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How To Get The Most Out Of Marketing Automation

November 24, 2022 eye-glyph 78

Table of Contents

    Are you tired of managing your online marketing campaigns manually? If you are, you are missing out on the best of what technology has offered. Running online marketing campaigns is a seemingly high-end and lengthy process, more than what it seems to be. However, marketing automation is the technology that can automatically assist you in managing the marketing processes and multiple campaigns across numerous platforms or channels without leaving any errors behind.

    What is Marketing Automation?

    Marketing Automation refers to the technologies and software platforms specifically designed for businesses and their marketing teams to efficiently market their brand on multiple digital platforms, such as via websites, various social media platforms, and email. The marketing automation platform automates repetitive tasks and continues them without any error or hindrance. With a marketing automation tool, you can easily identify potential audiences online and automate converting those leads into sales. A marketing automation tool can be utilized by both the marketing and sales departments to enhance the quality of digital marketing campaigns and sales activities, as these processes directly influence revenue and growth.
    Not only this, a marketing automation tool enhances lead generation and conversion and measures the ROI of the individual and overall campaigns. Automation offers great time and effort-saving service to companies allowing them to close more deals and increase revenue. Small-scale businesses, MNCs, or marketing professionals such as yourself can use marketing automation to their respective advantage by manually carrying out activities that are difficult to perform, such as bulk emailing, push notifications, and many more.
    Marketing requires you to be accurate, rapid, and creative. However, such efficiency is hard for us humans to offer. Therefore, automation makes it quite convenient to handle marketing campaigns eliminating human errors and giving you time to focus on expanding your business.

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    How does Marketing Automation Work?

    Let’s learn how this technologically-efficient process works.
    A set of marketing automation tools available are easy to use and aim to design a streamlined and simplified process to complete time-consuming tasks.

    • Suppose you are utilizing the right marketing automation tool. In that case, you will be able to collect the complete data of your lead through various platforms and interactions like website visits, app usage, social media activity, emails, etc., giving you a centric view of each customer.
    • Hoping you have chosen the right tool, it will rapidly scale the process and further streamlines the segmentation to signify the right audience.
    • Based on the profile, the software tailors messages for each customer.
    • It also creates personalized and relevant messaging across various platforms like email, mobile, social and web experiences.

    How does Marketing Automation Help Businesses?

    Until now, you must have understood how a marketing automation tool could help your business to the next level. However, the primary areas where a marketing automation tool can help you are here:

    How Does Marketing Automation help businesses

    1.Helps Track User Engagement Across Every Channel

    Marketing automation’s main aim is to offer its users ease and convenience. One of its many features is offering a different strategy suiting different digital marketing needs. For example, a campaign being run on social media cannot work for email marketing.
    While giving you a complete automated process for your campaigns, automation software also helps you regularly check user engagement with your campaigns. Marketing automation lays down common workflows for different purposes, such as festive offers, cart abandonment reminders, welcome emails, etc. Still, it also gives you feedback on how many consumers engage with your campaigns, giving you a clear idea of your audience’s interests. With this, you can change your campaign approach accordingly to track and enhance user engagement across channels where you are running campaigns.

    2. Creates Personalized Workflows

    If you want your leads to convert, you need to pay attention to your customers’ behaviors, which is an impossible task if we consider doing it manually. Still, with an automation marketing tool, we can track the behaviors of our customers to understand their needs and wants, which may assist us in delivering the right content at the right time.

    The Workflow is defined by templates and can be custom-built or modified in the middle of the campaigns. After understanding consumer needs, one can personalize the workflows to target the condition of your audience. Sometimes by staying consistent in work, the creativity of the businesses takes a toll. Hence, this is where automation may assist you as it offers personalized and template workflows that suit your requirements and makes the process faster and easier.

    3. Bulk Deliverability of your Emails

    It is only sometimes necessary that the emails you send are delivered to the receiver’s inboxes. Many times, it may get paid in the spam folder and stay hidden forever because who trusts spam emails? Using the marketing automation tool improves your email deliverability as you can measure the success of sending the email to the recipient.

    Did you know?

    According to Statista, in 2021, spam messages accounted for 45%+ of email traffic. Therefore, this means the probability of your emails dropping to your receivers’ inboxes is quite low. However, using marketing automation best practices not only delivers your messages to the recipient’s inbox but also helps you measure the success ratio.

    4. Managing Leads, Solutions to convert potential customers

    The ultimate goal of marketing campaigns is sales and profits. The process is quite tough and huge, from lead generation to management and conversion. However, marketing automation tools assist businesses in this way too. Per Epsilon research, 80% of customers are likely to purchase when they witness a personalized experience from the brand. Companies need to do so manually to avoid disconnection, which is why leads aren’t converted into sales. Simultaneously, only some leads are your genuine lead, and so dealing with each one of them manually is a waste of time and effort.

