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Salesforce Unveils GPT For Service, Slack, Tableau, Marketing, & Commerce

June 12, 2023 eye-glyph 78

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    Step right into the world of Salesforce with Salesforce GPT, where surprises await at every turn!

    Whether it’s the captivating World Tour NYC or the highly anticipated Connections 2023, Salesforce never fails to leave its users spellbound.

    But hold on; there’s more that you are going to experience. This trailblazing company is taking Generative AI to new heights with the launch of Einstein GPT for Service Cloud, Slack, Tableau, Marketing, and Commerce Cloud.

    It’s a game-changer for businesses longing to infuse redundant processes with creativity and automation.

    Stay with us until the end of this blog to unveil the extraordinary capabilities that lie ahead. Trust us; you won’t want to miss a single moment of this thrilling journey!

    Reasons Why Salesforce Expanded the Capabilities of Einstein GPT?

    First, take a gist of what Einstein’s GPT is.

    why salesforce introduced einstein gpt

    Einstein GPT is an advanced technology curated specially for CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This initiative leverages a generative model offering customers a natural language-based response to various customer questions and requests.

    Or, in other words, we can quote. Einstein GPT can generate text responses to every query customer raises, closely resembling the interactions one would typically experience with a human customer service representative.

    There are a lot of significant reasons that made Salesforce launch different segments of Einstein GPT and made it go distinctive with each cloud:

    1. Generative AI has the potential to transform marketers’ roles, allowing them to focus on more strategic work, according to 60% of marketers who recognize its productivity and efficiency benefits.
    2. Marketers highlight the importance of “accuracy and quality” in generative AI, emphasizing the need for reliable customer data to ensure effective performance.
    3. The arrival of generative AI revolutionizes work by providing easier access to vast repositories of reliable data, enhancing job efficiency. Nearly 80% of senior IT leaders believe it will enable better data utilization for decision-making, although 41% face challenges with complex or inaccessible data.
    4. Businesses must prioritize real-time, personalized experiences to meet customer expectations and increase loyalty. Generative AI and automation maximize service agent productivity and enable seamless interactions.
    5. Generative AI’s significant impact on marketing is recognized by 60% of marketers, who expect it to bring transformative shifts in their roles, freeing them up for strategic tasks.
    6. Marketers worry about how well generative AI content works and want reliable customer data to ensure it’s effective. You can check here to check the Salesforce Einstein chatbot implementation guide.
    7. Generative AI makes it easier to use reliable data, making jobs more efficient. About 80% of top IT leaders believe it can help use data effectively. However, 41% encounter complexity or difficulty accessing it, and one-third find it hard to get valuable insights.

    To uproot all these challenges, Salesforce CRM come up with Einstein GPT for Service, Slack GPT, Tableau GPT, Marketing GPT, and Commerce GPT.

    Get to know each one of them.

    Einstein GPT For Service

    You would be delighted to know that Einstein GPT for Service leverages advanced generative AI to enhance customer experiences through personalized interactions, improved agent efficiency, and full-time access to knowledge.

    This solution enables service teams to generate responses, automate the creation of knowledge articles, and automatically generate case wrap-up summaries using reliable and relevant data sources from the Data Cloud.

    The outcome is trustworthy service content generated by AI, ensuring personalized and relevant customer communications and experiences across the Customer 360 platform.

    Service Catalog simplifies service request processes by providing a curated library of automated flows. These flows streamline common service cases, such as parts replacements or product returns, eliminating the need for extensive manual intervention.

    With an intuitive low-code builder, organizations can create workflows across touchpoints quickly and easily without custom code development.

    The unified customer profile in the Data Cloud allows service organizations to automate complex workflows and trigger personalized actions based on real-time changes.

    Slack GPT

    Slack is proud to introduce an array of powerful AI features designed to optimize productivity, facilitate faster learning, and strengthen communication.

    With the integration of generative AI app integrations, diverse language models, and access to secure customer data insights from the Customer 360 and Data Cloud, Slack is revolutionizing how organizations operate.

    Native AI Integration in Slack: Slack seamlessly incorporates AI into the user experience, enabling customers to work smarter, acquire knowledge more rapidly, and communicate effectively. For instance, AI-driven conversation summaries and writing assistance are readily available within Slack, just a click away, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency.

    AI-Ready Platform: The recently launched Slack platform empowers customers to build no-code workflows that incorporate AI actions through simple prompts at each step. This user-friendly approach makes it effortless for anyone to deploy AI automation and utilize its benefits.

    New Einstein GPT App for Slack: Slack plans to introduce the Einstein GPT app, which will enhance teams’ understanding of customers by providing real-time data insights as part of the Customer 360 interface.

