How Does Salesforce Service Cloud Outshine Other Alternatives?

How Does Salesforce Service Cloud Outshine Other Alternatives?

July 5, 2022 | visibility 79 views
How Does Salesforce Service Cloud Outshine Other Alternatives


With the advancement of technology and growing automation practices, businesses are interested in adopting automation in their organizations to ease processes in the customer journey. This is where Salesforce Service Cloud comes to the rescue. 

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management platform dealing majorly with customer services and support. It enables every organization’s customer service support to resolve cases faster and more efficiently due to implementing various automation tools, which eventually multiplies team efficiency.

Salesforce Service Cloud is equipped with cloud-driven telephony, allowing call centre teams to communicate better with customers, enhancing their case resolving capabilities. In addition, Salesforce Service Cloud incorporates tools and assets for more efficient order management. Being AI-powered like the rest of the Salesforce Clouds, Service Cloud is also powered up with AI technology which exhibits better communication with customers across multiple channels.

It also enables businesses to set up a self-service help centre quite easily for their customers where customers can book appointments, check balances and perform other basic account-related activities.

Salesforce Service Cloud is equipped with another great solution: FSL or Field Service Solution. Field Service Solution helps in cases of field agents as it comes with remote support for services by field agents along with AI-equipped over-the-platform technical support and mobile support. Field Service helps in enhancing the efficiency and time taken for operations by field agents of businesses. There are lot more options for CRM that one should know about before they choose “the one” CRM tool to implement in their business so let’s go through what other options we have except Salesforce Service Cloud.

Other Alternatives to look upon Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives

We are in a world where technology advances every minute, resulting in the generation of many solutions for a single problem statement. The same goes for the issue of customer management as well; along with Salesforce Service Cloud, many other platforms provide similar kinds of support, so let us have a look over what they are.

1) Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a customer relationship management tool implemented by a lot of companies which helps manage customer requests and grievances better. It comes with an AI Bot named Zia, allowing the customer to communicate their issues. Zia takes up cases that come to support centres and provides solutions to them directly, saving customer support time as they don’t have to work on repetitive tasks.

2) Zendesk Suite

Another ticket management software solution with trigger-based backend functioning. The Zendesk Suite allows the trigger to be configured as per requirement. It even is equipped with auditing and reporting services through which people can generate reports for instances like staff productivity, ticket response time etc.; The only drawback is the suite comes with settings pages, and developing these pages is way too confusing and tough.

3) Freshdesk Omnichannel

Freshdesk Omnichannel provides many services like tracking calls, chats and emails, along with a ticket management system. Freshdesk omnichannel gives customers a new feel of using a single platform for everything compared to the old basic platforms. It even has analytics equipped where users can customize reports based on business requirements.

4) Sugar Serve

Sugar Serve, a SaaS (software as a service) software tool, provides a simple interface for larger companies with strong tech teams. There is even a SugarExchange API, a public API allowing third-party integrations that enhance Sugar Serve’s capabilities.

5) Oracle Service

Oracle Service Cloud is a CRM tool which is an important part of the CX cloud site. It allows users to automate requests management service processes and even presents them with the omnichannel system for attending to and working on customer requests. An omnichannel platform allows businesses to enhance their speed of case resolution and provide better customer support.

6) ServiceNow Customer Service Management

ServiceNow CSM is based on working for the customers and thus deals majorly with building customer loyalty. It works over the integration of customers, customer service, operations teams and other office teams into a single chain for addressing their complex requests. In addition, it boasts of moving up from ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) and providing more personalization to customers. Still, the only factor is the absence of ease of customization over ServiceNow Customer Service Management.

7) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer service is a SaaS product part of Microsoft’s interconnected Dynamics 365 chain. It boasts of extending a large and strong user community to its customers, along with an efficient product roadmap and future vision. It allows quick functioning and innovation even for users with a limited technical background. Having a section as Citizen Developer makes its adaptability easy for users in companies as they don’t have to learn a different language; all they need is to be thorough with the clicks and pivots required for the functioning and planning of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service platform.

8) SAP CRM (Legacy)

SAP CRM(Legacy), being a customer relationship management tool, even allows third-party tool integrations like PayPal, WMS Tool etc.;

It is equipped with an Intermediate Bridge, which makes pushing data from SAP to third-party tools easier and vice versa. The only issue is since the platform is time-based, any delay in processing can make users work through the process again.

After reading about other options for Salesforce Service, users must have understood why they should hands-down choose Salesforce Service Cloud as their CRM tool, but if businesses still feel confused, then let us look down the factors which make Service Cloud better than the rest.


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Factors Outshining Salesforce Service Cloud

Factors Outshining Salesforce Service Cloud

Let us look at the factors which prove why Salesforce Service Cloud is the best choice of CRM among all other tools. 

1) Sales and Service are now together

Businesses often lose customers because of poor Service channels and service centres. Still, Salesforce Service Cloud is an platform that presents a seamless Sales and Service system, helping Sales person serve their customers better, leading to more purchases and renewals. 

2) AI and automation to the rescue 

Being equipped with AI, the Salesforce Service Cloud is proud of having various features and tools which allow businesses to serve their customer issues in a better way. For example, Service Cloud AI can control the tone of complaints lodged and assign them priorities accordingly. It can answer recurring complaints and make customers aware of future problems by analysing current patterns.

3) Every communication under a single roof

Service Cloud is proud to have a large community of users and customer agents who are always available to answer customers’ queries and grievances. Providing customers with a platform where they can share their issues, receive solutions and help other customers with their knowledge is another way of making customers more connected to the organization and making them feel how important their responses are to the company.

4) Integration and Self Service community

The two most underrated features are third-party integrations and the support community. Though businesses know how powerful integrations are, these are often neglected, assuming they are pretty complex to achieve but not with Service Cloud. Over Salesforce’s Service Clouds, integrations with external apps and tools are seamless due to API integrations

5) Field Service Connectivity

Service Cloud comes with a Field Service feature that keeps field agents connected to their in-house colleagues and customers. It allows mobile agents to remain connected while on the field by giving them access to lists, calendars, data etc., through the cloud.

From checking inventory to tracking deliveries, mobile agents can access everything over the Service Cloud and serve their best service even after being on the field, thanks to FSC.

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation


Salesforce Service Cloud is no less than a living platform as it is the only one that is updated greatly to allow businesses to experience the best features so they can be ahead of their league. Organizations can take up the upgrades as per their need. Cyntexa, a Salesforce-certified Service Provider with several solutions published on App Exchange, understands how they can deliver the best service cloud implementation solutions to customers. Reach out to us to have a consultation about Service Cloud implementation & experience the magic of Salesforce Service Cloud taking your businesses to heights of success.

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