Salesforce is Acquiring Mobify: Agreement Signed

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Before proceeding any further, let’s first know what exactly is Inc. It is a popular cloud computing Service as a Software (SaaS) company specializing majorly in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). In other words, it can be defined as an integrated CRM platform that further provides your work departments a single, shared simple view of every customer. 

This software further helps in tracking the analytics in real-time, with its vast number of applications. It focuses more on helping various companies with customer retention. Also, it is completely customizable, to perfectly cater to the requirements of the businesses.

It is the world’s number 1 Customer Relationship Management platform. The foundation of the company was back in 1999. The CEO is Marc Benioff. The Company’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

Its acquisitions know no boundaries and keep on increasing with time. There are more than 50 companies listed for the same. The major ones are – Tableau Software, MuleSoft, ClickSoftware, Rebel, etc.  

Now, before talking about the Salesforce and Mobify acquisition in detail, let’s talk briefly about Mobify.

What is Mobify?

Mobify is also a cloud system that deals in the Platform as a Service (Paas) model of Cloud Computing. It is a known technology company that deals in being “a modern web storefront for headless commerce.” By headless commerce, we mean detachment of the front end as well as the back end of an e-commerce application. With this, you can customize your application according to your requirements and desire. With the help of this, the brands can focus more on customer experience and how to make it better.

There is specifically the usage of two main application software which are – Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Along with them, few more native applications, as well as iOS, are used, before moving across other platforms like computers.

It is the number 1 provider of PWA (Progressive Web Applications), specifically designed to promote mobile commerce. 

Mobify was founded in 2007. The founders are – Igor Faletski and John Boxall. They studied together at Simon Fraser University, Canada. The company’s headquarters are based in Vancouver, Canada. It all started with an SMS text messaging application that could provide bus time to mobile users. Slowly and gradually, the company established more and mastered the mobile web.

So far, they have acquired only 3 organizations – Jeapie and Dónde

in 2015 and Pathful in 2016. 

Now, moving towards the biggest question about the Salesforce and Mobify acquisition and how will it really help Salesforce. Let’s discuss the same briefly here.

How the acquisition will help Salesforce?

On the 4th of September, the exciting news came about the Salesforce and Mobify Acquisition, that is, Salesforce is acquiring Mobify. And finally, the agreement is also signed. This is actually an extension of their multi-year partnership with each other. The terms for the same and expected closing date are not yet revealed.

Mobify is aiming to provide the Salesforce Commerce Cloud a modern storefront solution. Through this, the users could customize their experiences related to digital commerce faster and in an easier way. In other words, it aims to provide “an enhanced shopping experience across all the platforms.” 

The reason why the Mobify’s storefront solution is a big success is that the customers find it easy, customizable, and providing more personalized commerce experiences. Mobify aims to provide its customers with more ease and personalized software like that found in Salesforce. Thus, the customer base of both companies will find a great advantage.

In addition to this, through Salesforce and Mobify acquisition, Mobify plans to help it’s customers by delivering messages on the behalf of brands. Thus, this will reduce the amount of “spammy” messages that they usually receive.

Mobify’s CEO Igor Flateski in his 4th September blog wrote, “Upon the close of the transaction, we look forward to joining the Salesforce family and partnering with even more Salesforce customers to unlock the freedom and flexibility to differentiate their digital customer experiences.”

This Salesforce and Mobify acquisition is great news for our digital-first economy that requires this advancement readily. The conversion rate of customers, after this acquisition, along with revenue is aiming to be higher than before.

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To Sum up, this Salesforce and Mobify acquisition will further strengthen the e-commerce platform. Both their customer-base line will increase rapidly in the coming times along with providing a “modern progressive web experience”.

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