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Optimizing Logistics and Shipment Operations: Nintex RPA Integration with Salesforce for Seamless Efficiency

June 22, 2022
Transportation and Logistics
Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Nintex Robotic Process Automation
Salesforce Integration Services
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About the company

Our client is a global supply chain and logistics provider with multiple warehouses located across the United States. They offer warehouse and inventory management services across the nation.

They have a sales department to generate new accounts for clients in a spreadsheet-based system. Additionally, they are responsible for the transportation of goods and services from the sender’s place to the receiver’s place.


Our client faced a lot of challenges because of the complex working structure of the business.

Starting with, the client needed help in managing a large number of records. As the process was consistent, the sales team was creating new records every day, and it took a longer period of time, which was an inefficient practice. Also, it required a lot of manpower effort, which added up to the cost of hiring and was proving to be an expensive approach.

Moving on to the next challenge, it was related to processing the bulk orders and tracking their status. As everything was done manually, it was very difficult and tedious to track every order and their payments during a high-demand phase. They had to export the data from the spreadsheet and then create the order summary in MS Word. Even when there was any update related to the order status, it was manually updated in Excel and then communicated to the customer. There was a total absence of real-time updates. This sometimes created a lot of confusion for the employees as well as the delivery persons. It resulted in delaying the delivery.

Additionally, the data was in bulk, too scattered, and there was a lot of mismanagement. Employees had to meet tight deadlines under pressure, which increased the chances of errors and slowed productivity. All this together consumed a lot of time and increased the chances of errors, which resulted in a very inefficient approach.

Summarizing the challenges:

  • Difficulty in managing new accounts.
  • Difficulty in processing bulk orders and payments.
  • Mismanaged shipment and tracking status.
  • Difficult data management
  • Increased employee workload
  • Strict deadlines led to increased errors.
  • Delay in delivery


After gaining an understanding of the various challenges that our client faced, we suggest they set up Nintex Robotic Process Automation with Salesforce. It is a way of automating repetitive tasks in business processes by using software robots. It’s all about reducing human error and speeding up processes that are manual, time-consuming, or based on rules.

We used the technology with Salesforce, which helped the client’s sales team to create new accounts from Excel into Salesforce with the help of bots. These workflow bots are designed to be trained in accordance with their Salesforce information and procedures, as they memorize the steps and replicate them without any command, thus expediting the import process and enhancing the productivity of the system.

Using Nintex RPA, the client was able to extract sales order data from various order types when there was a bulk order or payment. The process eliminated the need for data entry as the key order processing steps are automated, business rules are managed, and order entry is simplified.

It helped in providing real-time updates to customers for their orders and delivery status. Nintex RPA automated the shipment data entry and scheduling. Moreover, it also automated repetitive tasks as we trained bots according to the client’s processes and optimized the data transfer and management. This resulted in reduced employee workload and increased efficiency.


“Happy with the Nintex Robotic Process Automation Service and got satisfactory results from Cnytexa. Nintex RPA bots automate daily tasks and eliminate the risk of human errors across our business processes. Our decision to partner with Cyntexa is something we never regretted.”


  • Automation helped in easy account management, simplified bulk order processing, and reduced the employees’ workload and errors.
  • Training bots according to the client’s processes helped in data management and quick data transfer.
  • Easy order shipment and scheduling.
  • The customer was able to view the real-time order status.
  • Timely delivery of orders.
  • Timely payment tracking

Decrease in Manual Efforts and Workloads


Increase in Productivity


Decline in Manual Errors


Rise in Customer Satisfaction

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