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Top 8 Reasons Why Salesforce is the Best CRM Over Others

August 31, 2023

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    Cloud-based customer relationship management software is becoming a must-have tool for businesses. It helps companies improve customer relationships, increase sales, and client retention rates, automate mundane tasks, and many more. Among many options available, why is Salesforce the best CRM? This is what we’ll help you to understand.

    In this blog, we will talk about the top 8 reasons why Salesforce is the best CRM over others. However, before that let’s learn how Salesforce CRM is outshining its competitors.

    How is Salesforce Dominating the CRM Market?

    Starting in 1999, Salesforce grew its presence worldwide and became the world’s leading CRM for businesses of all sizes.

    Salesforce had 22.9% of the CRM market share in 2022’s first quarter, higher than the total market share of its competitors like Microsoft (5.8%), Oracle (5.1%), SAP (4.7%), and Adobe (3.6%).

    International Data Corporation (IDC) has recognized Salesforce as the world’s #1 customer relationship management software for the 10th consecutive year. This is the best testament to Salesforce’s credibility among organizations worldwide.

    The Salesforce customer base exceeds 1,50,000, with some of the leading businesses such as WalMart Inc., Amazon, Toyota Motor, Spotify, McKesson Corporation, etc. using Salesforce.

    Approximately, 59% of the businesses in the USA are using Salesforce to improve their business operations.

    Reasons Why Is Salesforce the Best CRM?

    Here are the reasons why Salesforce is the best CRM for businesses:

    top 8 reasons why Salesforce CRM is the best

    1. A User-Friendly, Cloud-Based Environment

    Salesforce is one of the first CRM-offered businesses with a cloud-based architecture. This means Salesforce can be easily accessed from anywhere, anytime on any device eliminating the necessity for hefty installation and powerful hardware requirements.

    The cloud-based environment also contributes to the scalability of the Salesforce platform. Salesforce can scale up and down to satisfy the growing business needs.

    The user-friendly interface of Salesforce makes it an even more preferred choice over its competitors. Furthermore, Salesforce offers customization to make the user interface suit specific customer needs and preferences.

    It has a collection of tools and technologies that enables businesses to create a modern and personalized user interface for Salesforce applications. With Lightning Experience, users can create personalized dashboards with drag-and-drop functionality. It also has a Lightning Component framework that enables users to reusable components responsive for both desktop and mobile users.

    2. The Invincible Multitenant Architecture

    Salesforce has a multi-tenant architecture. This means Salesforce can share the same infrastructure and version of the platform among multiple organizations.

    The multi-tenant architecture of Salesforce provides businesses with several benefits including:

    • Data isolation and privacy protection: Each business’s data is stored in a separate database schema. This means improved business security and privacy by preventing unauthorized entities from accessing it.
    • Meta-data driven: Metadata is the reference of the structure, behavior, and configuration of the applications. With the help of metadata, each user can customize the application and user interface to meet specific business needs.
    • Automatic upgrade: The Salesforce platform is automatically upgraded for each customer to ensure no downtime and disruption.

    Additionally, there are many benefits of Salesforce CRM’s multi-tenant environment. It adds to the cost-effectiveness of your enterprise, since the same resources are shared within your teams, and it will cut you slack when it comes to investing a necessary amount of resources that you have comprehended for the CRM of your company.

    Multiple users and business partners will share a single instance of your application, and that explains why Salesforce CRM is pronounced to be one of the most cost-effective CRM platforms of all time. Whenever the necessary amendments or changes are made, the tenants who have legal access to the system will be able to edit and review them as per their requirements.

    The information will be distributed among the team members in an isolated manner, So we can say that you can prioritize each one of your orders just the same and attend to it in a way that is beneficial for both you and your clients.

    3. Generative AI for CRM

    Salesforce is the world’s first CRM that introduced generative AI called Einstein GPT. It can create content such as text, images, code, and more with the help of data from Salesforce and text commands. Einstein GPT can also automate repetitive tasks such as writing emails, generating reports, and more to help businesses boost productivity.

