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Top 10 Salesforce Project Management Software

June 5, 2024 eye-glyph 78

Table of Contents

    Businesses today have streamlined their project management processes and have successfully maintained long-lasting relationships with their customers.

    The secret to achieving both of these goals lies in finding the right Salesforce project management tool.

    However, with so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to find the best one to integrate with your Salesforce platform.

    Don’t worry; in this blog, we will figure out the same. Let’s get started!

    How To Choose The Best Salesforce Project Management App For Your Business?

    Key Consideration for Choosing a Project Management Tool

    Selecting the appropriate project management tool is a crucial decision for your business, as it contributes to project delivery and customer satisfaction. To help you make the right decision, we have listed some of the factors that you must consider before choosing a project management tool.

    1. Scalability

    You must consider the fact that, along with the growth of your business, the number of customers will also scale up, as will the number and complexity of projects.

    Therefore, look for a solution that not only meets your current project management requirements but also scales up as your business does in the future.

    Consider a tool that efficiently copes with updates, advancements, and scalable Salesforce packages, ensuring a smooth and efficient project management process throughout the business lifecycle.

    2. Consider A Budget Friendly Tool

    These tools come in a variety of pricing options. Some offer a free version with limited functionality, while others have tiered pricing structures based on features and user counts.

    You must first determine your budget and choose an app that fits it. Slight adjustments in the budget can be made as per your requirements.

    Moreover, consider the value that you are getting at a particular price. It is not necessary that a higher-priced application proves to be the optimal solution.

    3. Look For Essential Features

    Ensure that the tool has all the essential features that are required by your teams for efficient project management. List them out, and consult with your team regarding the same.

    Here are some common features that you should review:

    • Task Management: Assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and tracking progress.
    • Communication Tools: Fostering collaboration within teams through chats, discussions, and file sharing.
    • Reporting and Analytics: Generating reports to track project health and identify areas for improvement.
    • Gantt Charts: Visualizing project timelines and dependencies.

    You can also go for the software that best suits your industry’s needs. Many project management applications offer features and benefits that cater to specific industry types. Features like Gantt charts and critical path analysis work best for businesses in the architecture and engineering industries. The agile and scrum methodologies offered best suit software development businesses.

    4. Offers Continuous Support

    Even after the application has a user-friendly interface, at rare times, your team might require support and help. Be it a technical issue or query regarding new updates or a feature.

    Therefore, choose an application that offers reliable customer support, including knowledge bases, self-service portals, and email or phone support. These methods can help resolve them.

    5. Easy To Adopt And Implement

    Look for an application that simplifies your team’s work; which they can easily work on and learn in no time. Slight guidance may be required, but ensure that they do not have to undergo extensive training to use the software.

    Consider asking these questions:

    • Is the UI clean and user-friendly?
    • Are they able to navigate the platform easily?
    • Does the application offer training materials or any support documents to help your team get onboard quickly?

    Top 10 Salesforce Project Management Apps

    1. Taskray


    TaskRay is a #1 AppExchange-rated project management platform. It offers a comprehensive suite for optimal resource allocation, streamlined collaboration, and seamless workflow management.

    With an average 4.96 star rating, it becomes a prior option for financial, healthcare, and high-tech industry businesses. Through its native integration, it is highly compatible with Salesforce Sales, Service and Experience Cloud.

    Standout features it offers:

    • Agile methodologies
    • Cost-to-completion tracking
    • Kanban boards
    • Customer onboarding
    • Time and expense tracking

    Salesforce Editions It Supports: Enterprise, Unlimited And Developer


    $25/user/month for the Starter plan
    $40/user/month for the Standard plan
    $60/user/month for the Premium plan

    2. Mission Control

    Mission Control

    A product by Aprika Business Solutions, Mission Control is a full-fledged Salesforce project management tool that is compatible with every Salesforce cloud. It provides users with different project views, helping them gain a deeper understanding of it.

    With an average 4.9 AppExchange rating, this tool is best suited for Educational, healthcare and professional service businesses.

    Standout features it offers:

    • Mission control console
    • Drag and drop status updates
    • Full profit and loss financials
    • File integration
    • User notifications
    • Burn down chart

    Salesforce Editions It Supports: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited And Developer

    Pricing: $39 per user per month

    3. Precursive OBX

    Precrusive Obx

    It is a 100% Salesforce native application that, along with project management offers client, product and partner onboarding. This tool makes collaboration between sales, services and customer success simple and streamlined. Moreover, it allows you to share project plans with your customers, enabling their visibility into the progress.

    It becomes a suitable choice for businesses of all industries with an average 4.99 AppExchange rating.

    Standout features it offers:

    • Mobile interface compatibility
    • External plan sharing
    • Remote project management
    • Pre-built dashboards
    • Project hierarchy to prioritize data

    Salesforce Editions It Supports: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited And Developer

    Pricing: USD 40/user/month

    4. Inspire Planner

    Inspire Planner

    This project management tool provides customizable platform capabilities, ensuring the software is tailored to your business needs. It offers convenient project views and task manipulation features that improve user visibility and boost task coordination.

    It is an ideal project management solution for energy, healthcare and high-tech industry businesses, with a 4.92 AppExchange rating. It is compatible with Salesforce sales, service and marketing cloud.

    Standout features it offers:

    • Project portal for non-salesforce users
    • Upload project documents/files with version history
    • Baseline scheduler
    • Critical path map
    • Projection automation using FLOWs

    Salesforce Editions It Supports: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited And Developer

    Pricing: USD 34/user/month

    5. Milestone PM+

    Milestone PM+

    Milestone PM+ is a salesforce native project and process management software that offers automated workflows and enterprise-class process automation capabilities, enabling teams to speed up their project delivery.

