Salesforce Introduces New AI-powered Marketing Cloud Edition For Small Businesses

February 22, 2024 eye-glyph 78

Recently, Salesforce announced Marketing Cloud Growth edition, a new license designed to help small businesses leverage the power of CRM, AI, and data to drive efficient growth. This edition establishes a connection between marketing automation and sales, service, and commerce – all built on the trusted customer platform, Einstein 1.

Further, Salesforce added that Data Cloud is free to marketers, making first-party trusted data easily accessible with the AI capabilities to create customer experiences layered with personalization.

How is it important?

  • 51% of marketers already utilize Generative AI as it streamlines boring jobs like content creation (76%), writing copy (76%), and analyzing market data (63%). However, how effective AI will be relies on the quality of first-party data and needs to be improved for small businesses.
  • AI presents a significant opportunity for small businesses: Employees write monotonous emails almost 11 hours per week. Marketing Cloud Growth empowers businesses to automate content creation, personalize experiences, and optimize communication timing with AI, freeing up valuable resources.

What Does Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth Do?

By leveraging Data Cloud and generative AI within their workflow, Marketing Cloud Growth equips small businesses with the following capabilities:

  • Effortless audience segmentation: Generate new audience segments in minutes through natural language prompts, eliminating hours of manual work.
  • Streamlined campaign execution: With prompts and pre-built templates, users can quickly generate resources like campaign briefs, segments, landing pages, and other content.
  • Personalized customer relationships: Unified profiles power personalized interactions across marketing, sales, service, and commerce, fostering deeper customer engagement.
  • Data-driven optimization: Real-time reporting and user-friendly dashboards empower data-driven campaign performance adjustments.

Data Cloud: How It Empowers the First-Party Data (Free for Salesforce Customers)

  • Present a unified customer view: Connect data across marketing, sales, service, and commerce, providing every team with a complete understanding of the customer lifecycle.
  • Enable personalized experiences: Activate data across any channel, offering customers relevant messages and tailored journeys.
  • Kick-start your AI journey: Identify highly engaged customers and optimal outreach strategies through AI-powered insights, ultimately driving revenue growth.
  • Deeper insights: It integrates all your data sources into Salesforce, creating a comprehensive view of customers across interactions, services, and products.

Einstein 1: Securely Integrating AI for Business Success

Native integration with Data Cloud: Einstein 1 unlocks data securely, enhancing customer experiences, augmenting employee productivity with AI, and improving profitability.

The next built-in feature is the Einstein Trust Layer for peace of mind, promising capabilities like real-time context, data governance, data security, and brand voice consistency while deploying LLMs.

Marketing Cloud Growth: General Availability

Marketing Cloud Growth is initially available in the US and Canada, with planned expansion to EMEA and other regions.

Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud customers with Enterprise Edition (EE) or above can work seamlessly with Data Cloud at no cost.

Marketing Cloud Growth empowers small businesses with the tools and technologies to compete effectively in today’s digital landscape. By combining AI, data, and an integrated platform, this solution unlocks efficient growth and lays the foundation for future success.

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