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Mobile Publisher was delivered to use with Salesforce Cloud in 2019. This new contribution empowers associations to deliver a branded app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store that exhibits their Salesforce community digital experience.

Mobile Publisher is an integral asset to branding your form of the Salesforce mobile app or Experience Cloud sites. Your app symbol, your name, your tones, and—in particular—your special listing in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

With Mobile Publisher, your organization is presently an out-and-out mobile development office, and you can put a uniquely branded app under the control of each worker. With Mobile Publisher you can list your app in Google Play and Apple App stores even if you don’t have any knowledge of coding. 

What is Mobile Publisher?

Mobile Publisher is a great way for you to build your version of the Salesforce mobile app or Experience Cloud sites. 


  1. Lightning Experience
  2. Production Orgs only (not Sandbox)
  3. Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions

Branding makes a difference. People respond to familiarity.  If someone from your company sees your app and recognizes it, they’re more likely to install and use it.

How Mobile Publisher Works?

Now with Mobile Publisher, you can call your company a mobile development agency, where your employees can have a custom branded app. Mobile Publisher lets you list your app in Google Play and Apple App stores even if you don’t know how to write a single line of code.

  • Learn Mobile Publishers: The first and foremost step is to learn in detail how the Mobile Publisher works, what things are required to build your app, and what information you need to gather to distribute your app to your users.
  • Design your Custom App: In the next step, you need to create a project and upload your custom build assets to Salesforce for either the Salesforce mobile app or Salesforce Lightning Communities app.
  • Test and Submit the App: Before submitting your application, don’t forget to beta test it. After performing all the tests, now submit your app to the Google or Apple Play Store for approval.
  • Distribution: Your apps can be distributed to end-users either publicly or privately via different channels per platform according to Apple and Google guidelines.
  • Maintain the App: Let’s learn about types of maintenance so you understand why they can be necessary.
  • Best Practices and Troubleshooting: With all the knowledge and practices you can implement recommendations and troubleshoot when using Mobile Publisher.

How much does Mobile Publisher Cost?

Mobile Publisher is a paid item, decided at the absolute level through a framework of per-client charges. Note that there is a yearly base charge for each Mobile Publisher model. A relationship with possibly little projected application client crowds may need to completely consider the attracted out motivating force preceding making a dive. Your Salesforce Account Executive can get exact esteem on this item, as assessing can change without notice.

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Which Is More Beneficial, Mobile or Desktop?

The Mobile Publisher approach gives you a touch of extra. As you build on top of the Salesforce Community, you create a web app that can provide you with both a mobile and desktop experience with some additional thought. Individuals with some experience in responsive design know precisely what this implies.

Build and design the application in the right manner. It is a best practice if you put extra effort during the designing stage. You may make a UI that deals with the two platforms or separate versions for Desktop and Mobile; the decision is yours.

At one time, nothing was more remarkable than a work area program. Mobile programs were inferior branches of their older sibling work area partners. Indeed, individuals used to discuss which work area program was better: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Nowadays, you don’t sincerely hear a similar degree of discussion about which work area program is better; you hear more people discussing their mobile programs.

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 Advantages of Mobile Browsing

  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Convenience
  • Ease in sharing Content
  • Improved User Experience
  • Often more comfortable and ergonomic browsing experience

 Advantages of Desktop Browsing

  • Stability
  • Often, Greater bandwidth
  • Much Larger screen for viewing Content
  • Full access to website content
  • Can be easier to navigate Content

Benefits of Salesforce Mobile Publisher

  • Money: You’re building on the existing platform; all the cycles, information, and designs are now running in Salesforce, which implies smaller beginning investment and better expense recuperation.
  • Security: What would you prefer? To build a custom app or build it on the most secure cloud platform. This question has undoubtedly answered all your questions.
  • Time: Building an app where you don’t require any coding can save your time and efforts.

Is Mobile Publisher a Valuable Investment?

Eventually, the estimation of Mobile Publisher will be dictated by how it is utilized. There are costs included, both the time needed to work through the interaction and keep up the app (which could be negligible) and the necessary, repeating expense. With this, we can say that Salesforce Mobile Publisher is a profitable investment.

Mobile Publisher for Community Cloud

In Salesforce Community Cloud, brands make and oversee CRM-associated online networks, entries, and gatherings so customers and different users can speak with one another and the brand about the organization’s products.

You have a Lightning Community today; this has simplified it to take that best-in-class experience — everything from its substance to its plan and design — and pack it into a checked convenient app downloadable from the Apple App Store Google Play.

How basic is this?  With Mobile Publisher, Salesforce can change the existing Lightning Community into a universal app for iOS or Android. All you need to do is a one-page structure done with your app nuances — like a depiction and metadata, an app image, and sprinkle screen pictures. When the chairman hits “submit,” we manage packaging and convenience to the commercial app focuses.

The Community Cloud Publisher allows advertisers to make a mobile app version of the brand’s web-based community with a couple of snaps. On the off chance that a brand refreshes the web community with new highlights or substance, the app version will consequently be refreshed too.

In the Community Cloud version of Publisher, advertisers need to add their app symbol, enter a portrayal and metadata, transfer a sprinkle screen and make a couple of different choices.

Mobile Publisher for Community Cloud includes:

  • Pixel-Perfect Branding: Brand your application with a custom application symbol, splash screen, and application name.
  • Persistent Authentication: Once a client signs into the local area, they can close the application and return without being logged out.
  • Local File Access: It gives one of the best features, where users can transfer pictures and documents directly from their phone into the application.
  • Push Notifications: Users can get any updates and notifications over their phone directly. 
  • Security: It offers great security for unregistered clients by validating and visitor modes.
  • Multi-Channel Updates: In case of any changes made, they will be refreshed in the versatile application instantly.
  • SDK Free: No outsider reconciliations or versatile SDK is required.


Mobile apps provide a more personalized experience than numerous mobile websites. The capacity to rapidly make and distribute mobile apps without a great deal of help from programming developers allows advertisers to give this choice to customers and audiences. Mobile Publisher is about more than your brand. It’s an alternate method to consider portability. With Mobile Publisher, you can design and build a custom app under the control of every partner, employee, or customer. Now with Salesforce Mobile Publisher take your business to new heights. 

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