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How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Can Solve 3 Major Marketing Challenges

May 11, 2021 eye-glyph 78

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    Today the customers have become more informed and have more specific demands. The established brands have the privilege of high volumes of advanced resources to improve their customer experience and increase their market traction constantly. The start-ups and small businesses lack this privilege which often compels them to lag behind their bigger competitors. In this article, we will understand how Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Partners across the globe can help companies in achieving higher marketing competency at competitive pricing. It explains the definition of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its role in solving the marketing challenges. 

    With digital communication mediums like email and social media communication, it has now become possible to communicate with your audiences personally and in real-time. How can start-ups and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) affordably use these mediums to improve their brand awareness and enhance the customer experience? In short, we need an affordable and effective way to design personalized marketing communication for individual clients based on their experiences, profiles, and behavior.

    The Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help in this regard. Its easy yet efficient features and tools help marketers significantly improve the overall customer experience and increase their market traction by resolving the tricky marketing challenges.

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    What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based SaaS platform to automate marketing activities and improve customer engagement. With its multiple levels of functionalities and additional components, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers sophisticated features and advanced capabilities to marketers to increase the overall RoI of their marketing activities through deep insights and personalized content.

    It was launched in 2000 under the name “ExactTarget” and was acquired by Salesforce that later renamed Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2014. There are numerous Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Partners across different regions of the world to help localize the services to the clients’ specific needs. 

    Now, as you have become familiar with Salesforce marketing cloud, we will mention the key marketing challenges it solves:

    Challenges & Solution

    Marketing Cloud Challenges

    Challenge 1: How to Deliver Superior Customer Experience?

    For ensuring a significant improvement in customer experience, you need to be very smart and agile. Instead of reactive, you need to be proactive, delivering a better experience to the customers even before they ask for it. For that, you will need superior predictive capabilities based on reliable data and logical forecasting.

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    Solution by Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    By wisely utilizing the salesforce marketing cloud features like Einstein predictions, you can easily study and evaluate the behavioral chronology of your customers and forecast future actions. Acting on these insights, you can optimize the customer journey to meet your business and customer service goals while ensuring a superior experience. Along with enhancing your brand value, it also helps you in making deeper market traction.

    When you hire top Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultants with a proven portfolio for extracting the best out of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud investment, it allows you to enhance the overall customer experience significantly and strengthen your brand and business.

    Challenge 2: How to Personalize Marketing Communication to Increase Brand Awareness?

    You cannot expect any positive results from your marketing communication strategies, like email marketing campaigns, without first identifying your customers and their needs. You first need to develop customer insights, understand their profile, and learn about their behavior. It will allow you to personalize the communication for optimum response.

    Each marketing communication requires a different approach to collecting customer insights. For instance, the communication plan for acquiring new customers would not be similar to approaching the ones who abandoned carts without closing the deal.

    With customer insight, you can solidify a more logical and streamlined strategy to grow your brand by increasing awareness. Eventually, it positively affects the rate of conversion while also the life cycle of your customers.

    Solution by Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    Using purpose-built tools and engagement features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud like Journey Builder and personalization strings in Content Builder, you can connect with your customers across several touchpoints of their buying journey. It allows you to gain a laser insight into both previous and potential buying behaviors of your customers. In that capacity, it empowers you to optimize your communication strategy based on previous behavior and predictable behaviors. A highly personalized communication significantly increases the chances of a positive outcome.

    The audience builder utilizes the key data from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and various other clouds, to facilitate better mailing list segmentation and improves customer targeting. Likewise, Social studio streamlines social channel tracking and social listening, empowering you for high-scale conversations for maximizing the opportunities. Journey builder is another potent tool that optimizes interaction by creating automated customer journeys.

    A simple RoI calculation will prove that the generic or random email communication translates to more efforts with very little outcome. If you want to be a successful marketer, you first need to research and familiarize yourself with your customers, identify their behavior and design the responses accordingly. It will prepare you to launch and follow the right communication strategy with personalized content to meet the different phases, needs, and profiles of customers.

    With the help of a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud expert, you can easily set up an RoI-based communication strategy to gain a more positive outcome from your marketing strategies.

    Challenge 3: How to Ensure Effective Communication Management?

    Presentation matters a lot when it comes to sending marketing communication. The smart email settings recognize the emails that have not been checked for a while and automatically give audiences an option to unsubscribe.

    The challenge is how to make your mails presentable and engaging with the curated information served in personalized language. The objective is to encourage recipients to open the mail and engage with the contents.

    Solution by Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    With its easy yet effective and smart click-drag-drop content features, the salesforce marketing cloud enables marketers to create personalized emails according to the customer experience. It encourages the customers to connect better with the mail contents and engage with the mails deeper. It studies the customer journeys across multiple interconnected devices or channels to help you determine the most effective real-time communication strategy and using the ideal format as per customers’ preferences.

    Implement Salesforce for your Business CTA Consultancy

    It comes with the advanced capabilities of accessing and evaluating the key customer signals and adapting the marketing activities accordingly. It saves you from the risks of marketing actions that can backfire, like sending marketing communication to an existing customer with hanging customer issues. In such instances, you can conform to the satisfaction levels of that customer after the resolution and then decide if and how to scale that customer journey and how to again optimize the marketing communication as per new developments.

     With access to the accurate customer journey through each phase, you can optimize the communication for a better outcome.


    With the advanced features and tools of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, along with its keen customer insights, you can optimize your marketing communication based on individual customer journeys. It allows you to engage personally with different customers by sending them excellent communication at the appropriate time and suggesting to them the actions that they are more likely to accept. In short, it allows you to fully optimize your marketing communication to engage your customers and enhance the overall customer lifetime value. For a better experience, you can consider hiring certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Partners like Cyntexa. With a long and rewarding experience in the field, Cyntexa fully understands your business and customer needs, assesses the challenges, and strategically uses its technical prowess to offer the best solutions with end-to-end services right from implementation to deployment and training.

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