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What Is Salesforce Experience Cloud? Its Features & Benefits

July 31, 2023 eye-glyph 78

Table of Contents

    In this technology-driven world, authentic relationships and person-to-person interactions have still been the key to the actual success of the business.

    Businesses are undoubtedly trying their best to deliver the best customer support services, but they fail to comprehend user requirements because of not having a good communication platform.

    However, to fill these gaps and provide seamless customer-centric support, Salesforce Experiences Cloud comes into the picture.

    In this blog, let’s understand what is Salesforce Experience Cloud more broadly, its features, and its benefits. Read on!

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    What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

    what is Salesforce Experience Cloud

    Salesforce Experience Cloud, earlier known as Salesforce Community Cloud, is a digital experience platform in Salesforce that aids companies in building a digital space for all their customers, partners, and employees for seamless communication.

    SFEC is a blend of features like CRM, CMS, and a suite of pre-built applications. Businesses can create a personalized and engaging customer experience by leveraging the platform’s capabilities. Also, the ‘Personalization Capabilities’ help generate customer-centric solutions.

    The ‘Journey Mapping’ feature allows businesses to monitor customer stages with the brand and guide them toward their next steps. Additionally, Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant helps provide more brief information about its features and how it can help your organization.

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    Features of Salesforce Experience Cloud

    Now that you have gone through what is Salesforce Experience Cloud. Let us now understand the top features of Salesforce Experience Cloud that would help businesses to improve customer experience:

    features of Salesforce experience cloud

    1. Personalization

    Customers are more likely to opt for a brand that ensures personalization experience. You can ensure this by understanding the customer’s purchase history, behaviors, interests, and requirements. By leveraging Experience Cloud, businesses can seamlessly unlock the benefits of interacting with customers, clients, and remote employees.

    2. Business integration

    You can ensure a long-term journey by delivering your customers an intelligent and relevant experience. Experience Cloud is a pre-built functionality in Salesforce that allows businesses to expand their platform capabilities by integrating third-party applications. These applications are available on Salesforce AppExchange marketplace, where businesses can find suitable applications that cater to their requirements.

    Integrating customer support applications into SFEC allows businesses to easily answer customer inquiries without missing important leads from within the platform.

    3. Customization with Experience Builder

    To create any experience, you should always choose an appropriate template in Salesforce Experience Builder that aims to work right out of the box. Also, using the existing templates allows you to customize designs and implementation without any codes and clicks.

    Experience Builder would make it possible by ensuring the addition of several pages and then customizing them as easily and intuitively as with any other website constructor.

    Also, the Experience builder grants permission to create different experiences for one site and then further set up pages, navigation menus, components, and other criteria while being dependent on what one would like the users to see.

    If you also want to learn about the Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation process, check here.

    Benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud

    Benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud have also increased in numbers with the newer version:

    benefits of Experience cloud

    1. Reduce churn

    While using a recurring revenue model, any business can experience a huge devaluation in customer churn rates. But by increasing customer engagements, you can ensure consistency in reduced churn rates.

    For the same, Salesforce Experience Cloud provides a portal that helps streamline all customer-related data and services, ensuring more engagement, reducing churn rates, and improving efficiency.

    2. Generate advocacy and defer support cases

    Salesforce Experience Cloud can further act as a tool for self-help customer support. By leveraging the platform, you can empower users to address their challenges and find the best solutions on the portal. Also, this will bring significant improvements in service metrics, for example, boosting first-contact resolutions, enhancing customer interaction experience, and reducing average call and chat volume time.

    3. Engage remote work employees

    Customer engagement plays a crucial role in driving business growth and success. This engagement and communication allow them to understand business challenges and KPIs; customers can only bring business-centric solutions.

    While using Experience Cloud as a portal, the employees ensure seamless interaction even with remote employees to avoid last-minute hassle.

    4. Better manage partners

    Experience Cloud simplifies the customer and client management process more than ever before. It streamlines lead generation and sales processes to deliver an exceptional customer experience at every stage of their buyer and customer journey. Also, onboarding, recruiting, training, and supporting the partners with user-friendly features and tools built into the Salesforce portal to ensure a seamless user experience.

    5. Simplify App Development

    Among all the benefits of delivering an exceptional customer experience, Its features allow you to build and customize apps as per the requirements.

    maximize customer engagement with experience cloud


    There you have it! Salesforce Experience Cloud empowers businesses to improve customer experience. Not only this but by improving customer experience and providing the best support, you can ensure a long-term journey with your customers and clients.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is no such difference between Salesforce Community Cloud and Experience Cloud. In 2021, Salesforce rebranded Community Cloud to Experience Cloud. Earlier, it allows you to create communities seamlessly. But now, companies can build online communities for customers, partners, and employees, fostering collaboration and engagement while offering personalized experiences integrated with Salesforce CRM.

    A UK-based banking and financial company, JPMorgan Chase & Co., leveraging Salesforce Experience Cloud. Also, this cloud allows a company to create online communities for customers, partners, and employees for customer engagement.

    digital experiences digital experiences