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Comprehensive Guide to Vlocity or Salesforce Industries

July 14, 2022 | visibility 185 views
Guide to Vlocity or Salesforce Indsutries


As we all know, Salesforce always looks to serve its customers at the utmost level. It incorporates as much as industries can to automate or innovate and allow customers to experience ease in functioning their tasks, per Salesforce’s motto, the “Customer 360” platform. To serve more industries like communications, services, media, etc., Salesforce took the whole market’s attention by acquiring Vlocity in February 2020. As of now, Salesforce Vlocity is a part of the Salesforce ecosystem serving customers. Still, not all of us know what Vlocity is, so let us look at what Vlocity exactly is. Read till the end to explore the world of Vlocity.

What is Vlocity?

Salesforce Vlocity is natively built over the Salesforce Platform, providing industry-specific solutions and mobile software for the same purpose. These solutions are pre-built over the Salesforce Platform, and even though they are pre-built, they can be customized to great extents according to the requirements of businesses and organizations from varied industries like health, financial services, media, communications, Insurance, Energy, and Utilities, etc.;

Solutions built over the Vlocity platform offer omnichannel sales, marketing, cash processing, and service channels & solutions along with their designed solutions. It is the in-depth industry expertise of Vlocity which made Salesforce acquire it to complement their “comprising all” solutions. This acquisition gave birth to “Salesforce Industries,” developed and ideated to provide a mix of best services to specific industries allowing them to leverage the combined package of Salesforce and Vlocity in one place.

Let us understand Salesforce Industries in more depth and learn more about it.

What is Salesforce Industries?

We read above that the acquisition of Vlocity by Salesforce invented “Salesforce Industries.” This was done to make way for new vertical solutions to enhance the basic six industry clouds under Vlocity and let Salesforce Industries provide out-of-the-box customized solutions specific to each of these industries.

Since Salesforce Industries has individual clouds dealing separately with various industries, some eminent and most used clouds include the communication cloud, public sector cloud, media cloud, and energy & utility cloud.

Shayna Schulz (SVP, Transformation & Operations, Blue Shield) says, “We are creating a more personalized member experience, in partnership with Salesforce Industries, through our digital transformation. The investment we’ve made in our digital transformation is yielding value immediately.” In her words, we can understand the product of the acquisition is not just for the company’s benefit rather, it is done for the benefit of the customers to let them experience a better digital experience.

Which Industry Sectors does get benefitted from Vlocity?

Vlocity Industry Sectors
Industry Sectors benefitting from Vlocity

There are around 12 industries which get benefitted from Vlocity, and they are:

1. Financial services
2. Healthcare and Life Sciences
3. Communications
4. Consumer Goods
5. Public Sector
6. Retail and Manufacturing
7. Media
8. Transportation and Hospitality
9. Automotive
10. Energy and Utilities
11. Education and Philanthropy
12. Non-Profit and Sustainability

Vlocity helps these industries make a direct entry in generating more vertical solutions and expanding the existing Salesforce Data Model. In addition, it provides tailored solutions to businesses that understand the depths of their respective industries better.

Some of the industry clouds which are used widely are as follows: 

1) Communication Cloud: Due to higher demands in digital and mobile channels to serve customers, businesses have been switching to communication clouds in large numbers. Sales Reps use the communication cloud to interact with their customers digitally, manage quotes and contracts, and order and fulfill services over a single platform.

2) Media Cloud: Since the pandemic’s emergence, users have been hugely swayed towards digital media and entertainment, affecting their consumer behaviors as they wish more commercial operations would happen digitally, allowing them to explore various options by being in a single place. And is due to this demand, businesses are enhancing their digital media presence by adopting the media cloud. It helps service providers develop and publish subscription bundles fast. Moreover, due to the presence of AI, the media cloud helps businesses understand their customers in a more detailed and better way allowing them to serve their customers with more personalized solutions.

3) Financial Cloud: These clouds optimize and support the functioning of the banking, wealth management, and insurance sectors. It allows the sectors to have a single platform to view every aspect of a customer, be it finance or insurance. It even allows them to operate multiple operations in varied divisions from a unified platform which helps in enhancing productivity.

Vlocity Integration Procedure

Since Vlocity is natively built on the Salesforce Platform, the partnership made it easier for developers to integrate Vlocity into Salesforce data and deliver industry-specific solutions using Salesforce automation tools and coding languages. Using Omnistudio, developers can build required solutions tailored according to the demands of the Industry and its respective cloud. Further, the development and integration can be done by solutions offered by Omnistudio or by calling Vlocity Integration Procedures from Lightning Web Components to enhance the reusability feature, resulting in less complexity.

Omnistudio is a click-based component system that can build solutions quickly using Salesforce Flows and other automation solutions. Even though it is a click-and-point tool it can’t be used by any developer, individuals need to get certain certifications to be able to work on Omnistudio for Vlocity. What are those industry certifications, let’s find out.

Industries Certifications

Since Vlocity is a vast platform, it demands skilled professionals to develop Vlocity solutions and serve industries with demands. Individuals can get themselves certified with one or all of the industry certifications and work on developing Vlocity solutions as certified professionals. The following certifications are available as industry certifications to pursue:

1. Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Consultants credential: It is beneficial for individuals who have consulting experience over cloud applications and have used the Omnistudio tool beforehand.

2) Salesforce Certified Omnistudio Developer credential: It is beneficial for individuals who have skills and experience in developing cloud applications and are even familiar with Omnistudio and its solutions.

3) Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer credential: It benefits individuals with experience developing CPQ-related applications like Configure, Price, and Quote for communication, media, energy, and utility clouds.

Salesforce Development Services


In conclusion, we can say that Vlocity is a gateway for industries like media, communication, etc., to provide better solutions to their customers that align with their industries. Moreover, it allows developers to build solutions that seamlessly submerge into the industry requirements.

Cyntexa is proud of its team of certified Salesforce Industries developers who can help you choose and integrate the right applications customized for your business. So get in touch with us and get the best for your business.

Asked Questions

Vlocity, a tech business that Salesforce officially bought, now goes by the name Salesforce Industries. It is a relatively recent cloud industry expert that has amassed extensive technological expertise in six diverse areas, including:
  • Energy and utilities
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Communications
  • Government services
  • Media and entertainment

Businesses with a better understanding of the intricacies of their particular industries might benefit from Vlocity's specialized solutions. These sectors directly contribute to the creation of further vertical solutions and the expansion of the current Salesforce Data Model with Vlocity:
  • Communications
  • Financial services
  • Consumer Goods
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Retail and Manufacturing
  • Public Sector
  • Transportation and Hospitality
  • Media
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Education and Philanthropy
  • Automotive
  • Non-Profit and Sustainability

Businesses and Customers both can make the most of their Salesforce org with features available for use in Salesforce Industries:

  • An Omniscript is the best way out for an application builder can create a business process. It is a flexible way to provide a seamless customer experience and enables you to establish a guided path for completing a business activity.
  • A DataRaptor, a mapping tool, makes it possible to read, edit, modify and output Salesforce data.

One unified, scalable, and adaptable platform called Salesforce Customer 360 is the foundation for all the products under the Salesforce Industries umbrella, enhancing their usability and accessibility for users. Businesses can get benefitted from high return on investment and acceleration in their digital interaction with the aid of sector-specific solutions.

Salesforce Industries is nothing but a new name given to Vlocity after the acquisition of Salesforce with Vlocity. It is built to provide industry-specific solutions. The acquisition majorly took place, making way for new verticals to cater to industry-specific solutions and deliver out-of-the-box customized solutions to each industry.

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