How Can Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Help Businesses to Increase Sales?

February 24, 2022 | visibility 912


Salesforce commerce cloud is more than just a platform for running an online business smoothly. It’s a comprehensive & future-rich cloud-based e-commerce platform that enables companies to start intelligent as well as thought-provoking shopping experiences for consumers across all channels such as mobile, web, cultural, store, and so forth. 

In a larger sense, the salesforce commerce cloud provides a collection of powerful features that enable a company to engage with buyers or potential customers effectively at every level of the sales funnel and give them par excellence assistance throughout all channels. Due to the increasing complexity of consumer behavior with each passing day, firms want omnichannel insights to methodically find and evaluate customers’ activity as well as their involvement across all communication channels.

One feature that distinguishes the salesforce commerce cloud from the competition among the cloud-based eCommerce solutions is; the predictive intelligence embedded into the platform. Salesforce’s Einstein AI is among the most sophisticated built-in predictive intelligence systems available today. It assists in providing an unrivaled shopping experience by gathering and providing you with smart insights on customers’ behavior and purchasing patterns, as well as identifying opportunities to sell across various untapped channels.

What is Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud?

Customers’ purchasing experiences are being transformed throughout all digital channels thanks to Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud, a leading corporate cloud platform that comes with a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box features and powerful capabilities to help you do so.

In the case of B2C retailers, you would anticipate that an e-commerce solution would provide adequate scaling for events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving sales, etc. However, many e-commerce tools do not provide an apposite scaling.

Salesforce B2C Commerce is indeed a highly scalable technology that, if utilized properly, will do more than meet your expectations in terms of functionality and performance. This implies that in the event of increasing website traffic, the platform will enable you to expand your website with your contemporary business requirements. In addition, It will also allow you to handle many sites from a single place.

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Consider the following scenario; you have opened a website in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan, and you wish to offer goods or services in numerous countries. In this case, you would ideally want a separate website for each country, right? But with Salesforce B2C Commerce supporting several languages and locales, you will be able to operate and manage all of your websites from a single location with the bare minimum of configuration.

But what is it about the Salesforce B2C Commerce platform that makes it such a powerful B2C e-commerce tool? There are business-ready features in the platform that are not just restricted to websites and mobile applications but are also extended to other digital spaces such as social media platforms, emails, and so on to allow you to communicate with your clients at any time and from any location.

Important Features of Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud to drive Sales

In terms of fundamental functionality; the platform offers a wide range of industry-leading capabilities that are too many to list here. The following are some of the elements of the platform that might make it a suitable fit for your retail business rather than a comprehensive list.

Important features of commerce cloud

1. State-of-the-Art Marketing Tools

Some of the most inventive and out-of-the-box marketing tools are available in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Content creators, brand marketers, as well as merchants may use these tools to build and nurture brand recognition, acceptance, and loyalty among their customers. This type of technology may also be used to pitch the appropriate product to the right buyer at the right time and location. Hence, increasing sales and conversion rates to the maximum levels possible.

Users of Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud may do A/B testing or Split testing without having any prior technical expertise to determine what works best for their target audience and what does not. This would aid in the identification, launch, promotion of the successful, and productive campaign.

2. AI-Powered Personalized Customer Experience

Einstein enables you to raise the average order value of your orders (AOV). It accomplishes this by selectively exhibiting new goods while also raising notice for slower-moving merchandise on the shelves. As reported by Salesforce, businesses enjoy a 26 percent increase in average order value (AOV) when their customers click on Einstein-powered product suggestions.

And then there’s Einstein Predictive Sort, which is designed to assist you in creating personalized mobile experiences. Buyers of all types, B2C and B2B, are becoming more accustomed to purchasing on their smartphones, but their experiences are hardly as individualized as when they shop on their desktop computers. Predictive Sort from Einstein guarantees that you engage mobile clients by making precise product personalized recommendations on the micro-moments they expend on their phones, which may include social media activity.

3. Open customization

The Commerce Cloud provides you with the flexibility to create a unified consumer experience. This incorporates the checkout procedure, but it may not be required in some cases. One of the first commerce platforms to completely enable Apple Pay online, Salesforce offers clients a simplified single-page checkout experience that allows them to finish their transaction with a single touch.

