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Ramp Up Your Business With Salesforce Managed Services

July 26, 2022 eye-glyph 78

Table of Contents

    Salesforce is a robust CRM tool trusted by worldwide businesses, including start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies. The secret of its success lies in its customer-centric approach and constant evolution as per the latest developments in the market. It empowers enterprises to calibrate different departments toward creating higher value for partners and customers. That said, just implementing Salesforce wouldn’t guarantee your business success. You must customize it with implementation to suit your operational needs and support your business model and goals.

    Moreover, you also need to continuously optimize and upgrade it to keep pace with the growing phase of your enterprise. Not doing so can bring performance and security issues, make your integrations less effective, block the realizable benefits, and introduce compliance challenges without your knowledge. However, not every enterprise has the capacity to optimize its salesforce ecosystem constantly. Such companies can opt for Salesforce Managed Services, which means hiring Salesforce agencies to provide comprehensive services for your business by adopting, customizing, and managing Salesforce CRM. These agencies have all the right capabilities, talent pool, and salesforce expertise to provide end-to-end salesforce services like implementation, support, Management, and customization. In short, these agencies look after the technical/backend processes to make the salesforce work best for your business.

    Instead of hiring full-time talent at expensive costs, and an unproven track record, it is much more logical to opt for managed salesforce services that provide continuous maintenance and support for ensuring fail-safe security and incremental performance capabilities to support your growing business needs.

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    What is Salesforce Managed Services?

    Salesforce managed services refers to a comprehensive bouquet of services, including consulting implementation, strategic resource allocation for improved performance, and proactively identifying any potential issues and resolving them before they start affecting your business activities or customer experiences. By investing in Salesforce managed services, enterprises get at their disposal fully managed solutions to boost their enterprise CRM performance through regular reviewing and optimization, extending its capabilities, and upgrading to the latest versions.

    What’s Included In the Salesforce Managed Services?

    Features of Salesforce managed services are consulting, integration, optimization and maintenance

    1. Consulting Services

    Salesforce Consulting Services include detailed consulting on ideal strategies for utilizing Salesforce CRM, understanding the business needs and gaps, and architecting the bespoke solutions to assure strategic benefits and sustainable value. An ideal consulting service shows you the right direction that eventually leads your business to success.

    2. Deployment

    Deployment helps cover your business’s particular requirements by strategically packing all contracted services into a single solution and safely deploying them.

    3. Customization

    Customization often difficult to set definite rules for various business processes in a real-life scenario. The same business processes can have diverse contextual needs based on different factors. So the salesforce solutions are wisely customized to sync well with the changing needs of soft business processes. Bespoke applications also help meet your in-house business requirements by supporting email templates, reports, and workflows.

    4. Integration

    To expand the scope of salesforce advantage across different departments and activities, it must seamlessly integrate with your proprietary IT stack. Instead of struggling with the integration process, your IT staff can better be engaged with the productive tasks that create immediate, realizable value for your business. Managed services take hard work and guesswork out of the process and deliver reliable services to ensure a frictionless, smooth, and safe integration of Salesforce with any third-party system.

    5. Optimization

    Constant optimization is mandatory for continuously enjoying the best benefits of your salesforce implementation. The managed services continuously review any new changes in requirements as per the latest developments or adding to the IT stack and accordingly optimize things at technical, functional, and process levels to help you continue enjoying the incremental benefits of your salesforce investment. Along with uncomplicating workflows, it also boosts collective productivity, which creates multiplied value for your business.

    6. Workflow Modifications

    As already stated, the business is considered and treated as a continuously developing entity. So it is important to synergize your workflows accordingly to create more bandwidth for your existing staff. With its constant support in workflow calibration, the managed services help keep your workflows lean and effective to support agile work culture and create additional bandwidth for your workers to concentrate better on the expanded scope of their roles as your business grows. Furthermore, along with improving the core solutions, the managed services also train the users in basic and advanced functionalities, which allows them to extract more value in less time and with modest efforts.

    Benefits of Salesforce Managed Services

    Salesforce Managed Services saves you from the costs and hassles of recruiting in-house staff and delivers many other benefits. Here are a few benefits of Salesforce Managed Services.

    infographic in circle format include benefits of salesforce managed services

    1. Best RoI At Cost-Efficient Prices

    As the managed services are priced per project or service, it allows you to get the best RoI at cost-efficient prices so that you are in a better position to justify the cost incurred. Moreover, choosing the ideal partner with the right credentials and experience helps you achieve efficiencies that convert into tangible business benefits, which means it actively helps you achieve your business goals faster.

    2. Competent Management For Best Benefits

    Salesforce-managed services bring to light any issue that may be preventing your business from growing, no matter how big or small it is. With a dedicated team reviewing your CRM landscape with laser-sharp focus, it becomes easier to magnify the view and detect even the subtle issues that are otherwise ignored or neglected. With such insights, you can easily take proactive measures to fix those issues before they start inflating. In addition, adopting ideal management standards helps manage data, sales, and other key aspects that affect your business, revenue, and customer experience.

