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January 1, 20208 Mins Read

Salesforce & its Products- An Overview 

We have already seen how Salesforce facilitates communication between companies and their Clients across various aspects of sales, marketing, communities, apps, analytics, and more. The Salesforce cloud computing model aids in customization of their CRM solutions to help meet the needs of small, medium and enterprise-sized businesses as they grow.

We have explained the different editions of Salesforce for businesses of different sizes.

Salesforce products run in the cloud itself, which makes it easier for companies to avoid expensive maintenance and setup costs. The cloud technology also enables the employees to work from any device, be it a smartphone or a tablet or a laptop. They can thus work from wherever they are at any time, provided there is an internet connection available. This helped companies reinvent how enterprise software is used and delivered.

Salesforce offers a variety of products for an end-to-end solution specifically to what the users are looking for which can be explored in the industry, or business type, role or need. Let us now have a look at the Salesforce products which can be used for your specific needs. 

The Salesforce CRM categories of products are created in a way that they are deeply integrated and often share the same tools or modules. The major Salesforce products to be explored include:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Community Cloud
  • Salesforce Platform
  • Salesforce Einstein
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce Financial Services Cloud
  • Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud:

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM tool that can be used to drive the company’s growth by managing accounts, find customers and close deals. Some of the top features of the Sales Cloud include contact management, opportunity management, lead management, reports and dashboards, sales forecasting, workflows and approvals, sales collaboration, territory management, and partner management. The pricing for the Sales Cloud  CRM edition of Lighting Professional ranges from $75/user/month to $300/user/month.

Salesforce Essentials is a unique CRM platform for small businesses with up to 5 users. It costs around $25/user/month and provides features such as account and contact management, opportunity management, customizable sales processes, task management, activity feed, Einstein Activity Capture and the ability to sell using any device.

Salesforce HQ connects Sales Cloud and email to empower salespeople to sell smartly and provide outstanding customer service for all customers, owing to its built-in intelligence. It helps small and medium-sized businesses to gain deeper insights about their customers and sell more.

Salesforce CPQ gives the users the ability to sell and bill in a single platform to deliver complete support to the customer lifecycle from lead to retention. It automates pricing, approvals, and discounts which facilitate the increment of maximizing revenue and margins. The solution enables the users to offer one-time, subscription or usage-based pricing models when they launch their products. Its solutions include product configuration, price and quote, proposals and contracts, orders and renewals, subscription billing, and billing automation.

Salesforce is a complete data solution inside Salesforce technology. It gives the company and its team access to insights and contacts right in Salesforce. It offers three specific plans based on the needs of the users. These include:

  1. Clean used for automatically cleaning ad enriching the user account, contact, and lead data. 
  2. Prospector is designed to gain deeper insights into the user accounts by adding the relevant account or contact data in the user’s cloud database.
  3. Connect is an online community that allows people to access and share business contacts.

Salesforce Data com

Salesforce Service Cloud

It specializes in providing state-of-the-art customer service. Through the Salesforce Service Cloud, the users can deliver more personalized support through various channels that include email, live chat, and phone. It includes a self-service portal with a custom-branded community that enables customers to look for answers independently.
Salesforce Live Agent is a solution that includes additional digital service channels. Its features include a personalized live chat which helps the users engage customers in real-time both online and in-app. Here, each live chat is connected to the customers’ profile which delivers support in-context while contributing to overall customer experience.

Salesforce Field Service Management: The cloud marketing automation platform of CRM empowers the user to deliver relevant and personalized journeys across different channels and devices. The cloud marketing platform developed for marketers allows them to send the right messages to the right recipient at the right time throughout all phases of the customer relationship. It covers each customer interaction and engagement so that the marketers can guide customers’ on a one-to-one journey with ease and efficiency.  

Salesforce Live Message is a mobile messaging solution that helps users stay connected with their customers at any point in time. It offers a convenient method of providing a solution without the user being bound to the web browser. The users can also have personalized conversations with customers via SMS or Facebook Messenger. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a cloud marketing platform that empowers users to deliver relevant and personalized journeys across different platforms and devices. It was developed for marketers so that they can conveniently send the right messages to the right recipients throughout the various phases of the customer relationship.

Salesforce engage is a marketing automation solution for sales of Salesforce Pardot. It was designed to empower the collaboration between Sales and Marketing teams to close deals faster, to enhance buyer experience, and to create tailored campaigns with marketing-curated content. It covers campaigns, reports, alerts and mobile interfaces with a focal point of engagement of customers and the seller. It automatically logs interactions between Salesforce and Pardot to circulate one-on-one emails.

Marketing cloud products

  1. Salesforce journey builder– used to deliver personalized and connected cross channel experiences for customer interaction at every phase. It also helps the user align to the customer needs quickly and efficiently.
  2. Salesforce email Studio– helps create basic and sophisticated marketing campaigns. It unifies data from each department to build a smart and effective email campaign. 
  3. Salesforce DMP– strengthens customer relationships by capturing and centralizing customer data. It captures complete data profiles and uncovers new insights.
  4. Salesforce Advertising Studio– integrates and CRM data with digital advertising. Connecting the channels gives users consistency and helps the users gain new prospects based on the behavior of the user’s current high-value customers.
  5. Salesforce Mobile Studio– enables the users to reach the customers through SMS marketing, group messages and push notifications. It also targets a new audience with the help of customer preferences and behaviors and sends relevant messages to drive engagement.
  6. Interaction Studio– allows users to visualize, monitor and manage customer experiences in real-time. It includes native integration with the Salesforce platform’s marketing, sales and service solutions, which helps it to easily trigger events and communication in real-time.
  7. Social Studio– combines marketing solutions with sales and service with popular social media platforms. It focuses on creating, approving and publishing content on social media platforms and accounts with brand consistency.

