Salesforce Anywhere: Mobile Collaboration Tool to Ease WFH

July 9, 2020 eye-glyph 78

Introducing Salesforce Anywhere 

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected people overseas and put several restrictions on our regular lives, the manners of trading and business scenarios have to blend into the situations to keep the wheels rolling. To ensure that the productivity levels of enterprises are not hindered and the employees are able to look after their responsibilities from wherever they are, Salesforce has introduced a brand new platform Salesforce Anywhere that lets you access your business information and work in teams within an integrated environment. 

Even though the companies and organizations are carefully approaching their offices, the consistent uplifting of companies needed an ultimate solution. To meet the unforeseen and essential requirements, Salesforce Anywhere assists you in resuming your tasks and approaching newer opportunities without letting inconvenient situations throw a spanner in your progress.

The Importance Of Implementing Salesforce Anywhere

Many enterprises have been hit hard by the global situation and terribly low amounts of orders to deliver. To overcome these challenges, consistent and accurate enterprise decisions must be made and the enterprises need to evolve to fit in the current commercial environment. 

Salesforce Anywhere offers you a wide array of marketing solutions that will keep you running and your employees connected from wherever they belong. The essential need of being present in an office to get the work done is eliminated and reformed for the convenience and safety of the employees amid the effect of the currently existing crisis. 

The platform lets your digitally transform your trading and turn things in your favor by letting you reach out to the widest possible bases of the most potential customers and business partners. It empowers you to utilize your resources to their fullest and add multiple numbers of functionalities to boost your productivity. 

Features Of Salesforce Anywhere

Despite having been announced and launched very recently by Salesforce, Salesforce Anywhere has started to affect businesses across the world with its beneficial features. Salesforce has proven once again why its implementation can be of great assistance and enhance the productivity and delivery rates as well as maintain a great relationship between the service providers and their clients. 

Here is a list of features that depict the reasons why you should opt for the implementation of Salesforce Anywhere.

1. Resume Or Initiate Your Service Provision Unendingly

One of the main reasons why you should implement the seamless support of Salesforce Anywhere is to initiate or resume your trading under stranded circumstances also. You can receive an affordable range of services that are solely designed to help you in cultivating your time and resource for the betterment of your company. 

You can also customize the service that you are looking forward to receiving and obtain the optimized business support that is personalized for you. Have total control over your business flow and consistently launch and deliver the products. The user-friendly environment of Salesforce Anywhere is quite adaptable you can make the necessary amendments to your acquired tools with easiness.

It also allows you to precisely invest in investing your resources for strengthening your customer relationship. Even if you haven’t been able to find the right moment to get going on with your ongoing methods for achieving enterprise-leveled goals, now is the perfect time for continuing it and heeding the components of your business that need to be looked after.

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2. Collaborate With Your Partners Seamlessly

The integrated business environment in Salesforce Anywhere lets you contact and collaborate with your business partners effortlessly. The reliable manners for collaboration provided by the platform include the most convenient communication options. 

The application is embedded with functionalities that make provision for chatting, receiving important business alerts, adding and viewing comments made by the authorities, and even holding online meetings to discuss your business parameters before embarking on a new journey towards success.   

When you are allowed to collaborate with other aspiring companies, you can move forward in trading by sharing the mutual sets of purposes with your partners and accomplish your desired business goals on a sophisticated level.

Salesforce Anywhere offers you a shared workspace that can be commonly accessed by the rightful users that are assigned with specific sets of tasks. The information that concerns your collaboration with the business partners can be viewed, modified, created, and edited over several spans of changes that occur, and can be synced accordingly. 

3. Maintain A Productive Environment And Work From Anywhere

As the name of the product suggests, you can keep working on your projects and make undisturbed progress with the assistance of Salesforce Anywhere. The application provides each one of the services that are firmly designed to meet the business necessities of your employees and provide them with a highly integrated working environment.

The newly implemented data models in the tool are fit to assist your organization when it comes to building, managing, and also scaling the records o your employees. The employees will be able to instantly access the digital work platform and keep the teams posted with the altering data and changes made to the system. 

Salesforce Anywhere is indeed a great option when it comes to keeping your progress in check and toning your business flow up in accordance with the variable necessities that surround it. The platform will help you in enhancing the existing strategies and introduce the newer ones that are highly profitable for your enterprise. 

4. Take Instant Actions And Get Your Work Done In The Moment

Salesforce Anywhere lets you use the pre-defined in-line comments that you can also refer to as feedback. These comments can be used as tags that define what needs to be done with the processed information or how the data entry shall be approached. With the assistance of the highlighted comments, you can personalize your schedule and set priorities that can help you in managing your schedule.

Various actions are powered by the reliable integration of Salesforce Einstein that can help you in getting done with your importantly scheduled tasks and update the system with your responsive feedback. The updated comments will be notified to each one of your team members that have the authority to access the information to further view or modify it. 

5. A Dependable Extension For Your Salesforce CRM

The functionalities provided to you by Salesforce Anywhere can be extended to your CRM. This feature saves a great deal of your time and resources since all of the necessary components of the tool are integrated along with the rest of your Salesforce equipment. 

You don’t have to switch between platforms or applications because all of them are brought directly under the hood of your CRM. Salesforce Anywhere is dependably integrated with the services of Customer 360 and enables you to transfer or exchange the data while executing a procedure out. 

The most advantageous features and functions of Salesforce Quip are also included to make the user experience more convenient for you. Keep track of the business ideas, insights, and strategies with the assistance of the Salesforce Anywhere tool that is designed to extend and meet the components of your CRM. 

6. Accessing Your Data From Anywhere With Salesforce

As we discussed in the previous feature, Salesforce lets you access your data from anywhere, therefore making it convenient for your employees to work consistently even from isolated environments or in the comfort of their homes. The tool has access to your verified data sources. 

Salesforce Anywhere will help you in retrieving the business data and formatting it understandably for you. You can build and manage your digital workspace in accordance with the amount and sort of information that you have to work with. These components empower you to maintain your task with a sophisticated and clarified view on the matters of trading. 

The retrieval and accessing of your confidential data are entirely secured to prevent intrusions and unauthorized modifications from being performed on your information.  


The implementation of Salesforce Anywhere can permanently enhance your manners of trading and assist your enterprise in evolving with the variable circumstances. Salesforce brings together the unending possibilities of growing your business and increasing your productivity levels without letting any challenging scenarios hinder it. 

Unlock the newest possibilities and business opportunities to acquire an indomitable position in your marketplaces. Utilize your business resources to their fullest even when you need to work within a shared or isolated environment. Salesforce Anywhere has got you covered with its appreciable abilities to assist you in implementing profitable business solutions. 

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