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Salesforce Statistics 2024: Customers, Employees, Acquisitions, Revenue, Market Share & More

May 30, 2024 eye-glyph 78

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    Salesforce.com a cloud computing and enterprise Software-as-a-Service company was named as world’s #1 CRM provider by IDC (International Data Corporation) in 2023. This was the 10th consecutive year that Salesforce pioneered the CRM market.

    Does Salesforce hold the crown of the world’s #1 CRM in 2024? This blog will dig deep into Salesforce statistics 2024 such as the companies that use Salesforce, the number of employees at Salesforce, market share, revenue, and more. These statistics will help you understand how Salesforce secured its crown of the world’s leading CRM in 2024.

    Ready to get familiar with Salesforce Stats? Let’s get started.

    Salesforce Revenue Statistics 2024

    Salesforce revenue reached the threshold of $34.9 billion for fiscal year 2024 ended on January 31, 2024, an increase of 11% over the previous year.

    Here is the Salesforce revenue growth from 2005 to 2024;

    Salesforce Revenue Growth From 2005 to 2024

    salesforce revenue growth from 2005 to 2024

    From 2005 to 2024, Salesforce’s revenue has grown from $176 million to $34.9 billion with a CAGR of 32.10%. This steady growth is expected to continue, by 2026 Salesforce is projected to reach the milestone of $50 billion in revenue with an average CAGR of 18%.

    Salesforce Revenue Growth Year-over-Year (YoY)

    As shown earlier, Salesforce has grown constantly since 2005. The revenue has seen steady growth with no decline. Here is a revenue growth year-over-year analysis to find the average growth rate;

    salesforce revenue growth year over year

    The high growth rate of Salesforce from 2006 to 2009 contributed to businesses’ rapid adoption of cloud-based solutions. As a trailblazer in customer relationship management, Salesforce experienced a higher growth rate. From 2023, Salesforce revenue growth is rapidly declining. This decline could be due to intense competition in the CRM market and saturation.

    Salesforce Revenue by Country

    Americas by far is one of the biggest contributors to the Salesforce revenue growth. In 2023, the Americas made up nearly two-thirds (68%) of the total revenue. Europe was also a key player, bringing in 23%, while the Asia Pacific region added 9% to the overall revenue.

    Here is a detailed overview of the Salesforce revenue by country from 2005 to 2024;

    salesforce revenue by country

    From 2005 to 2024, the Americas region made up an average of 70% of Salesforce’s total revenue. Salesforce is an established name in the Americas, and a larger number of customers including Fortune 500 companies are leveraging the Salesforce platform. Furthermore, this was the first region that adopted Salesforce products yielding a strong foundation for the growth.

    Europe region made up 17% of total Salesforce revenue. The growing popularity of Salesforce in Europe-specific countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and more is fueling revenue growth. In 2022, Salesforce saw its highest revenues ever from Europe, making up about 23% of its total revenue made for the year. The same revenue growth continued in 2023.

    Asia Pacific is the third-largest contributor to Salesforce revenue. From 2005 to 2023, an average of 9.18% of Salesforce’s total revenue comes from Asia Pacific. Some of the largest markets in this region include India and Australia.

    Salesforce Service Revenue

    The major part of Salesforce revenue comes from subscription and support services. Approximately 93% of Salesforce’s total revenue, estimated at $32.54 billion in fiscal year 2024, stems from subscriptions and support.

    Professional services and other revenue were $2.32 billion, approximately 7% of total revenue in 2024. Here is a detailed analysis of Salesforce service revenue from 2013 to 2024;

    salesforce revenue from services

    Salesforce Products Revenue

    Sales Cloud and Service Cloud are the most used Salesforce products. Since 2015, the majority of subscription and support revenue has come from Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud. The revenue generated by sales and service cloud is estimated to account for 48.25% of the total subscription and support revenue in the fiscal year 2024.

