Salesforce Unveils Automotive Cloud Innovations For Enhanced Driving Experiences

November 20, 2023 eye-glyph 78

Salesforce recently introduced another groundbreaking innovations in form of Automotive Cloud, revolutionizing the automotive industry’s approach to data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Offering a live perspective of driver and vehicle data, encompassing location, speed, and in-vehicle apps and systems, the Automotive Cloud sets the stage for exceptionally personalized driving experiences. This signifies a substantial advancement in the age of connected cars, moulding the future of the automotive landscape.

Its Relevancy

The significance of Automotive Cloud lies in its ability to unify a vast array of data, ranging from vehicle telematics to service records and customer information. This consolidation empowers automakers to offer real-time, contextualized insights into the inner workings of a vehicle, providing each driver with a truly personalized experience.

In a world where connected cars are projected to constitute 95% of all new vehicle sales by 2030, Automotive Cloud emerges as a pivotal tool for automotive companies to harness the growing volume of data and deliver the tailored experiences customers demand.

What Automakers Can Expect?

Automakers can anticipate a host of transformative features from Automotive Cloud, such as:

  • Connected Vehicle Visualization for real-time display of related features and services.
  • Actionable Telematics for monitoring crucial vehicle data and automated alerts.
  • Power of Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein Studio for secure data connection, custom AI models, and predictive insights.
  • Automated alerts for impending milestones, matched vehicle preferences, and personalized discounts through AI-driven analysis.

What’s in it for Fleet Owners and Automotive Finance teams?

  • Fleet Management provides a consolidated view for streasmlined planning and alerts.
  • Automotive Cloud for Captive Finance offers a comprehensive overview of driver finances.
  • Customer engagement is facilitated through automation and personalized information.
  • Insights into leases, payments, and service appointments enhance customer interactions.

General Availability

Connected car features like Actionable Telematics and Connected Vehicle Visualization are set to be generally available in early 2024.

And with Fleet Management and Automotive Cloud for Captive Finance scheduled for general availability during the same period.

Salesforce Data Cloud, Einstein Studio, and existing Fleet Management capabilities are already available, with additional Data Cloud features expected in early 2024.

Final Take

Salesforce’s Automotive Cloud is not merely an innovation; it’s a transformational leap into the future of connected driving. As the automotive industry hurtles toward an era dominated by data and AI, Salesforce remains at the forefront, empowering automakers, fleet owners, and finance teams to navigate this new landscape with unparalleled precision and personalization.

Step into a new era of driving experiences powered by Salesforce Automotive Cloud.

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