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What Is Headless Commerce In Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Revolutionize your brand's connection with customers at every step of their journey,
and transform the way you engage and leave a lasting impact.

Retail has undergone a significant paradigm shift, with Headless Commerce emerging as a key driver of customer-centricity.

However, traditional e-commerce platforms often fall short of meeting these evolving demands, preventing retailers from delivering the exceptional experiences customers crave.

In this landscape, Salesforce Headless Commerce takes center stage. To shed light on its potential, we organized a captivating and informative webinar featuring esteemed guest speakers, including Shrey Sharma (aka "Salesforce Hulk") and Priyanshu Bhargava, Commerce Cloud Expert.

Headless commerce transforms e-commerce for businesses. It allows organizations to explore and customize their online stores freely. By separating the front and back end of e-commerce, businesses can think creatively and enhance the customer experience in exciting ways. With headless commerce, customization, and creativity take center stage, leading to a more interactive and personalized shopping experience.

During the webinar, the focus was to uncover insights into every untapped intricacy of the Salesforce Headless Commerce platform.

You get to explore the competitive advantages and transformative potential it offers. Also, this discussion delves into the impact of SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture) and PWA (Progressive Web App) and why leading brands are choosing the headless approach.

Join us for an in-depth discussion on Headless eCommerce, where the backend and frontend seamlessly align, transforming presentation styles without disrupting infrastructure. Discover how to empower your business with enhanced user experiences and seamless online operations.

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Shrey Sharma

CEO, Cyntexa| S2 Labs

Called the “Salesforce Hulk”, Shrey is a popular name in the Salesforce community who founded Cyntexa in 2018. He is a content creator and runs his own Salesforce training company.

webinar speaker 2

Priyanshu Bhargava

Commerce Cloud Technical Lead, Cyntexa

Commerce cloud expert Priyanshu is an expert in making organizations adapt to revolutionary technology.

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