Top 10 Features from Salesforce’s Summer ‘21 Release Notes

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In May 2021, Salesforce launched its summer’21 Release with several advanced features to multiply the native capabilities of the platform. A majority of new features can be found in Salesforce Lightning. Here are some of the most important features of the latest releases that can bring revolutionary changes in the overall workflow of a business and significantly improve customer management capabilities. Here are a few key features of the new Summer Release:

Features of Summer 21 Release Notes

1. Record Sharing Hierarchy

The Record sharing Hierarchy in Lightning Experience is one of the robust features that allow enterprises and decision-makers to know the reason behind access to a record. It helps in controlling access misusing by the staff. It also helps in creating a healthy environment of responsibly distributing the access permissions.

2. Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline Inspection is a strong feature that offers a uniform view of the key metrics and opportunities related to the sales workflow. Along with the detailed insights and latest lead status like the current phase of the deal and key changes in vital sales metrics it also provides category predictions. By smartly employing all this information the sales team can prioritize concentrating on the deals with the highest potential. It also helps sales managers to monitor and manage team performance more efficiently. 

3. Efficient Handle Pardot Setup Tasks for Strategic Allocation of a Marketing Admin

While working with the Pardot administration one major concern of the enterprises is to give excessive rights to their staff which can compromise the privacy of mission-critical data and makes it challenging to determine answerability. This new feature helps you overcome this issue by allowing you to give the staff access to specific features only which are relevant to their position and job requirements. You no longer need to give full access to everyone.

With the new user permission, it becomes easier to allocate a marketing executive for handling only specific setup and management jobs related to Pardot. For granting permission to all options of Pardot configuration you can assign Manage Marketing Setup tasks permission, the View setup, and configuration permissions.

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Layered access distribution according to the position and responsibilities will play a key role in preventing the misuse of access rights. 

4. More Personalized Feature for Sending List Email

One of the stronger communication features that you will encounter in the latest release is a letter-based account ranking system with self-adjustment capabilities. It eliminates the need for manual efforts for setting different rules and thus streamlines the process without any human errors. With its sophisticated grading system, you can now make fully informed business decisions for converting prospects. It assures strategic actions and results in a more positive outcome.

5. Better Customer Identification with Einstein’s Key Account Identification

One of the concerns of a sales workflow is to concentrate on the most important leads. The Key Account Identification feature of Einstein is a robust tool that helps you to identify the leads and customers with the highest potential with the help of its dynamic automated functionalities. With sophisticated data-scouring capabilities and logically deciphering the essence of different attributions the Einstein Key Account Identification empowers you to know the most promising prospects with the best maximum revenue generation possibilities. Along with enhancing your business potential it also multiplies the RoI by allowing you to strategically set your priorities.

Detecting the most influential trends for every individual account is a challenging task due to the massive volume of complex data they generate. This revolutionary feature of the latest version will automate and streamline things allowing you to easily compare the historical and industry engagement of different accounts and shortlist the most promising accounts with high potential.

6. Most Relevant Dynamic Content to Increase the Potential of Emails

 With the relevant and dynamic email content, you no longer need to waste time composing different mails manually. All you have to do is to select the relevant dynamic content depending upon specific leads and send it.

7. Einstein Send Time Optimization for Increasing Email Engagement

One of the lesser-known secrets of email marketing is to send emails to your prospects at the right time. This feature optimizes the sending time of emails to make sure that the emails reach the inbox of specific prospects at the times they prefer. It uses sophisticated ML capabilities for elaborated segmentation and sending the communication to the people according to their timing priorities. It increases the probabilities of positive outcomes like better engagement, clicks through, and conversion rate.

8. Enhanced Control and Clarity for Email Marketing Settings

 The new email-related options are equipped with sophisticated features like engagement studio, prospect import, and automation rules that can greatly extend your control over email marketing. It not only relieves you from tedious tasks but also takes the complexity and guesswork out of the entire email marketing process.

In the top pane of the dashboard, you will see the button Get Started. Click on it to activate this feature. After activation, it will become a permanent feature. For accessing the upgrade you should first go through the salesforce considerations.

9. Better Email Messages Reporting

Earlier you could only view the delivery status of the emails but this new feature is much more advanced and comes with extended capabilities. With the updated feature you are now able to check if (and when) the prospects open your emails. It also allows you to view engagement, bounce rate, and various other key metrics that help you to accurately measure the overall impact of email marketing/communication strategy.

10. Get more Precise results by Separately Scoring Lead Segments

Conversion tracking could be a challenging and complex process if your leads greatly differ from one another. This innovative feature offers a solid solution to this issue with its purpose-built system to track conversion patterns. Along with more accurate scoring, it also enhances your capabilities to assess the bigger picture of universal lead management in your organization.

It helps you to create strategic criteria fields that describe the lead segments in the best way. Once the criteria priorities are set, Einstein will score the same as an essential component of the higher priority segment to facilitate lead categorization accordingly.

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In its summer’21 Release, Salesforce has significantly enhanced its current capabilities while adding several innovative features and improvements that will significantly multiply productivity and boost customer relationship management of enterprises. In this blog, we mentioned some of the most important features of this new release that will directly and positively influence the business potential of any enterprise.

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