An 8 minute read on the features of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud helps the user build a platform for everyone important for the business ecosystem. The users collaborate and connect customers, employees, and partners, and also get in touch with job applicants, agencies, vendors, suppliers, and retail locations, among others.

 The advantages of Community cloud are,

  • Create multiple communities based on business needs.
  • Employees, Partners, and Customers get access to business processes.
  • Integrating data from third-party providers.

Learn the basics of Salesforce Community Cloud.

Salesforce Products: Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Partner Relationship Management is a business solution that helps the users in onboarding partners, providing support, and driving demand to their channel. It helps the user improve partner satisfaction and drive revenue. This way the partners can utilize their time in selling the products instead of wasting it in looking for information.

Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform gives the users all essential tools and services they need to build an app. It is built on Salesforce cloud infrastructure and has a single, unified cloud environment where businesses and IT teams can conduct app development with no-code builders, built-in enterprise services, pro-code tools.

It also enables users to improve the functionality of their sales and services solutions by creating apps for their various departments.

Salesforce Lightning offers a family of technologies for the Salesforce Platform. The technologies include Lightning Experience, Lightning Design System, and Lightning Framework.

App Development Tools include tools that can be used to build apps on the Lightning Platform.  

  • Salesforce Environment– a secure and isolated development environment for developers and admins to text ideas, accelerate app development and customize the platform.
  • Heroku– helps users extend Salesforce by building engaging experiences through custom apps. It allows developers to code in their choice of open-source language.
  • salesforce– enables the users to quickly create, design and launch custom-made branded mobile apps for employees in every department.
  • Einstein– brings AI technologies to admins and developers right where they work. The services are designed for creating AI-powered app tools including Einstein Prediction Builder, Einstein Vision, Einstein Bots, Einstein Language, and Einstein Discovery.
  • Salesforce app cloud– is loaded with features for low code development, a full-fledged component, an app marketplace, and visual app development tools. 

Platform Services extend the user’s CRM and structures their business around their customers. 

  • Salesforce Shield– offers point-and-click tools that protect the user’s enterprise by focusing on meeting compliance policies with Platform Encryption to safeguard data privacy and security.
  • Salesforce IoT Cloud– lets the users connect their data with IoT sensors, products, devices in real-time. It gives the users complete visioning of the customers’ product usage and performance.
  • Einstein Analytics– allows the team to access days driven answers wherever they work from.
  • Salesforce Identity– streamlined user access in a single identity and login for employees, partners, and customers.  
  • Salesforce Bolt– helps enrich digital experience for employees, partners, and customers with speed.

    Different Salesforce Services infographic

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein works with data from any and every kind of source. It’s three main features include attractive data visualization and user-friendly mobile interface, instant data exploration, and fast cloud speed at scale. 

Find the extensive features of Salesforce Einstein analytics.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud– allows the user to connect data from multiple sources and build interactive data views. Einstein Analytics Cloud products include Service Analytics, Sales Analytics, Einstein Analytics, B2B Marketing Analytics, and Einstein Discovery. It’s analytics apps are developed for uncovering insights, exploring data and instantly taking action for every member of the business.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps the brand grow faster and convert leads to customers. It gives the users a complete view of the inventories, orders, and activities. It is available in B2B and B2C commerce stand-alone product lines or as an end to end unified commerce products. 

Commerce Cloud Solutions is designed to transform shopping experiences with the help of AI in all digital channels. It’s products include:

  • Salesforce Order Management- transforms stores into distribution centers by activating and selling in-store products online.
  • Endless Aisle- lets the user digital commerce into the store by giving in-store customers unlimited product options and online-only products.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud connects institutions across lines of business, geographies, and channels. It gives the user insight into the client’s family wealth ecosystem and a richer context that helps them understand their customers better. It helps the financial services industry to manage customers, simplifies searching through multiple systems, manages household finances and manages to buy and selling of stocks. It can be expanded to Einstein Analytics, Consulting Firms, and AppExchange. 
Learn the basics of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud is a complete platform for non-profits. It can track and measure impact in real time, raise more AI-driven impacts on donors and takes constituents on their Journey.

 It takes into account Program Management, Fundraising, Marketing, and Engagement.

Benefits of Non-Profit includes,

  • A complete view of mission.
  • Track impact in real-time.
  • Increase resources by unlocking donor data.
  • Track the personal journey of every constituent.

Salesforce Products: Salesforce Non Profit Cloud

Want to know more about Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud?


 Salesforce products thus help the users in the maintenance and retention of customers, maintaining financial services, commerce services, and non-profit services. They make it convenient for the users to keep track of the data and maintain a relationship with customers with ease 

Reach us right away to know how Salesforce can help hour business grow.

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