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How can Salesforce help differentiate businesses by boosting their CX?

January 19, 2021

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    Salesforce is getting all the attention from industries, businesses, and individuals for a very long time, around the 90s. This cloud-based CRM has been the critical factor in smoothing out the edges of the technology transitions, broadening the businesses’ perspective. At the same time, centralizing the core business operations and improvising at the same time to extend the best CX to the valuable clients. There are many reasons why businesses rely on the salesforce for boosting their CX. It offers better forecasting facilities, estimates of sales cycle’s foresight, and sales revenue budgeting, thus helping the businesses to understand the customer requirements and what they can do to be more apt. These things help ventures to ascertain where they are lacking and what they can take to become the best company for their customers.  

    With the help of Salesforce Consulting Company, businesses can have a detailed view of their marketing strategies and how well they are performing. Through this, they can understand what customers expect from them without wasting hundreds of dollars on consumer behavior. Implementing the results of the analysis can help them to enhance productivity and, subsequently, profits also. 

    Salesforce enables employees to complete their tasks efficiently. Salesforce Service Cloud is one of the widely appreciated services of Salesforce that offers an automated service process and streamline workflows. These most solid solutions are given to the customer’s problems other than keeping every business function organized; thus, Salesforce Service Cloud is intended to sustain long-term relationships with valuable customers.

    In maintaining and boosting their CX, the Salesforce Tracking Software is an effective way because it helps recognize the shopping behavior of the consumers and ascertain the best ways to approach them. Moreover, Salesforce Tracking Software addresses the customer’s lifecycle by their predictive services and to enhance the overall process. Salesforce CRM helps with the auto-updates and governs effective customer interactions followed by sufficient replies and transparent communications. 

    How Salesforce Helps Businesses In Customer Experience Management?

    Following are the services that Salesforce provides to retain the existing customers and expand the customer base:

    How Salesforce Helps Businesses In Customer Experience Management?
    2. Integration Facility To Store Data Centrally 

    In the world where the customer is king, it has turned more than essential to grasp the fruitful ways to get in touch with the clients, and this can happen by paying attention to their needs and resolving their grievances in a faster method and by keeping up with their demand and exceeding the expectations promptly. But easy to say only, you might be tangled on the various applications, which might be reducing your productivity and performance in general, and taking a toll on the operational speed and quality, which may result in customer dissatisfaction.

    The comfortable and effective way to deal with this situation is to integrate the data on the cloud to store it centrally. For optimizing this system, nothing could be better than the Salesforce – cloud-based integration platform. That can help to shut the IT bottlenecks and streamline the workflow like a pro. Here for facilitating the best illustration is that if the different department of the organization relies on the various applications or tools to complete the tasks efficiently, then with the introduction of the transparent data funnel they can have a comprehensive view of the customer’s statistics. With transparent systems’ grace, employees can use their skills more creatively and help in customer retention.

    2. Use Customer Buying Behaviour For Formulating Strategies 

    Salesforce Datorama can help you with the filtered and well-researched customer data. Now you can do this along with some creative skills to send personalized emails and notes to feel more touched and valued. Well, who doesn’t like to be noticed? With this, you will be able to hit that sweet spot. Personalized emails have their charm because it is tailor-made for the customer. Hence, it gets more attention from just another email.

    This email starts with addressing the customer and mentioning their search history, along with the related suggestion. For instance, if a girl is buying nude lipsticks, then suggesting some of the best sellers in the same category. It may be a good user experience for the customer and profitable for the company. Salesforce can be a lucky jackpot if used correctly. With this, you can track the online activities, downloads and search histories, and even the location, too. 

    3. Salesforce Social Studio for Social Media 
    Sell Faster

    In today’s day and age, social media has become an important part in everyone’s life. From the brand’s perspective, it has become a manner to handle the customer’s query from the same medium they have approached. If your customer is trying to reach you through Instagram DMs or in the Facebook comments, they expect you to reply to them then and there. To make this exhausting process easy, Salesforce provides Social Studio; through this, you can see where the customer is trying to reach you and manage them in one place. The silages are stimulated as quickly as 5 minutes, and the person who is monitoring the activity can reply from the app to the customer’s concern by a single click on the reply button; even if you wish to deliver the more personalized answer, you can view their social media handles also. 

    4. Get In Touch With The Ex-Customers

    Every business has a long list of those customers who used to shop from them but somehow got inactive; for maximizing the profits, it is highly recommended to get in touch with the inactive customers. Moreover, the chances are very likely to make them active again compared to the new customer because they are already familiar with the business. There are email marketing means that can stir the dull client base from your customers’ complete record. You can target that segment by sending personalized messages or offering relevant deals to re-engage them. The application provides re-engaging emails that you can send to the clients along with personalization. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can quickly build a separate section of inactive users. Through this, you can formulate comprehensive policies for the dedicated segment and engage with your customers. 


    Customer experience with your brand is the critical factor for the business’s sustainability, and improving it is an unavoidable step to maximize the profits. Cyntexa is a top Salesforce Development Company in the USA & India and is here for you to improve the customer experience. Simultaneously, competition in the market is cut-throat; several competitive businesses will leave no single opportunity to lure your client. Mastery over customer data can be used to implement highly personalized marketing strategies. Furthermore, you can use this information to build a relationship with your customers, which leads to the clients’ loyalty. Cyntexa offers Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud Implementation Services that can help you maintain customer data and create a fantastic customer experience. 

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