Leverage the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

Business can take advantages of commerce cloud for exponential growth and stand out of their competitors. Here are a some of the most significant benefits of B2C commerce cloud that you must know about

9 Benefits of Salesforce B2c Commerce Cloud

1. Seamless upgrades

As Salesforce is a SaaS software-as-a-service platform, it is always kept on adding new functionality in the background. These are accessible through the admin panel, and in many cases, there is little or no technological action required from your end. You can check the latest upgrades for B2C Commerce cloud here

2. Scalability

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is capable of dealing with high demand and traffic spikes without the need to prepare ahead of time. A rapid rise in demand is handled discreetly and automatically by the platform without any need for human involvement.

3. A suite of cloud services

The fact that B2C commerce cloud is a part of the Salesforce family means that a variety of linked CRM and marketing SaaS services are now available to integrate into your solution set.

4. A Product Roadmap defined by Salesforce

If you consider Salesforce Commerce Cloud to be a compelling offer, you’ll likely be satisfied with the B2C Commerce Cloud roadmap that Salesforce has presented. The fact that it is taken care of means that you can concentrate on utilizing the solution’s features and functionalities to increase site traffic and sales within the B2C marketplace.

5. Internationalization of Storefronts

Organizations can only manage several shops in various locations throughout the world using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which is a single back-end platform. ‍

By utilizing Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud for your e-commerce business, you will be able to simply handle product data sets for numerous stores without any difficulties, as well as manage multiple subtleties such as invoicing, pricing, product availability, and so on.

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6. Endless Possibilities for Sales

Recent studies reveal that out-of-stocks (OOS) are losing merchants approximately $1 trillion in sales, which is an increase from previous estimates.

The human element of in-store purchasing continues to lure a large proportion of business-to-consumer (B2C) consumers into brick-and-mortar stores. In contrast, when shelves aren’t refilled with the things these consumers are seeking, they walk out the door and directly into the arms of the competitors – both in-person and on the internet.

Salesforce B2C Commerce add-on, Endless Aisle, is designed to reduce sales lost due to out-of-stock or unavailable items by connecting in-store and digital encounters. In short, instead of leaving customers frustrated and without a product, your associates would then greet them with such a smile as well as an iPad, and then facilitate them in placing a digital order for products that are currently out of stock at the location, with the alternative to have them delivered straight to their homes or picked up in-store.

Even better, consumers may self-serve at self-service kiosks located around the store. In addition to experiencing an increase in sales and brand engagement, implementing endless aisle technology will help your team to enhance forecast accuracy as a result.

7. Driving Innovations

Salesforce Commerce Cloud assists e-commerce firms in providing innovative digital experiences to their customers by incorporating constant innovation into their operations. The package enables them to experiment with new advertising approaches, test different fulfillment methods, and improve customer service and experience. With Salesforce, you can create a website framework right out of the box that incorporates best practices in shop design, merchandising, and technological architecture. A large library of pre-built connectors, such as payment accelerators, loyalty programs, ratings, and reviews, allows sellers to further improve the shopping experience for their customers.

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8. Omni-Channel Functionalities

There is one crucial element on which the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud has placed a significant amount of focus, and that is the ability for merchants to manage their company across numerous channels from a single platform.

Multiple operations, such as sales, order administration, inventory management (including marketing campaigns and conversions), and more, may be automated through the use of one SaaS solution. Not only does it give merchants greater flexibility, but it also provides them with Omni-channel functions that allow them to save a significant amount of time and work.

9. Top of the Line Customer Support

The Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, the world’s number one CRM platform, provides round-the-clock and undivided assistance to all of its merchants, allowing them to run their businesses effortlessly around the clock. Additional to this, the help provided by Salesforce Commerce Cloud tools and support people covers a wide range of concerns, including anything from code updates to upgrading security updates, as well as the list goes on and on.

Choose the Best Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Partner 

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Cyntexa provides the best comprehensive system integration solution, beginning with a discovery process that identifies the most valuable, commercially oriented activity roadmap for your organization. From there, we collaborate with you on everything from initial platform selection consulting through solution design and construction – including creative origination and execution – to ongoing site performance optimization, augmentation, and support (including maintenance).


E-commerce is a massive business that is expanding at a rapid pace around the world. Consumers and organizations increasingly want a connected, online purchasing experience that matches their demands, regardless of whether they are making large or small transactions. in conjunction with its robust CRM, assists organizations in realizing their full potential. Salesforce B2C Commerce cloud Its mobile-friendly design, artificial intelligence-enabled CRM, AI-guided search results, and product suggestions all contribute to a highly customized customer experience for users.

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