Salesforce Announces Sales and Service GPT Pricing and Availability Protected by Einstein GPT Trust Layer

July 20, 2023 eye-glyph 78

San Francisco – Wednesday, July 19, 2023: Salesforce finally spilled the beans on general pricing and availability of Sales & Service GPT along with Einstein GPT Trust Layer.

Organizations worldwide have been waiting for this moment to personalize every interaction with their customers channeled with the capabilities of generative AI curated considering enterprise security standards.

Sneak Peak at GPT Powered Features

features of sales service powered by gpt

With Service GPT, users can experience the magic of auto-generated, tailor-made replies that resonate personally with each customer. No more cookie-cutter responses; this AI-powered gem crafts messages that feel like they were written by an actual human, understanding the nuances of each conversation and adapting accordingly.

And that’s not all! Service GPT also boasts an incredible feature that automatically summarizes customer interactions for quick recall and stellar customer experience.

But wait, there’s more! Sales GPT offers email communication that enables users to tap into the wealth of contextual customer data stored in Salesforce, transforming ordinary sales emails into personalized ones. With Sales GPT, each email will leave an imprint, influencing the customer’s preferences and needs.

Now, you might be wondering about data privacy and security concerns. Fear not! The Einstein GPT Trust Layer is the ultimate safeguard, ensuring that customer data remains safe and sound within the confines of Salesforce. No information is stored outside, and no prompts or responses are shared with third-party providers.

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