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Salesforce’s acquisition of is a smart move as it looks to incorporate Slack into its larger portfolio better. is a bot-based tool that will integrate directly with Slack, making it easier for sales teams to give real-time insights from Salesforce’s various platforms’ record systems.

The Troops team has spent over seven years developing solutions that send real-time insights from Salesforce to Slack, bringing together the information and actions that customer-facing teams require to close new deals and assist existing customers.

Companies of all sizes and industries use Slack and Salesforce to run their Digital HQ in today’s digital-first environment. By linking their staff, clientele, partners, tools, and procedures through one platform, teams gain a holistic view of their clientele, projects, and real-time information.

What is is a profitable growth engagement technology that simplifies the sales process. It integrates all the secured networks with messaging platforms like Slack, making it easy to keep records of what’s going on in each contract. 

Many salespeople appreciate how Troops manage CRM input issues: they put them in Slack. Here, it is ideal for companies whose cultures rely on Slack communication. It’s especially beneficial for mobile sales workers who can reap the benefits of Slack’s enhanced mobile features. It’s a great way to ensure CRM accuracy and accountability among customer-facing employees.

All About Salesforce –  Acquisition

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) software company based in San Francisco. Salesforce provides CRM data via Slack and Microsoft Teams bots, and has now purchased which will be integrated with Slack once the acquisition will be completed. 

It is anticipated that the acquisition deal will finish by July 31, 2023. Acquisition cost-related information is unrevealed, but has raised funds, including money from Slack startup capital. allows salespeople to retrieve and update data from Salesforce’s systems via Slack. Custom CRM workflows can track actions, change end deadlines, track leads, etc.

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Before initiating a process that allows sales representatives to take prompt action, the system may alert teams of past close dates, stalled transactions, and new inbound leads.

Salesforce’s goal is to further integrate Slack into its wider range of products with this acquisition. The CRM behemoth has already begun by releasing new Slack improvements, such as a user can now design plugins and applications for the UCaaS system using a new developer platform.

This approach makes the experience better as organizations switch to bots and automation to assist personnel with ordinary tasks. Salespeople who interact with clients can have direct entry to exchange customer facts, permitting them to finish new offers and help present clients. 

Salesforce’s most recent features and advancements support organizations working smarter, not harder, which is crucial in the current financial environment. Salesforce’s acquisition of Troops is a good fit for the firm and will help it achieve its goal of making its users more productive with its tools.


In short, Salesforce currently shows that the acquisition of is a wise decision. makes it simple for businesses to use Slack as a communication channel. The combination of and Slack is going to provide many exciting new features in the next few years.

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