    You can read here about the latest update from Salesforce launches AI cloud Enterprises.

    Furthermore, Salesforce introduced AI Cloud backed by Einstein GPT to bring the power of generative AI to enterprises. Some of the AI Cloud applications include:

    • Sales GPT: It brings the power of generative AI to the sales team. It helps sales teams to sell more effectively by enabling them to generate relevant and personalized content for different prospects. Sales GPT can also recommend the next best action to improve the likelihood of conversion.
    • Service GPT: With the help of generative AI, Service GPT can help the customer support team improve customer service. It can auto-generate service replies, and create knowledge base articles from customer interactions to empower support reps to anticipate customers and provide relevant support.
    • Marketing GPT: It helps marketing professionals create personalized marketing campaigns, content, and segments with generative AI. It can optimize the advertising campaigns to adapt customer behaviors and preferences to ensure maximum engagement.
    • Commerce GPT: It helps businesses to personalize the eCommerce experience. From writing product descriptions to providing conversational commerce, Commerce GPT can do a lot.

    Apart from these applications, AI Cloud also has some other applications such as Slack GPT, Tableau GPT, Flow GPT, and Apex GPT.

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    4. A Proponent of Hyper-Personalization

    Hyper-personalization is the need of today’s digital age to help businesses stand out from the crowd, it is the process of delivering highly personalized and relevant content that specifically fits the needs of individual customers.

    According to a report by Evergage, Hyper-Personalization helped 86% of companies to improve their business results. Furthermore, hyper-personalization can lift the revenue by 10-15% on average.

    Learn here about what is Hyper-Personalization in Salesforce.

    Salesforce offers tools and solutions that help businesses understand customers’ needs in real time and respond to them with personalized offerings. Some of these solutions and tools are:

    Customer 360

    Customer 360 connects the customer data from multiple sources and creates a unified view of each customer. This makes it easy for businesses to understand the needs, behaviors, interactions, and journeys.

    Marketing Cloud

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables businesses to create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns with the help of tools and features such as

    • Interaction Studio: It is a real-time customer interaction platform that helps businesses identify customer interactions, traits, and behavior in real-time. Therefore creating relevant offerings to engage with customers.
    • Einstein AI: Marketing Cloud also has Einstein AI to help businesses optimize and automate marketing campaigns with AI. It can also help businesses with predictive analytics, machine learning, and NLP to create personalized recommendations for each customer.
    • Email Studio: It is a scalable and robust marketing platform that can enable businesses to create and send email campaigns customized for each subscriber by evaluating customer data from multiple sources.

    → Click here to download our free guide to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation [Download Now].

    Service Cloud

    Salesforce Service Cloud helps the support team create a highly personalized experience for customers across multiple channels. It has various features and tools that can help businesses achieve hyper-personalization such as:

    • Omnichannel: It enables businesses to create seamless and unified customer experience across multiple channels such as email, web, mobile, social media, etc.
    • Einstein bots: These are chatbots that can understand customer queries and provide personalized responses based on individual customer data.

    → Click here to download our free guide to Salesforce Service Cloud [Download Now].

    5. Advanced Reporting and Analytics to Help Businesses Make Data-Informed Decisions

    Salesforce has advanced reporting and analytics capabilities to help businesses to make data-informed decisions. These capabilities include:

    • Custom reports: Salesforce helps businesses create custom reports by defining the custom object and field they want to evaluate. Furthermore, businesses can also control the relationship between these objects to make sure only required data is presented.
    • Report builder: Salesforce has a declarative interface to enable businesses to create reports with clicks, not code. It also offers filters, charts, formulas, summaries, and more to help businesses to customize their notifications.
    • Dashboard builder: Businesses can build an interactive dashboard with the key metrics and trends from reports to visualize the data. Dashboard builder also offers different ways of data visualization such as charts, tables, gauges, tables, and more.
    • Einstein Analytics: It is an AI-powered analytics platform that enables businesses to explore the data and extract insights from it.