    3. High-Level Convenience

    No matter how powerful your CRM is, its performance is largely defined by your in-house data quality. With better data quality, you could gain the best potential from your Salesforce CRM and make the right decisions at the right time. Managed services review the quality of your data and furnish detailed insights and advice on how to improve or maintain your data quality.

    4. Creates More Free Bandwidth For Your IT Team

    Hiring a dedicated professional for salesforce management increases the overall cost of the IT department without guaranteeing the expected results. Salesforce-managed services come for a much lower price tag and assure you of the expected results without any in-house management hassles. In addition, as a centralized platform, it constantly monitors the IT network, discovers gaps, and furnishes key insights by delegating.

    5. Ready Access To Expert Services

    By opting for Salesforce managed services, you will have ready access to the expert Salesforce services rendered by a dedicated team of professionals. Equipped with the best skills and available at economical costs, these experts help you extract the extreme value out of your Salesforce investment.

    6. Compounded Benefits For Your Business

    To ensure the optimum outcome from Salesforce, you must adopt the ideal standards and build an agile working ecosystem. Along with the specializations, these experts are also well versed in strategically stacking ideal practices to optimize your corporate workflow for better results. With the help of personalized dashboards, automated workflows, safe migration and cleansing of data, and creating actual time reports, these experts help optimize your business processes, making them eligible for achieving cutting-edge advantages through Salesforce in terms of speed, performance, and overall impact.

    7. Proactively Identifying And Fixing Vulnerabilities

    Being a customer-centric company, Salesforce is committed to continuing to provide the best experience to its clients. As a result, it periodically comes with updated versions for better security, added capabilities, and new features. The Salesforce-managed service not only updates the CRM to the newest version but also determines and takes any necessary actions for utilizing the maximum potential of new capabilities.
    Identifying vulnerabilities keeps your business safe from security threats. Managed services proactively identify the vulnerabilities and patch them immediately to protect your IT landscape from threat actors. It also helps in maximizing uptime.

    8. Relief From Selection, Recruitment, And Retention Issues

    With managed salesforce services, you get relieved from any recruitment, appraisal, and retention issues associated with the in-house talent. You get the reliable support of professionals with the right credentials at much lower costs. Unlike the in-house staff on a payroll basis, the managed sales force services charge for the number of days and hours, and the managed services charge you based on the projects and work completed. It allows you to make a wiser choice by paying for the value created instead of just the hours spent.

    9. Enjoy Maximum Benefits Without A Steep Learning Curve

    Delegating the job to specialist managers relieves your in-house team from inflated responsibilities and different learning curves. It also deducts the time for implementing new software and providing training sessions to your team. In that capability, managed services also speed up the time to market so that you start enjoying the market benefits almost immediately.

    10. Ensuring Adherence Global And Region-Specific Compliance Standards

    With the increasing cases of data compromises, security breaches, and hacking, the compliance standards have been significantly hardened over a few years, and the inability to adhere to these compliances may attract significant penalties and legal action- especially if your business is related to sensitive sectors like healthcare, defense, etc. Salesforce-managed services place you in the safe zone by ensuring that your CRM front is in full compliance with the latest guidelines- both on a global and regional level.

    11. Supports the growing landscape of your business

    Business is considered an ever-evolving entity, and it is imperative that your resources quickly respond to and scale to fully support the latest changes in your business model. Unfortunately, it is often challenging to calibrate your proprietary IT stack like CRM to such changes, especially when they happen suddenly. As opposed to the in-house IT stack, the managed sales force services are housed on a more flexible backend, allowing the managers to respond to the scaling requirements of any proposition immediately. They also have sophisticated provisions, resources, and checkpoints to balance speed, accuracy, and integrity.

    Final Thoughts

    Salesforce managed services allow you to delegate your Salesforce management tasks to expert professionals and enjoy higher efficiency and flexibility at reasonable costs with greater ROI. Managed services are the ideal choice for organizations who want to keep enjoying the incremental benefits of the CRM tool as per the latest upgrades while also ensuring that it fully supports their growing business needs. To enjoy the best benefits, it is imperative to hire experienced and trusted salesforce management companies like Cyntexa. Staffed with a team with in-depth expertise, rich experience, and a proven track record. Cyntexa offers you ready access to the experts with the right credentials. To ensure that you enjoy the best value out for your money, we offer you multiple pricing models so you can decide on the one that seems most attractive per your budget and requirements. In addition, our multi-level vetting system ensures the entry of only candidates with thorough experience. At the same time, our periodical performance review and appraisal promote healthy on-job growth and keep our talent pool motivated.

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