    Here is a Salesforce products revenue overview from 2015 to 2024;

    salesforce revenue from products

    Salesforce Employee Count From 2005 to 2024

    The Salesforce employee count has grown significantly. In 2005, Salesforce employees number was estimated at 767, fast forward to 2024, and Salesforce has 72,682 employees.

    The number of employees at Salesforce has grown by a significant factor of approximately 94% since 2005. This growth is the result of the company’s global market extensions, strategic acquisitions, and continuous product development.

    Salesforce has been recognized among the top 5 employers in countries including France, Spain, and the Netherlands.

    For the first time in over twenty years, Salesforce decreased its workforce in 2024. The company had 79,390 employees in 2023, but this number dropped by 8.45%, bringing the estimated total to 72,682 employees.

    The decline in the number of employees at Salesforce is attributed to the restructuring plan announced by Salesforce at the beginning of 2023. Salesforce planned to reduce the workforce count by 10%, roughly equivalent to 7000 employees.

    Here is the Salesforce total employee count from 2005 to 2024;

    salesforce employee count from 2005 to 2024

    How Many Employees at Salesforce in the United States?

    As of January 31, 2024, Salesforce had 72,682 employees out of which 51% are located in the United States. This is equivalent to 37,068 employees.

    Salesforce has 17 offices in United States cities like Atlanta, Austin, Bellevue, Boston, Burlington, Cambridge, etc.

    How Many Salesforce Employees are Male and Female?

    As of January 31, 2024, 64% of the Salesforce workforce is identified as men, and 36% identified as women. Salesforce also has less than 1% of non-binary employees.

    Considering this, 46,516 Salesforce employees are men, and the remaining 26,165 are women. With a vision of becoming an inclusive company, Salesforce aims to have more than 40% women and nonbinary employees in its workforce by 2026.

    How Many Customers Does Salesforce Have?

    Since 2005, Salesforce customers have grown exponentially. From 13,900 customers in 2005 to over 1,50,000 customers in 2024, Salesforce is serving businesses of all sizes and different industries.

    Salesforce was disclosing the number of customers from 2005 to 2016 in its annual reports. However, after 2016, Salesforce shifted its focus from customer numbers to other performance metrics like revenue, market share, employee count, and more.

    Here is the breakdown of Salesforce customer numbers from 2005 to 2024;

    salesforce number of customers from year 2005 to 2024

    The exact number of companies that use Salesforce is not provided by Salesforce, but the consistent revenue growth indicates the growing number of customers over the years.

    Companies that Use Salesforce CRM

    Salesforce CRM is used by companies of all sizes including Spotify, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Toyota, Cannon, L’Oréal Americas, T-Mobile, Walmart, and American Express.

    big companies that use salesforce crm

    Who Uses Salesforce in the USA?

    The US has the highest number of companies using Salesforce. Here is the list of companies in the US that use Salesforce;