    This integration will enable businesses to make data-driven decisions, strengthen customer relationships, and drive meaningful outcomes.

    Offerings of Slack GPT For Different Stakeholders

    Here are some ways Slack GPT will become the favorite of different stakeholders:

    slack gpt for stakeholders

    For Sales: Helps sales teams to boost productivity and, by automatically generating account channel summaries, saves a lot of time and effort, alongside sharing customer recommendations and prospect messages.

    For Service: Empower service agents to provide faster resolutions and responses to customers through AI-generated solutions and auto-generate case summaries to promote team knowledge sharing in channels and canvases.

    For Developers/IT: To allow developers to immediately scan activities on the channel and generate a root cause analysis to minimize the time previously consumed on incident management.

    For Marketing: Provide marketers with the convenience of auto-generating copy and images for various platforms, including blogs, email campaigns, social media, and advertising, directly within a channel for seamless team collaboration.

    Tableau GPT

    Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse bring exciting advancements to data analysis by automating processes, anticipating user needs, and generating valuable insights automatically.

    Salesforce Data Cloud integration seamlessly incorporates customer data into Tableau, providing a unified view for faster insights.

    With Tableau GPT, sales leaders receive tailored visualizations, real-time sales progress updates, and goal achievement recommendations using AI. Commerce leaders can benefit by understanding reasons for decreased average order values and receiving improvement suggestions.

    Tableau GPT introduces secure generative AI for data understanding and interaction, allowing users to uncover insights and create smarter data experiences through conversational queries for various roles.

    Tableau Pulse, powered by Tableau GPT, delivers personalized and automated analytics, presenting insights in natural language and visual formats for easier understanding and faster decision-making.

    Marketing GPT

    Moving on to Marketing GPT.

    This form of Einstein GPT empowers marketers with generative AI and trusted data from Data Cloud. With Marketing GPT, marketers are enabled to:

    • Efficiently create audience segments using natural language prompts and AI-driven recommendations based on reliable data from Data Cloud, improving targeting and campaign effectiveness.
    • Streamline email content creation by automating personalized email generation, reducing the writing workload, and enabling efficient testing and engagement strategies.
    • Enhance Marketing ROI with Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud, integrating first-party data, revenue data, and third-party paid media data. It helps them provide a comprehensive view of audience engagement for better decision-making and optimization.
    • Deliver personalized messages at the right time with Rapid Identity Resolution, Segmentation, and Engagement features, ensuring accurate customer identity resolution and real-time updates of segments in the Data Cloud for targeted messaging and practical engagement.
    • Leverage Typeface’s generative AI content platform to create contextual visual assets aligned with brand voice, style guides, and messaging for multi-channel campaigns, ensuring consistency and resonating with the target audience.

    Marketing GPT, Data Cloud, and Typeface enables marketers to deliver personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences across touchpoints.

    Commerce GPT

    Commerce GPT helps companies deliver personalized shopping experiences at every step of the buyer’s journey. It uses real-time data from Data Cloud to provide auto-generated insights and recommendations.

    Both Data Cloud and Commerce GPT and Data Cloud opens up opportunity in the following ways for brands:

    Automate growth and conversion strategies with Goals-Based Commerce

    This tool sets targets and provides insights and recommendations to achieve desired outcomes. Powered by Data Cloud, Einstein AI, and Flow, it optimizes profit margins, AOV, and merchant productivity.

    Boost merchant productivity with Dynamic Product Descriptions

    Automatically fills in missing product information, generates tailored descriptions for each buyer, and improves engagement for a smoother shopping experience.

    Redefine shopping and loyalty with Commerce Concierge

    It uses natural language conversations across digital storefronts and messaging apps to make shopping easier and more enjoyable. Shoppers can discover products they love, enhancing their overall experience.

    Overall, Commerce GPT and Data Cloud entitle brands to provide customized shopping experiences throughout the buyer’s journey.

    get generative ai for your business

    Final Thoughts

    Salesforce is delving into generative AI, revealing new possibilities. Einstein GPT, Slack GPT, Tableau GPT, Marketing GPT, and Commerce GPT bring fresh opportunities for every business.

    Imagine having effortless conversations, valuable insights appearing instantly, and making intuitive decisions like never before. Generative AI can supercharge productivity, overcome challenges, and drive extraordinary business growth.

    Put faith in our Salesforce Expert as your armor, bringing accuracy and quality. We are ready to offer you to craft personalized and captivating experiences for your customers.

    Step into the future, where creativity intertwines with automation and customer loyalty flourishes like never before.

    The future awaits, brimming with infinite possibilities and boundless success.

    To learn more, schedule a call with our experts today.

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