    Here, the marketing automation platforms permit the marketers or businesses to automatically filter the data, reducing errors such as passing all leads to the sales department instead of giving them genuine and correct leads to nurture. As a result, it saves a lot of time for the team to approach the authorities and convert the correct ones giving them a more specific and personalized experience.

    Marketing Automation Best Practices

    Having an insight into how marketing automation is necessary for your business, we have also listed down some of the best practices you can perform in real-time and generate a profit-driven ROI

    1. Simplifying the lead scoring process through the insights and detailed analytics often available in the dashboards of marketing automation tools.
    2. Mapping out a lead flow will help us interact with our target customers at different touch points.
    3. Knowing your buyer’s journey and being able to analyze their engagement.
    4. Create your content library by designing engaging, interactive, and relevant messaging templates to reach your leads and customers through all customer cycle levels.
    5. Effectively capturing leads by limiting distraction/ Better user experience.
    6. Remember to analyze as you move further. Some campaigns may not work for you, and some may do exceptionally well; this is what you must examine. Dig into the tool’s analytics and make necessary changes in the system.
    7. Impress your stakeholders by justifying their investment using the analytics and data from the marketing automation platform.

    How do Marketing Automation Affect Customers?

    Marketing automation has a huge impact on customers because it enables businesses to target their customers’ pain points and offer them valuable solutions by providing the right product/service at the right time.

    marketing automation

    1. Offers Right  Business Solution

    The right marketing automation tool assists businesses in prioritizing work as well as managing leads. These platforms offer quick solutions to the users by automating the marketing process based on the past actions of the customers.

    2. Delivers Relevant Content

    Do you ever go around showing wedding attire to people looking for shoes? With marketing automation tools, you can always show your customers only what they are interested in. Using their behavioral traits, you can customize your campaign and target more specific content to them, suiting their requirements with the information you have for each prospect.

    3. Incorporates Seamless & Omnichannel Experience

    A marketing automation tool collects the data, stores it, and then uses it to deliver a personalized experience for your visitors. With the right marketing automation tool, we can easily target our audience irrespective of their available platforms—emails targeting their specific needs, pre-filled forms, convenient customer support, etc.

    Leading Marketing Automation Tools

    Here are some of the leading  Marketing Automation platforms that can help to ease your business processes:


    Salesforce marketing automation tool is a comparatively friendly platform that efficiently offers excellent accurate services by decreasing technology-related complexity. Businesses of any size or level can use it because the platform is budget friendly and offers an error-free backend to work on. This automated marketing platform is a great place where one and run multiple functionalities and can scale their businesses with high-tech UI support.


    Userfox is the most recent player available in the market but has gained popularity with its great service level and functionality. Acquired by AdRoll, everyone expects the platform to witness the power of both teams altogether. This platform is a must-use for tech companies because it has a lightweight interface and an amazing email marketing feature.


    The platform describes itself as inbound marketing software. It offers some bit of every service but does not perform at a describable level. At the same time, HubSpot offers great and additional functionality because it offers benefits beyond email marketing. This all-in-one tool is a great choice for medium and small-scale business owners.


    One of the amazing marketing automation tools, Marketo is considered the most mature tool with great features that assist marketers in managing email campaigns. Marketo also has a marketplace with dozens of integration; in that case, this platform is also called LaunchPoint. It is a great choice for giant firms. Compared to other marketing tools, Marketo is high-priced.

    Constant Contact

    Constant Contact is a brilliant and well-established marketing tool for small businesses. It is affordable. However, you get what you pay for. If you have a non-technical background, it is not difficult to access the platform because it offers basic functionality.


    A fully accomplished brand, Eloqua comes with plenty of features of marketing automation, and it also offers exceptional service. Likewise, Marketo and Eloqua offer integrations with third-party services. If you require great assistance and guidance from your technological vendors, you must try this one out because their service is remarkable.

    Which Marketing Automation Tool is Right for your Businesses

    Here is a comparative analysis to compare the market’s top three marketing automation tools with Salesforce marketing automation tool:

    ParametersSalesforce Marketing CloudEloquaMarketo
    lResolution period24*7 SupportDelays MostlyRevert in 2-3 days
    Analytic reportsYes Yes No
    Friendly UIYes NoNo
    Technological ErrorsNot FoundNot foundOccasional

    The marketing automation tools such as salesforce marketing cloud, Eloqua, and Marketo are some of the most popular marketing automation tools. They are also capable of solving all your business problems. If you are still confused and looking for expert advice, you can contact our expert team for a free Salesforce consultation

    Salesforce marketing Cloud CTA

    Wrapping It Up!

    Businesses nowadays have numerous activities to perform, and marketing campaigns suffer unbearably. Using the right marketing automation tool, you can quickly retrieve your chances of creating a big name out of your business. You can add value to your business operations by utilising a marketing automation platform. Investing in such highly efficient and competitive platforms has always proven to be an asset to the development of businesses. Utilise a marketing automation tool and skyrocket growth like you never imagined!

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