How Much Would It Cost To Develop and List An AppExchange App?

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July 21, 20207 Mins Read


When it comes to spreading your business, nothing is more efficient than making your offerings visible to the interested consumers in business partners all across the globe. If the service that you offer is potential enough and quite likely to attract the most potential customers and users then you should enlist it in a widely spread online marketplace to make it available and seamlessly accessible. Operating your business in such a manner will help you in meeting with success in a short period and the most profitable manner. 

You can enhance the way you put forward your services for the departments and industries that might be genuinely interested in acquiring it and using your products to establish their business. You can keep providing the seamless support and assistance of your product by regularly upgrading your services to match the pace of the growing and revolutionary technologies.

Bringing AppExchange To The Limelight

If you have your eyes out to find the most suitable and benefiting marketplace that will expose your product and put it up for sale, then you are undoubtedly aware of AppExchange. AppExchange is indeed one of the most leading business marketplaces that ever existed in our times. The applications available in this platform are customizable when it comes to integrating them with the essential component of a commercial enterprise. 

This component is widely renowned amongst the companies as they acquire the immense support of Salesforce. Salesforce is the leading and most preferred CRM platform that can be implemented for the betterment of an organization or a commercial enterprise. Billions of people across the world have direct access to these marketplaces. And therefore when it comes to acquiring a software application that is compatible to be integrated with Salesforce, you can easily find it on Salesforce AppExchange. That’s the most advantageous factor of enlisting your application on the marketplace. 

How Trustworthy Is The AppExchange Marketplace?

These products are also verified and reviewed by the clients that have used them in the past and are using it currently as well. You can rely on the integrity of these reviews before finalizing a decision whether you should effortlessly invest in the acquisition of the product or if you must consider thinking it through again before you finalize the purchase. AppExchange is pronounced to be one of the most fruitful and advantageous market applications for aspiring entrepreneurs and soaring businesses across the industries.  

How Much Would It Cost To Develop An AppExchange Application?

Several factors affect the overall pricing of developing and listing an AppExchange application. These factors may vary given the specific and customer necessity is the need to be fulfilled. But here is a general procedure and plan that you must look forward to when it comes to calculating the overall cost of your AppExchange application.

The costing of the production of your AppExchange application can be further broken down into these categories that you will later need to sum up as a whole. 

  • The Amount Payable To The Developer Of Your Application

The developer may cost you based on experience and work hours that follow. But on a general note, on an average scale, a developer is quite likely to charge a reasonably priced amount on an hourly basis. This cost may vary given the experience and complexity of your requirements. You can Hire a Salesforce AppExchange Developer here. 

  • The Applicable Salesforce Charges

To list your application on the AppExchange platform, especially for application is paid and managed one, then you are subjected to pay the fee for reviewing the security. Further, you will have to share a sum of revenue with Salesforce. There is also a certain one-time fee of the amount of $2550, along with the listing fee which is paid annually and you will be charged $150 for that. If you are enlisting a paid application, then you will be immediately considered to be a Salesforce ISV partner, and you can further declare the price of the application that you have put up for your customers. But in case you are distributing the application for free then none of these charges are applicable to you.

  • The Additional Costing (If Applicable)

Along with the above-mentioned types of cost, you might have invested in other areas while developing your application. Since this amount of cost is variable and entirely dependent on the external services that you acquire, you can add it to the sum. And there you have the precise costing plan for the development of your product!


How Long Will My Application Take To Be Developed?

The period that is necessary for an application to be developed is entirely variable and dependent on the functionalities that you need to include in the production of your app. but on average an application takes anywhere between 4 to 8 months to be developed and ready to launch in the AppExchange marketplace. The development of your application will be divided into several stages and your developer will consistently keep you posted with the progress, and also ask for your valuable feedback just in case you need to make any amendments or things out of places. Once you are satisfied with the developing result of your application, you can finalize the decisions and complete the remaining necessary procedures to make it to the marketplace and fit to be acquired by the industries across the world.

Things You Need To Consider Whether You Are A Seller Or A Buyer On AppExchange 

You can seamlessly initiate to build the foundation of your business with the help of the AppExchange marketplace. Here is the outline of the procedures that you might want to keep in mind while searching for the most relevant and necessary tool that is enlisted in the AppExchange store for the growth of your company.

  • Clarifying The Purpose

Once you are entirely sure about the direction that you need to approach to venture successful in the fields of your business, and after having the risk assessed and eliminated, you can move on to us the procedure of finalizing the decision to purchase the application that you have certainly chosen for your enterprise. 

Since you are going to invest the valuable resources of your company into the purchasing of the tool, it is of great importance that you clarify the purpose of the product very carefully before buying it in the case of paid applications.

  • Searching The Application Precisely

The AppExchange marketplace is equipped with a great number of the most useful commercial tools and it is quite probable that you might find it slightly difficult to precisely come across the application that you need. In this case, you can apply various filters while searching for the applications that will level down the output result to an even more accurate search result.  

You can also use the navigation tools for narrowing the search along with the added filters that are already coming up with the satisfying results based on your searched query.

  • Making Use Of The Reliable Reviews

We often like to comprehend certain perspectives of a product when it comes to purchasing it. Especially when you are surrounded by people that have already used that product and are using it for a significantly long amount of time, then their valuable feedback and review of the product can help us in evaluating our decisions before we finalize them.

 You are likely to come across thousands of reviews under the products that are listed on the AppExchange platform. These reviews are going to be extremely helpful in assisting you to be certain about the product that you are about to acquire and implement for your company.

  • Wiser The Better

If you are not entirely sure whether the finalized product is indeed going to meet your business necessity to the expected level then you should opt for choosing the demo version of that very application if it’s available. Implementing the demo version before the purchase of the product can help you in strengthening your decision to acquire it.

You will get well acquainted with the nature and response of the application once you start using it in the demo version. Towards the end, if you are extremely certain that this is indeed the product that you required, then the product is going to be worth resources that you are investing in the purchase. 


In Conclusion,

You are quite likely to find the exact product that your company is in dire need of to fulfill the necessities by making the necessary amendments and looking after the provisions of tools to overcome the inevitable challenges. The application is enriched with the most accurate and precise integration tools that are compatible with the Salesforce CRM that you might have already acquired for the betterment of your business. Cyntexa provides you the service to develop and enlist your Salesforce application on AppExchange. Contact us for more information at your earliest convenience. 

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