Einstein for Salesforce Net Zero Cloud: Simplifying ESG Reporting with AI Innovations

September 14, 2023 eye-glyph 78

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is a single source of truth for organizations to track emissions across their business operations. With data centralization, an organization can effectively quantify carbon footprints across scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Salesforce is adding Einstein AI to its sustainability solution, Net Zero Cloud. In addition to Einstein AI, Salesforce also introduced two new capabilities for Net Zero Cloud: CSRD Report Builder and Materiality Assessment.

Einstein AI For Net Zero Cloud

Put simply, Einstein AI for Net Zero Cloud to write ESG reports more easily by suggesting responses based on the prompts that are aligned with the specific reporting framework criteria.

For example, if a company is writing an ESG report GRI framework, Einstein AI for Net Zero Cloud can help companies generate responses from prompts such as:

  • What are the best practices that you follow to ensure that your suppliers and partners meet the sustainability goals?
  • What are the key sustainability challenges that your organization faces?
  • What are the key metrics organizations are following to address these challenges?

Einstein for Net Zero Cloud can automatically populate the suggested responses for each question in the report eliminating manual work.

Einstein for Net Zero Cloud is expected to be available in Spring 2024.

CSRD Report Builder

It automates the generation of CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directives) reports in Salesforce Net Zero Cloud. It helps companies identify the relevant CSRD disclosures they are required to make with the AI and necessary report content such as climate-related, financial risks, and social impact.

CSRD Report Builder also ensures that the reports generated are properly aligned with the CSRD-specific requirements.

Beginning in 2024, it is a must for US-based companies to comply with the CSRD European Union (EU) directives.

Overall, CSRD Report Builder is a powerful tool for companies to ease their burden of CSRD reporting.

CSRD Report Builder is expected to be available starting from October 2023.

Materiality Assessment

This AI innovation of Net Zero Cloud will help companies identify the sustainability issues most material to their stakeholders. With the help of customizable surveys, ESG managers can survey the stakeholders to identify the issues that are most important to them. Materiality Assessment will rank the topic’s importance and then develop a materiality matrix.

This materiality matrix ranks the sustainability issues based on their importance to the company’s stakeholders and their impact on the company’s business. With this information, the company can focus its sustainability efforts on the issues that are most important to its stakeholders.

Material Assessment will be available from October 2023.

Final Take

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is a powerful new solution that can help companies of all sizes track their emissions, comply with sustainability regulations, and focus their sustainability efforts on the issues that matter most to their stakeholders.

The new Einstein AI for Net Zero Cloud capability, CSRD Report Builder, and Materiality Assessment tools will make it easier for companies to achieve their sustainability goals and meet the needs of their stakeholders.

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