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Fleet Management Solution in Salesforce –Benefits, Key Features & Cost

November 11, 2022 eye-glyph 78

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    In the past, organizations used several systems to manage their vehicles. However, with Salesforce Fleet Management, monitoring vehicles, getting data, and observing the fuel, direction, and temperature data have become convenient and easier for organizations. For different types of companies, depending on their individual needs, fleet management helps vehicles consume less fuel by providing updates repeatedly to improve fuel consumption. Fleet management of Salesforce operates to ensure the safety of the vehicles being driven, the drivers, and the passengers. Expanding its boundaries yearly, fleet management’s importance is backed by its ever-growing global market. Even though the fleet management system has several features, some significant ones drive and contribute to the maintenance of fleets and the organization’s overall growth.

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    What is Fleet Management Solution in Salesforce?

    Using a particular application of Salesforce, the fleet management in Salesforce permits organizations to manage and monitor all their technicians, drivers, and vehicles. Through the use of fleet management solutions, businesses would be able to track the present location of their vehicle along with the direction of the route with GPS tracking, the current temperature, speed, usage, fuel level, door opening, the hours of service of the driver and power take-off, trailer and reefer control, along with other things all in real-time.

    Generally, the functional modules may include several other features that provide the management and businesses with all-inclusive data. If an organization considers the satisfaction of its employees as one of its significant metrics for determining its growth, then fleet management can become its backbone. Fleet management is the right option for businesses and entrepreneurs, specifically in managing a wide variety of vehicles. This is because it automates the regular workflows and provides the customers, drivers, and managers with easily usable software that provides customized solutions to all involved parties.

    Market Size of the Fleet Management

    According to market trends and research, by 2022, the market has been estimated to grow to US $34,629 million. Whereas, in 2015, it had been evaluated to be approximately US $7,755 million. Between 2016 to 2022, the CAGR growth rate of the fleet management solution market was 24.5%. After studying the market trend and research, it has been observed that the fleet management solution market is set for growth and higher continuous profitability for businesses in the future. In today’s day and age, solutions’ automotive nature includes features such as intelligent vehicle communication. Fleet management systems would permit businesses to maintain and track their vehicles in an accessible, quick, and effective manner.

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    Top Benefits of Fleet Management Solution in Salesforce

    Benefits of Fleet Management Solution in Salesforce

    1. Low fuel consumption

    With fleet management procedures, the Solution constantly updates fuel consumption, decreasing fuel usage in the long term. The Solution further includes a destination path prediction, which calculates the availability of the shortest distance to reach the destination with the lowest traffic. A primary factor in calculating the shortest path is the time to reach the destination.

    2. Tracking in real-time

    Solution of Fleet Management in Salesforce makes it possible to track vehicles in real-time, increasing efficiency and reliability. Further, sharing real-time data with the customers, helps in providing the convenience of estimating the pick-up and arrival time at the destination, along with the transmission of location data to the customers’ mobile phone.

    3. Safe and secure

    It becomes safe for passengers when the company stores information about the drivers operating the vehicles. The company carry the details through which they can contact the concerned driver, if any issue or challenge arises. This also ensures the safety of the driver in the case where they face any threat from the customer. Then, the fleet management solution tracks the operated vehicle. In the case of abnormalities detected, automatically alerts the team in control of the head. As such, this ascertains both parties’ safety and security.

    Key Features of Fleet Management Solution

    Features of Fleet Management in Salesforce

    1. GPS vehicle tracking through mobile app

    Ever since the internet began, a higher number of people daily depend on applications to commute from one place to another. What fleet management does is that it makes it possible for businesses to track their vehicles through the use of a mobile application. The application also provides accurate information to the customer. It notifies them about the real-time location of the driver, and same to the driver about the customer’s location.

    2. Vehicle maintenance and management

    A team of individuals takes care of vehicle maintenance and management manages fleet management solutions. The advantage is gathering the required information using the tracking system equipped in the vehicle and sending the report to the software, from where it is managed and controlled by the company and its team members. Markedly, this helps the company have constant control over its vehicles.

    3. Control of fuel consumption

    The fleet management Solution provide data about the engine’s performance level and keeps track of the fuel consumption. If a high consumption level exists, the vehicle would need immediate attention from the company.

    4. Driver safety and management

    Since the software keeps track of the driver, it also ascertains whether the driver is fit to drive. This analysis is made by evaluating the driver’s posture, which then sends the information to the software along with alerting the management team of the software if the driver may be driving rashly or is unfit to drive. This is deeply prioritized by the companies and taken care of since the driver is connected to the safety of the passengers.

    5. Dispatch management

    Dispatch management means ascertaining the timetable of the vehicles available for use. Considering that companies may have to handle many vehicles, it becomes challenging to keep track of the booking and availability of each vehicle. Hence, with Fleet Management, this dispatch management considering the availability and booking status of vehicles becomes super feasible.

    Cost of Fleet management Solution in Salesforce

    The cost of developing a fleet management solution in Salesforce is approximately starting from 500$ as per your requirement, with around two to three years of continuous development in building a fully working software with a minimum number of bugs possible. For the development process, Salesforce consulting company provides a team of experts who deliver the best quality of work in a shorter period. And this helps in controlling the time and cost consumed in the entire development process.

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    Wrapping Up

    The fleet management solution of Salesforce comes with several advantages and benefits. And, if need be, companies can constantly develop fleet management solutions using several technologies according to their needs and requirements. In this entire process, our expert salesforce developers with years of experience are capable of helping organizations implement the fleet management solution with their systems and develop it from time to time whenever some changes are required. This development process would boost fleet management and make it practical to the best of its capability. Further, along with customization, fleet management Solutions helped in a way that improves performance and reliability. This makes a significant impact on both the present and future performances of the fleet management tool and the company.

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