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Organizations worldwide are more strained than ever and concerned about the future due to a long list of arising concerns, including supply chain problems affecting manufacturing, labor problems in retail, and market volatility in financial services. As per recent research, businesses that integrated technology across their whole company approximately three years ago are now flourishing 5 times faster than those who didn’t plan for it. Businesses must be more adaptable, flexible, and robust. To lead them ahead and assist them in achieving more in less, a dependable digital adviser and technology partner is the one that they should look for in the first place. Recently Salesforce has launched its Salesforce Easy, an all-rounder CRM specially curated for customers who are seeking a good number of onboarding features that enables them to tailor Salesforce for their organizations and accelerate ROI.

Because of Salesforce’s proven sales, marketing, and service automation abilities, companies are finding it very feasible to tap into more opportunities with significantly less through Salesforce Easy. It is been statistically stated that more than 70 percent of organizations that use Salesforce Customer 360 are experiencing a highly increasing ROI and 95 percent are growing in terms of productivity and efficiency.
Now, let’s hop in to know more about Salesforce Easy in detail.

Salesforce Easy

The Salesforce Easy journey begins with new, more straightforward sales, service, and marketing offers. These offers help clients use the number-one CRM to create quick ROI and save expenses.

It is a new less-complicated experience for all sizes of organizations that spurs growth by utilizing the technological know-how and best practices that Salesforce has gathered over the course of more than 20 years. Additionally, customers that use Salesforce Easy benefit from a powerful ecosystem of partner software and services, a versatile and reliable platform, and other features that enable them to adapt to changing events, keep in communication with their clients and move as quickly as their business needs.

With self-service purchasing options and a three-click setup that makes it easier and less expensive to grow with Salesforce as the company needs change, the first phase of the Salesforce Easy journey offers clients a new way to experiment with, purchase, and expand on Salesforce at their own speed.

Features of Salesforce Easy

To develop incredible experiences, manage relationships with customer, and get the entire journey of the customer in a single frame, Salesforce Easy has justified its features as well as worth by being the quicker and simpler mode on which organizations can depend freely. Some of the features are: 

  • Onboarding is the process of attracting new customers to purchase your products or services. It entails a full cycle, beginning with identifying the requirements and needs of the client’s business and creating important user cases, ending with presenting them with feasible and workable solutions for matching up their success metrics. Salesforce Easy helps in hiking the productivity of Sales agents and representatives by providing easy onboarding with integrated direction at each stage.
  • A team can leverage end-to-end support processes created on the same platform with Salesforce Easy, saving time and effort.
  • Based on how top sellers have leveraged Salesforce technology over the previous 20 years, it makes businesses accomplish their tasks simpler than ever.
  • It becomes unimaginably easy to close deals with Salesforce Easy’s right-off-the-bat sales processes, leading to quicker sales. 
  • Automation of manual processes saves room for the sales team to work less on data management and more on closing deals. With Salesforce Easy, you can easily automate processes for better and more efficient work.
  • It also holds the feature of easy categorization of clients that streamlines the process of email marketing. This categorization ensures that the right email gets delivered to the right inbox. 

Benefits of Salesforce Easy

Benefits of Salesforce Easy

Additionally, Salesforce itself tried to implement the most feasible way to sign up for, set up, and manage the #1 CRM. Hence, It is competent in offering quick time to value for all sizes of businesses belonging to different sectors. This feature embraces sales, service, and email outreach.

In addition to this, clients that choose Salesforce Easy will have a lot more on their plates, including

#1 Time-Saving

Users spend more time building connections with consumers than entering data. This is because of having access to short follow-up cadences and the opportunity to market leads through straightforward email outreach. Salesforce Easy supports this by automation processes aiding with time-saving capability.

#2 Cost Efficiency

Businesses may cut spending thanks to the sales, support, and email outreach capabilities on a single platform. Salesforce Easy benefits businesses with these factors and that too with a minimal cost.

#3 Enhanced Productivity

Because of interfaces with Slack, Google, and Microsoft 365 identities, sign-on is faster than before. Additionally, a guided onboarding process helps clients realize ROI by making contact uploading, email synchronization, and calendar connectivity simple. Salesforce Easy helps businesses with such features to increase overall productivity.

How it is Different From Salesforce Essentials?

Becoming Salesforce Easy from Essentials is one story, but becoming a new and astounding product across the catalog is epic. 

Now, what makes it different from Salesforce Essentials is what you need to know: 

#1 Smooth Onboarding Process

You won’t be needing overpriced Salesforce Consultant anymore for a smooth onboarding process. The whole solution, including setting up connectors with Google, Slack, etc. identities to enable user sign-in faster than ever. It was purposefully developed by Salesforce using wizards and guided tutorials. The onboarding procedure assists users in uploading contacts and configuring email and calendar integrations after access has been granted.

#2 Email Marketing

The user instruction continues throughout the platform’s use. Emails may be used to construct email marketing campaigns. This contains the ability to generate email lists and further classify prospects by industry or stage of the sales funnel. It guarantees relevant and on-time consumer interaction.

#3 Automation

Instead of inputting data, this automation of marketing enables businesses to focus more on creating personalized engagement with clients. It complements the inbuilt system processes, which Salesforce has enhanced over the years to become the CRM market leader. These techniques help users close agreements quickly and provide excellent customer service. The default dashboards provide a detailed view of sales, marketing, and service performance to employees. 


Salesforce Easy will be the Best ever deal for organizations with fewer requirements and eagerly waiting to begin with Salesforce.  The new tools to help users around Salesforce, in particular, will save time while raising knowledge and comprehension of the Salesforce platform.

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