AI-Powered Salesforce Field Service Innovations: The Future is Here

August 28, 2023 eye-glyph 78

Salesforce Field Service is the extension of Salesforce Service Cloud utilized by front-line teams who provide services outside the office property i.e. field. A comprehensive view of workforce management empowers field teams to propel efficiency and improve productivity. It is accessible and compatible to be used with mobile devices employees carry in the field.

Salesforce brings AI-powered capabilities to enable front-line teams to leverage the power of AI tools used by the office teams.

Here we will have a detailed look at how Salesforce is empowering front-line employees:

Appointment Assistant

With the power of the AI self-service option, Salesforce Field Service enables customers to book or reschedule their appointments according to their convenience.

The customers can also check when their technician will arrive, predict job duration, etc. These self-service capabilities will smoothen the unnecessary call traffic and enhance the customer experience. Customers can access appointment assistance across multiple channels such as SMS, online chat, Apple Messenger for businesses, and more.

Unified View of Customers and Their Assets

Salesforce Field Service with the help of the Data Cloud creates a unified view of customers and their assets such as customer purchase history, service history, and even IoT signals from machines in real-time. The easy access to AI-powered insights helps the field service teams to improve their efficiency.

The unified view of data makes it easy for Einstein to automatically schedule appointments to deliver proactive services. It can also predict the expected job duration, the necessary equipment required for the job, and the right technicians with the relevant expertise required to complete the job.

Work Capacity Management

Field Service enables companies to reserve the resources for priority tasks such as new installations, high-paying customers, and unexpected customer demands.

External Knowledge Share

Frontline teams with the help of generative AI can easily access customer information, assess, purchase history, service history, and more prior to their job. This reduces the efforts of frontline teams to engage in finding the answers. Furthermore, with the help of AI-powered work summarization, the knowledge base is continuously striving to make customer challenge-solving a breeze.

Augmented Reality Capabilities with Apple’s ARKit

Salesforce Field Service’s augmented reality capabilities with Apple’s ARKit enable the front-line teams to scan barcodes, measure & scan a room to collect precise information and do the job swiftly.

Mobile Quoting and Document Builder

Frontline teams can create quotes and documents such as invoices to accomplish the job faster.

Salesforce Pay Now

Salesforce Pay Now brings payment capabilities to mobile devices. The field service workers can easily collect payments from customers on the digital channel they’re using.

Final Take

AI-powered Salesforce Field Service innovations enable companies to streamline their field operations while improving the customer experience. These AI-powered capabilities enable customers to self-schedule the appointment and track the field service agent, among others. Mobile frontline workers can create documents, anticipate job duration, and parts required for the job, and auto-generate summaries with the applicable data they require in advance of service calls.

The rise of generative AI and related technologies is going to fundamentally change how work gets done, but the focus so far has largely centered on use cases for desk workers. That has changed now with Salesforce Field Service innovations.

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