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What is Salesforce AppExchange & Benefits of Listing on It?

Discover limitless possibilities of generating more revenue through Salesforce AppExchange: Connect, innovate, and propel your app towards new horizons.

Are you unsure about selling your application on the Salesforce AppExchange Marketplace? If you're still in doubt, this webinar is your ultimate gateway.

Say hello to Salesforce AppExchange, the premier marketplace to sell your Salesforce application to hundreds and thousands of customers. But it's more than just a marketplace. AppExchange offers a dynamic ecosystem of innovative and readily available solutions, such as apps, components, bolt solutions, flow solutions, and lightning data.

This webinar features Shrey Sharma, (also known as Salesforce Hulk) as the host and Jagrat Maheshwari (a Salesforce AppExchange Expert). They talk about Salesforce AppExchange and discuss on its immense value for selling your SaaS application.

This webinar debunks various myths that often discourage businesses from listing their applications on AppExchange. Real-life incidents are shared to shatter these misconceptions. Through this session, you'll gain insights into the nuances between ISV (Independent Software Vendor) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and receive a comprehensive step-by-step guide to bring your application idea to life and get benefitted from Salesforce AppExchange.

Every business selling a Salesforce-based application has unique business models, target markets, and execution approaches. However, what unites them all is the desire to capture maximum market share.

So, how can you capture the most of it? This is the discussion where our experts shared revenue-generating strategies backed by compelling statistics on customer base and applications. Discover how it can boost your brand awareness, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage.

Quick Question: Do you know in order to list your application on Salesforce AppExchange there is a security review process and a fees? In this webinar, you'll learn how Salesforce shares revenue and the new pricing model of Salesforce AppExchange security reviews.

To sell your application on the platform, the first step is to build it. And what could be a better option than partnering with a Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcers) Partner? Learn why choosing the right AppExchange App Development Partner is crucial and understand the valuable role of PDOs as trusted implementation partners. With this knowledge, you can make better decisions and optimize your Salesforce integration for success.

Launch your Salesforce application! With 150,000+ customers in 100+ countries, Salesforce AppExchange is the place to be. Watch our webinar to learn how to maximize your revenue.

webinar speaker 1

Shrey Sharma

CEO, Cyntexa| S2 Labs

Called the “Salesforce Hulk”, Shrey is a popular name in the Salesforce community who founded Cyntexa in 2018. He is a content creator and runs his own Salesforce training company.

webinar speaker 2

Jagrat Maheshwari

Salesforce AppExchange Expert

A Salesforce AppExchange expert at Cyntexa, Jagrat has a mastery of AppExchange and a knack for crafting exceptional applications. He consistently delivers bespoke solutions that delight his customers.

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