    Salesforce’s ProductsCustomers
    Sales CloudU.S. Bank, American Express, Holmes Murphy, Grammarly, Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (AAUM), Crexi, Grubhub, Wonolo, Make-A-Wish, Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows
    Service CloudU.S. Bank, Holmes Murphy, Turtle Bay Resort, BACA Systems, ​​Iron Mountain, Wonolo, Gucci, Sunnova Energy, Yeti, Arizona State University (ASU)
    Marketing CloudSpotify, U.S. Bank, American Express, Holmes Murphy, Susan G. Komen, Baptist Health, Ponce Bank, Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (AAUM), Turtle Bay Resort, Gucci, Williams-Sonoma, Make-A-Wish, General Mills, Arizona State University (ASU), Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows
    Financial Services CloudAmerican Express, Holmes Murphy, Mascoma Bank, Ponce Bank, Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed), Pacific Life
    Experience CloudUNLV ( University of Nevada), Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed), Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (AAUM), Williams-Sonoma, Make-A-Wish, General Mills
    Data CloudMascoma Bank, Baptist Health, Turtle Bay Resort, BACA Systems, Williams-Sonoma, General Mills
    Einstein AITurtle Bay Resort, BACA Systems, ​​Iron Mountain, Crexi, Wonolo, Gucci
    Einstein 1 PlatfromMascoma Bank, Baptist Health, UNLV ( University of Nevada), Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (AAUM),Turtle Bay Resort, BACA Systems, Einstein 1 Platform
    TableauMascoma Bank, Grammarly, Ponce Bank, Gucci, Yeti
    MuleSoftPonce Bank, Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed), ​​Iron Mountain, Sunnova Energy, Pacific Life
    SlackSpotify, Grammarly, Grubhub, Arizona State University (ASU)
    Health CloudSusan G. Komen, Baptist Health
    Account EngagementGrammarly, Grubhub
    Consumer Goods CloudWilliams-Sonoma, General Mills
    Commerce CloudReserveBar, Yeti
    Sales AISpotify
    CRM AnalyticsSpotify
    Service Cloud VoiceMascoma Bank
    Marketing Cloud EngagementUNLV ( University of Nevada)
    Education CloudUNLV ( University of Nevada)
    Marketing Cloud PersonalizationTurtle Bay Resort
    Sales EngagementGrubhub
    Einstein Conversion InsightsGrubhub
    Salesforce StarterSandy Alexander
    Marketing Cloud AdvertisingMercedes-Benz Silver Arrows
    CRM AnalyticsPacific Life
    Analytics CloudPacific Life
    companies using salesforce in the usa

    What Companies Use Salesforce in the United Kingdom (UK)?

    How many customers does Salesforce have in the United Kingdom? Here is the list of companies of different sizes and industries that are using Salesforce to grow;

    Salesforce’s ProductsCustomers
    Service CloudFormula One, John Lewis, Heathrow Airport, Bucherer, Brain Tumor Charity, Halfords, Santander UK, Samsung Electronics, Al Rayan Bank, Ascertia
    Marketing CloudFormula One, John Lewis, Heathrow Airport, Bucherer, Brain Tumor Charity, Halfords, Santander UK, Ascertia
    Sales CloudFormula One, Bucherer, Al Rayan Bank, Ascertia, AudioBoom
    Commerce CloudHeathrow Airport, Bucherer, Halfords, Santander UK
    Data CloudFormula One, Heathrow Airport
    EinsteinBucherer, Hotel Chocolat, Samsung Electronics
    Net Zero CloudFormula One
    TableauJohn Lewis
    SlackJohn Lewis
    companies using salesforce crm in the united kingdom

    Companies that Use Salesforce in Canada

    Here is a list of companies who use Salesforce in Canada;

    Salesforce’s ProductsCustomers
    Sales CloudAg Growth International, SkipTheDishes, Loopio, Canada Drives, Alta West Capital, Best Buy Canada, Devolutions, Durabuilt
    Service CloudAg Growth International, SkipTheDishes, Canada Drives, Influitive, BlackBerry, Devolutions, Durabuilt
    Marketing CloudAg Growth International, Canada Drives, Best Buy Canada, Devolutions
    Experience CloudCanada Drives, Influitive, BlackBerry
    Tableau CRMSkipTheDishes, Devolutions
    Salesforce ChatterInfluitive
    Salesforce 1 Mobile AppInfluitive
    Einstein AnalyticsAlta West Capital
    Field Service LightningBest Buy Canada
    Sales Cloud LightningBlackBerry
    Salesforce CPQBlackBerry
    companies using salesforce in canada

    Companies Who Use Salesforce in Australia

    Here is the list of companies who use Salesforce in Australia;

    Salesforce’s ProductsCustomers
    Sales CloudAustralian Football League (AFL)
    Service CloudR.M.Williams, pay.com.au, Flight Centre
    Marketing CloudAustralian Football League (AFL), R.M.Williams, pay.com.au, Flight Centre
    Commerce CloudR.M.Williams
    Data Cloudpay.com.au
    Einstein 1 PlatformR.M.Williams
    MuleSoftAustralian Football League (AFL), R.M.Williams
    TableauAustralian Football League (AFL), pay.com.au
    companies using salesforce in australia

