a reliable tool for you. It allows you to describe your solution, pricing, support, and other details which can be used by the customers to determine if the services you are offering are right for them.

You can also upload videos, white papers, and other content to make it more clear for the customers to understand what you would be delivering. 

Based on the information provided by you, the AppExchange curator would organize the listing into one or more business areas such as sales, marketing or analytics.

How and When can you create a listing?

You can create a listing once you have created a provider profile and uploaded your package. You are allowed to make only one listing per app or component. Having only one listing makes it easier to maintain and upgrade your offering over its lifecycle. It also helps you in achieving a higher ranking as the metrics used by the AppExchange to rank apps and components aren’t diluted across multiple listings. 

This is also beneficial for the customers as they can easily find your services and reviews in one place and do not have to get lost because of several other listings.

Who can use  AppExchange?

The test-drive apps and components and the listings can be browsed by anyone who needs the services mentioned above.

In order to install the applications or components, one had to have the “Download Packages” permission. To create a package, you have to get permission to “Create Packages” and to upload the package to the Partner Community, you have to get permission to “Upload Packages”.

How to publish a Salesforce App on AppExchange?

To publish an app, component, or consulting service on the AppExchange, one has to follow the following steps:

  • Connect a Packaging Organisation to the AppExchange

To publish a listing on AppExchange, one has to connect the packaging organization, that would contain your packages app or component.

 The following steps need to be taken for the same:

  1. Log in to the Partner Community
  2. Go to the Publishings page and click the Organisations tab
  3. Click on Connect Organisation.
  4. Enter the login credentials for the organization containing the package you want to list.
  5. Click on Submit.

If there are any packages to be found, they would appear on the Packages tab on the Publishing Page. One can create an app or component listing, or begin with a security review from the Packages tab.

Steps to Connect a Packaging Organisation to the AppExchange

  • Create or edit a Provider profile

Having an accurate and polished provider profile gives out a positive impression and helps establish the trust of customers in your application, component, or consulting service. 

You can share a mission statement or tell your customers where you’re located, and such details on your profile. 

This information would be available in the Provider  tab for people browsing through listings to check and evaluate your profile.

You can go to the Publishing page in the Partner Community, and then go to the Company Info tab to create and edit your profile.

  • Creating or editing an AppExchange listing

With an AppExchange listing, you can market your application, component or consulting service. For this, you need to create a listing or edit an existing listing in the AppExchange publishing console, which guides you through the process.

You can go to the Publishing page in the Partner Community and click on the Listings tab to create or edit a listing. 

While creating or editing a listing, you can navigate the following tabs:

Tab What you do:Available on these listing types:
Business Plan
  • Add a business plan for your offering
  • If you’re a standard ISVforce partner, sign your Salesforce partnership agreement
App, Component
  • Describe your offering
  • Provide contact information so that customers and Salesforce can get in touch
App, Component, Consulting Service
  • Add branding
  • Upload images, videos, and other resources to help customers understand your offering
App, Component, Consulting Service
AppUpload the package that contains your app (or the link to your app if you’re only using the Salesforce API)App
ComponentUpload the package that contains your componentComponent
TrialsSet up a test drive or free trial so that customers can see your offering in actionApp, Component
LeadsChoose how Salesforce collects leads when customers interact with the listingApp, Component, Consulting Service
PricingChoose whether your offering is free or paid and provide pricing informationApp, Component
Service OfferingChoose listing categories, like services offered and industry focusConsulting Service
  • Add a Business Plan to an AppExchange Listing

Before submitting the product for security review, you should add a business plan to your AppExchange listing. 

This plan would include details about your company and its operations, your product architecture, and compliance information. 

You can go to your product listing in the AppExchange publishing console to add a business plan.

To edit your existing AppExchange listings, you need User Permissions and then go to Manage Listings to edit the listings.

If your listing is paid, you have to provide pricing details before you add a business plan. If you fail to provide the pricing details, you cannot provide compliance information. On the other hand, if your listing is free, you do not need to provide compliance information.

To add a business plan, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Partner Community
  2. Click on Publishing
  3. Click on the Listings tab and select “listing tile”
  4. On the Business Plan tab, provide details of your company and product architecture.
  5. If your listing is paid, provide compliance information.
  6. Click on Submit Approval

After you submit your business plan, you will get a call from AppExchange to discuss your partnership. The plan’s approval status can be checked on the Business Plan tab.

Note: If you’re an existing partner with another publishing paid listing, your compliance information would already be available on AppExchange, so you do not have to follow step 5.

  • Make your AppExchange Listing Effective

To make your application, component, or consulting service stand out, make sure you follow up on these steps and tips to make sure your listing is not just unique in its essence but also looks attractive.