    Read here about Einstein Analytics and how it is different from B2B Marketing Analytics.

    6. A Perfectly Integrated Solution For Each Problem

    You can map your current business processes and enhance them for the improvement of your productivity and take your productivity level to a sailing height with its integrated environment of tools. Salesforce CRM is indeed an ultimate suite that includes each sort of business-related tool and plug-ins that allow you to approach success with undivided attention.

    Since the CRM allows you to report progress and keep your team members posted with the necessary sets of information, you can count on its reliability, making it multiple times easier for an enterprise to focus on the problem with unfaltering dedication and complete it to overcome the challenges.

    To keep pace with the growing time in technology, Salesforce keeps its users posted with the newly added functionalities and updated support. These customizable services will help you cope with the changing demands of marketplaces and the inevitable challenges that follow them. Keeping your Salesforce CRM updated will help you tackle these inconveniences and strengthen the core of your company.

    7. The Most Versatile CRM Of All Time

    Ever since Salesforce introduced its CRM, companies worldwide have reaped its benefits and pronounced the functionalities to be highly sophisticated and trustworthy. The robustness of Salesforce CRM software has always been marvelous and globally renowned for its invincible support. Another reason why you should consider acquiring Salesforce CRM for your company is its versatility. You can implement the Salesforce CRM and its features in many areas to receive the multiplied worth of your investment in the business.

    Whether you are running a marketing campaign or generating new business opportunities based on the information you need to derive, Salesforce CRM has you covered and will help you keep track of your processes and measure them. You’ll assuredly notice a higher success rate. You can profitably invest relevantly in business since the Salesforce CRM is proven to be one of the most cost-effective solutions.

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    8. Robust Ecosystem of Partners, Developers, and Consultants

    Salesforce has a robust network of partners, developers, and consultants to help businesses succeed with Salesforce.

    Salesforce CRM partners are organizations that are certified by Salesforce to work on it. They provide the following services:

    • Consulting: Assessing a business’s requirements and future goals, a Salesforce consultant can help a business discover how to use Salesforce CRM to improve its operations and grow efficiency.
    • Salesforce implementation: Salesforce implementation partners can offer Salesforce implementation services. Whether a business needs configuration, customization, integration, data migrations, and testing, a partner has them covered with all their needs.
    • Providing training: They can train your employees and stakeholders on how to use Salesforce features and functionalities.
    • Support: They can offer support to help businesses maintain their solution, troubleshoot problems, and upgrade their Salesforce solutions.
    CRM consultant

    Final Take

    These are a few reasons why Salesforce is the best CRM solution. Some of the world’s well-known brands like Walmart Inc., Amazon, Toyota Motor, Spotify, etc. are using Salesforce CRM.

    Desire to know more about why Salesforce CRM is the best for your business? Cyntexa is a Salesforce Crest (gold) consulting partner with more than 300+ Salesforce experts. Considering your business requirement, Cyntexa’s Salesforce consulting services can help you understand the potential use case of Salesforce CRM for your business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The procedure of implementing Salesforce CRM comprises of planning, configuring, customizing, deploying, and improving the platform to fulfill your business needs. These are some of the most basic steps, the exact steps may vary relying on your business needs. You can refer to Salesforce implementation best practices to implement CRM that meets your business needs.

    Salesforce CRM cost depends on multiple factors such as edition, features, and the number of users your organization has. Each Salesforce product has its own pricing plans. Therefore, the Salesforce CRM cost is completely subject to your business requirements. Have a consultation with a Salesforce consultancy firm to get an understanding of the cost.

    Salesforce CRM is unique in many ways. Salesforce is innovative when it comes to presenting new features, products, and services to support businesses' growth while fulfilling today’s business requirements. Furthermore, Salesforce is driven by customer-centricity, it puts customers at the forefront of everything it does.

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