    Companies Who Use Salesforce in India

    Here is the list of the companies that use Salesforce in India to stay competitive and deliver the best experience to their customers;

    Salesforce’s ProductsCustomers
    Sales CloudJaipur Rugs, Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG), Polycab, TVS Motor, Kalpataru, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Thermax Limited, L&T Electrical & Automation, Hero FinCorp, Bajaj Finance Limited Auto Finance, HDFC Limited, JSW Steel, Godrej & Boyce
    Service CloudPidilite, Jaipur Rugs, Narayana Health, Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG), Polycab, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Thermax Limited, L&T Electrical & Automation, Hero FinCorp, HDFC Limited, JSW Steel, Mahindra & Mahindra, Godrej & Boyce, Tata CLiQ
    Marketing CloudJaipur Rugs, Narayana Health, Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG), TVS Motor, Kalpataru, L&T Electrical & Automation, Bajaj Finance Limited Auto Finance, Pepe Jeans India, Mahindra & Mahindra
    Experience CloudPolycab, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Bajaj Finance Limited Auto Finance, JSW Steel, Mahindra & Mahindra
    EinsteinKotak Mahindra Bank, L&T Electrical & Automation
    Filed Service LightningThermax Limited, L&T Electrical & Automation
    CRM AnalyticsL&T Electrical & Automation, Mahindra & Mahindra
    Data CloudAir India, TVS Motor
    Commerce CloudPepe Jeans India
    Consumer GoodsBalaji Wafers
    Marketing Cloud AdvertisingMahindra & Mahindra
    Marketing Cloud IntelligenceMahindra & Mahindra
    Salesforce PlatformRBL Bank
    Salesforce Lightning PlatformPidilite
    EinsteinMahindra & Mahindra
    Einstein GPTREVA University
    Einstein 1 ServiceAir India
    Einstein RecommendationsPepe Jeans India
    Education CloudREVA University
    TableauJaipur Rugs, Kotak Mahindra Bank
    MuleSoftKotak Mahindra Bank, Hero FinCorp, HDFC Limited
    HerokuHero FinCorp
    companies using salesforce in India

    What Percentage of Fortune 500 Companies Use Salesforce?

    According to the Salesforce annual report, around 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Salesforce CRM to drive productivity, customer relationships, and profitability.

    Fortune 500 companies using Salesforce CRM include American Express, Samsung Electronics, General Mills, Walmart, Amazon, Microsoft, FedEx, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, U.S. Bancorp, Pacific Life, and Mercedes-Benz Group.

    Fortune 500 companies that use salesforce

    Salesforce Market Share

    Since 2018, Salesforce has emerged as a top player in the customer relationship management (CRM) field. It has outperformed major competitors like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Adobe. As of 2023, Salesforce CRM holds a significant 21.7% of the market share. This is more than the combined market shares of its competitors – Microsoft with 5.9%, Oracle with 4.4%, SAP with 3.5%, and Adobe with 3.4%.

    salesforce market share

    Source: Statista

    Salesforce Acquired Companies: From 2016 to 2024

    Since the early days, Salesforce had a clear vision of offering a comprehensive solution to its customers. Salesforce acquired companies as part of its growth strategies and expanded its offerings to meet all the customer’s needs under one roof.

    Some of the largest Salesforce acquisitions include Slack, Tableau, MuleSoft, Demandware (renamed Commerce Cloud), and Exact Target (renamed Marketing Cloud).

    Here is a complete list of the companies acquired by Salesforce from 2016 to 2024:

    salesforce acquisitions

    Final Take

    Salesforce Statistics 2024 highlights the Salesforce journey of growth. Since 2018, Cyntexa has been the partner in the growth of Salesforce. As a Salesforce consulting partner, we have worked with global businesses from small to large organizations. Cyntexa has helped businesses drive digital transformation leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform. We have enabled our customers to gain valuable insights into their customers, processes, and operations, enabling them to make better decisions and increase their profitability. Cyntexa is dedicated to providing the best Salesforce consulting experience.

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