Don’t just tell the customers, show them

Your listing would be more effective if you combine concise, customer-oriented writing with compelling visuals. Along with these, use the following tips while crafting your liting:

    • Emphasize a use case– When a customer is looking for a listing, they need to understand the problem being solved by a particular business, and whether they would be a part of the target audience for the particular solution, and if the above stands correct, then what makes one business different from others. It is therefore important that you explain your solution well and use terms that the customer cares about.
    • Add screenshots, videos, and demos– Visuals make your listing more attractive which would act as a magnet for the customers. Posting images with a summary or table or infographics of the type of content you are offering make it more likely for the customer to notice your listing.
    • Make the listing easy to read- The customers are usually very busy and do not want to waste time on reading extensive listings. By making your data crisp and short, you would be saving the customer the time and energy, which would make your work more approachable. The sentences should be formatted which would draw attention to the key points. Zooming in to screenshots and videos would also be helpful.

Aim for a clean and simple design

A clean and simple design makes the listing more effective. 

    • Find a design reference– Create a logo or banner that suits your work and your preferences both. It should also be visually appealing and creative.
    • Preview before publishing– Before you publish your listing, preview it on the AppExchange app to see how it would appear to the customers. Look at your listing from the view of a customer and think whether it seems attractive and unique enough to you.
  • Choose an Installation Option

Making the installation process easier would make the customers more likely to pay for your service. Here is a look at installation options and how you can choose them:

OptionWhen to choose this
Directly from the AppExchangeIf your offering is packaged, this option provides the simplest installation experience. It allows people to install your offering into their Salesforce sandbox or production environment through the AppExchange installation sequence without assistance from you. This option is required for components and recommended for apps.
From your websiteIf your app is a downloadable client or needs additional information to be installed, this option is the best. After users click Get It Now on your listing and agree to the terms and conditions, they are directed to your website to complete the installation process. Make sure that you’ve provided clear download instructions and performed the required setup or configuration.
The customers would have to call you for installationIf your installation or selection process requires your assistance, you must choose this option. After agreeing to terms and conditions, the customer is told that you’ll be in touch shortly to help with installation. Make sure that your company has the resources to assist potential customers.
  • Register your Package and choose Licence Settings

You receive a license record every time your application or component is installed if you register a package and set up the License Management App (LMA). 

Licenses are an efficient way of finding out who is using your app or component and for how long.

Before you register a package, you have to make sure that:

Your app or component is in a managed package.

You have installed the LMA. In most cases, the LMA is installed in your partner business organization.

Follow these steps to choose your Licence Settings:

  • Log in to the Partner Community
  • Select the Packages Tab on the Publishings page
  • Click Manage Licences next to the package you want to register.
  • Click Register. Enter the login credentials for the organization where the LMA is installed. Usually, the organization is your partner business organization.
  • Select your default license, whether it is Free Trial or Active.
  • If it is a free-trial license, enter the duration of the trial, up to 90 days.
  • Enter the number of seats associated with your default license, or select License is site-wide to offer the license to all users in the installer’s organization.
  • Click on Save.
  • Submit your Package for Security Review

You have to pass the AppExchange security review if you want to distribute your app or component to customers or provide them a free trial. The security review ensures that the offering is safe for the customers to install.

Contractually, you are required to keep security review information current.

Follow these steps to submit an application or component listing for review.

  • Log in to the Partner Community.
  • Click on the Packages tab on the Publishing Page.
  • Find the package that you want to submit, and then click on Start Review.
  • Follow the steps in the security review wizard to complete the submission,

After completing the above steps, you will be contacted by the partner operations team of AppExchange with the next steps within two days.

Follow these steps when you need to submit the Trial Template for Review:

  • Log in to the Partner Community
  • On the Publishing Page, click the Trial Templates tab.
  • Find the trial template you want to submit, then click on Start Review.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to create a profile in your trial organization that the security review team can use for testing. If you already have a profile, click on Skip to next step.
  • Enter the login credentials for the test profile.
  • Click on Submit Security Review.

Key Points

  • AppExchange acts as a marketing tool that helps you promote your application or component. It is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace through which end-users can access, download and install software apps. 
  • AppExchange offers a variety of paid and free applications that are organized into collections, categories and industry solutions, that encompass a variety of fields, including small businesses, customer services, education, manufacturing, and real estate.
  • AppExchange includes all kinds of solutions that include applications, components, Lightning Data, Bolt solutions, and Flows.
  • There is a varied guide available to guide you through the process of installation of AppExchange.
  • Listing your business on AppExchange guarantees a better response from the customers and a more convenient method of managing your listings, which would also help in making your listing more attractive to potential customers.
  • AppExchange is highly customizable which makes it easier for you to display your listing the way you want to, and help customers decide if they need the kind of services you are offering since your work would be neatly displayed for them to analyze.

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