    Serving industries of all types, it has an average rating of 4.11 on AppExchange. Moreover, the software collaborates seamlessly with Salesforce sales, marketing and financial service clouds.

    It is available both in freemium and premium versions, offering distinctive features.

    Its freemium version offers features such as:

    • Portfolio, Program, Project, Milestone Gantt charts and Kanban boards
    • Reusable project templates
    • Custom project types
    • Log issues
    • Risk documentation
    • Budget/Expense tracking
    • Enhanced scheduling: set durations, weekends, holidays, and non-working days; automatic date shift cascading.

    Whereas, the premium version comes up with advanced functionalities. These include:

    • Interactive Gantt chart: share, email, print, PDF
    • Assignment Notification emails
    • Activity (event/task) sync and reminder alerts
    • Create projects from Opportunities, Cases, or any record (Project Creation button)
    • Quick start services are available with Starter Packs

    Salesforce Editions It Supports: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer And Essentials


    • Freemium is available, but users must pay to increase usage, users, or features.
    • Premium version starts at $216/user/year (up to 9 users)

    6. Resource Hero

    Resource Hero

    Resource Hero is a user-friendly project and task management tool that helps manage projects across various locations. It brings all your projects under one roof, enabling you to make informed decisions. Using this tool, you can forecast project hours and estimate your team’s utilization in the future.

    It is compatible with Salesforce sales, service and government clouds and is suitable for all industries. This tool has an average rating of 4.98 on AppExchange.

    Standout features it offers:

    • Offers mobile interface compatibility
    • Resource and time forecasting capabilities
    • Predict the team’s time utilization over tasks
    • Remote workload management

    Salesforce Editions It Supports: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer And Essentials.


    • 14 days free trial availability
    • USD 15/user/month and USD 180/user/year

    7. ProjecLeo

    Project Leo

    A product by Codleo consulting, ProjectLeo lets you create and plan your projects and further break them into milestones, tasks and subtasks, reducing the burden of fulfilling a complete project delivery at one go.

    This tool, with an average 5-star rating on AppExchange, is suitable for all industry businesses and supports all Salesforce clouds.

    Standout features it offers:

    • Creates project plans online
    • Real-time dashboards
    • Easy timesheet management
    • Mobile access

    Salesforce Editions It Supports: Enterprise, Developer And Unlimited.


    • Freely available for nonprofit and education industry businesses
    • USD 7/user/month

    8. Appclipse Arrow PSA

    Appclipse Arrow PSA

    Arrow PSA, a product by Appclipse, is a project management and professional services automation platform. It offers in-application guidance to increase process efficiency and user productivity. Being an intuitive platform, it has the power to integrate all administrative processes and support teams across your organization.

    With an average 5-star AppExhange rating, it serves businesses in the engineering, construction, real estate, and high-tech industries. Being a 100% Salesforce native application, it works best with Salesforce sales, service and experience cloud.

    Standout features it offers:

    • Supports mobile interface
    • Protected with salesforce shield
    • Time tracking capabilities
    • Resource scheduling
    • Forecasting capabilities

    Salesforce Editions It Supports: Enterprise, Unlimited And Developer

    Pricing: USD 40/user/month

    9. Cloud Coach Starter

    Cloud Coach Starter

    This project management tool understands the diversifying needs of your business teams. Therefore, it allows you to choose among agile (Kanban), waterfall or water-scrum-fall project methodologies for each project that you run.

    It stands at an average 4.5-star rating on AppExchange, supports Salesforce sales and service clouds, and serves businesses from all industries.

    Standout features it offers:

    • Drag and drop Gantt charts
    • Water-scrum-fall/WAgile project methodologies
    • Subtask checklist items
    • KPI reporting
    • Whiteboards
    • Collaboration and Chatter

    Salesforce Editions It Supports: Enterprise, Unlimited And Developer

    Pricing: Freely available on AppExchange

    10. Salesforce PMT

    Salesforce PMT

    Built by Salesforce Labs, PMT offers easy structuring of your projects and monitors their progress. It requires chatter activation to support collaboration. You can manage all your commitments and deliverables, track benefits and proactively respond to project risks.

    With an average 3.55 rating on AppExchange, this tool serves the needs of all industry businesses and is compatible with all Salesforce products.

    Standout features it offers:

    • Track upcoming tasks
    • Well-defined roles and responsibilities
    • Embedded collaboration
    • Swift project creation
    • Consistent project structure
    • Escalate business issues with cases

    Salesforce Editions It Supports: Enterprise, Unlimited And Developer

    Pricing: Freely available on AppExchange

    These Salesforce project management tools offer a range of solutions with various features tailored to different needs, from project views and task manipulation to automation and resource management.

    The pricing might vary, with some tools offering specific pricing plans, while others require further inquiry for detailed pricing information.

    Transform your Project Management with Salesforce Integration CTA

    To Sum Up,

    If you wish to scale up your project management along with your customer relationships, then you must consider the above-stated factors. These help you choose the best solution tailored to your business’s needs and requirements.

    Furthermore, you can also go through the customer reviews, access the market reputation of the software provider company, and get a free trial before acquiring a full-version tool.

    Still, if you face any difficulty, it is suggested to hire Salesforce integration services provider. Their experts recommend the best possible solution based on your business requirements. Also, they ensure seamless Salesforce integration that adds up to the capabilities of your platform.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can manage projects in Salesforce by utilizing the features and capabilities that it offers for task management. Task notifications Chatter for communication Account teams for collaboration Reports and dashboards for analytics

    Salesforce is built as customer relationship management software and not as a project management tool. However, it allows you to integrate various project management tools for enhanced capabilities.

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