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What is ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery (WSD): Functionality, Pricing & More

April 11, 2024 eye-glyph 78

Table of Contents

    ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery helps organizations provide workspaces that work for employees. Here in this blog, you’ll understand what is ServiceNow WSD, its functionality, pricing, and more.

    So, let’s get started.

    What is ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery?

    ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery

    ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery is a cloud-based platform that has a suite of applications. These applications equip the workplace teams with tools to plan, design, and optimize the workplace to drive positive experiences for employees.

    Put simply, it provides the employees with the right work environment at the right time and right place, enabling organizations to achieve their goals

    ServiceNow WSD Applications

    ServiceNow WSD has a suite of applications, and each service enables the employees to interact with the services their workplace offers. The following is the suite of applications offered;

    ServiceNow WSD Applications 1

    1. Workplace Core

    This application is focused on creating safer and managed processes for employees in modern workplaces. Here is how ServiceNow Workplace Core helps organizations;

    • Distancing plans are developed so that desks and workstations have safe distances between them, maintaining social distancing.
    • With shift assignments, let you schedule when different employees come to the office to avoid situations like overcrowding.
    • Schedule when and how often the workplace should get cleaned.
    • Workplace allocation in stages lets you decide which part of your office to open first, second, and third, based on your safety concerns and needs.

    2. Workplace Reservation Management

    It offers a self-service portal for employees enabling them to make reservations for meeting rooms, conference rooms, desks, or any other receivable services in the workplace.

    ServiceNow Workplace Reservations Management application offers the following capabilities to the employees;

    • Search for available reservable services, and reserve them for a day, or a few hours.
    • You can create reservations on a one-time or recurring basis.
    • Set the privacy preferences when making a reservation. For example, you can specify the meeting type privately to maintain privacy.
    • Automate the resolution of recurring, common reservation conflicts.
    • Insights into workplace items such as capacity, location, service available, etc.
    • Employees can request additional services along with reservations such as catering, stationery supplies, etc.
    • Creating group reservations for multiple employees.

    ServiceNow Workplace Reservation Management has the following capabilities available for managers;

    • Management of reservations created by employees. You can view, update, approve, or reject the reservation requests.
    • You can add a reservable purpose to each workplace item.
    • Assign neighborhood spaces to an area.

    3. Workplace Case Management

    This application streamlines the process of fulfilling employee workplace requests. It allows you to set up predefined steps to handle employee requests. Simply put, you can decide how different requests should be handled, who should handle them, what approvals are needed, and tasks that need to be completed.

    Once these steps are defined, Workplace Case Management can automate request handling. This makes it easy for employees to get the service they need without getting involved in backend complexities.

    ServiceNow Workplace Case Management has the following capabilities;

    • You can decide what request needs to be handled manually, or what can be handled using predefined steps.
    • Employees can request workflow services using the Workplace Service Portal or the Now mobile app.
    • You can also create Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to fulfill the employee request according to their expectations. For example, you can decide on performance parameters like minimum uptime in which the service will be available.
    • You can also add fulfillment instructions to guide the workplace to fulfill customer requests.
      Cases with similar issues that have similar resolutions can be categorized under a single-parent case.

    4. Workplace Visitor Management

    This application streamlines the process of welcoming guests and off-site employees to the office premises. It allows an easy way of managing the front-end operations such as check-ins, existing reservations, communicating arrival information, setting up guest Wi-Fi, and so on.

    ServiceNow Workplace Visitor Management can be used by employees, admin, and reception staff for various purposes such as;

    • The employees can register the visitors and off-site employees. They can specify the time of their visit, parking spot, and WiFi requirements. So visitors have a convenient experience having access to all things required.
    • Employees can also co-host the visitors with other employees.
    • Employees can also specify a visitor as a VIP.
    • Admin and receptionist have access to view and update visitor registrations. They have complete visibility into who is checked in, expected visitors, checked-out visitors, and more.
    • Workplace Visitor Management also allows to specify a policy that must be accepted by visitors before their visit.

    5. Workplace Space Mapping

    This application provides an indoor mapping of the workplace to enable employees to navigate through different services of the workplace.

    ServiceNow Workplace Space Mapping can also be integrated with third-party mpa provider applications including Mappedin. It has the following benefits;

    ServiceNow WSD Applications-2

    6. Workplace Space Management

    This application has built-in workflows that empower organizations to plan, manage, and collect insights around space and utilization. The ultimate benefit of Workplace Space management is that it enables building managers to create an optimal working environment by learning about employee’s space needs like what they need and what not.

    ServiceNow Workplace Space Management comes with the following capabilities;

    • It helps employees to find and reserve desks, meeting rooms, or parking spaces.
    • At the convenience of a single application, it allows administrators to manage any workplace location.
    • You can create what-if scenarios for different configurations of office spaces, rearranging desks, adding or removing rooms, changing the layout of the floor, and more.

    7. Workplace Lease Administration

    This application provides a single interface for creating, managing, and tracking contracts. It ensures that all the contracts are up-to-date and compliant with the needs of an organization.

    ServiceNow Workplace Lease Administration has the following capabilities;

    • You can create and manage contracts, include their terms and conditions, attach documents to a contract record, and associate assets with a record.
    • It notifies whenever a contract is about to expire.
    • You can add and manage contracts that are specific to a location.

    8. Workplace Move Management

    This application enables employees to relocate from one location to another in a hassle-free manner. It automates the relocation process to eliminate the need for manual permission, thus speeding up the relocation process.

    ServiceNow Workplace Move Management has the following features;

    • Employees can create a move request for themselves, or on behalf of other employees.
    • Create a move request to change the location by specifying why you want to change, and when you want to change.
    • You can select the space in your current workplace or another workplace.
    • The workplace manager can modify the move request.
    • Workplace managers can also create move-related knowledge articles to help employees with all the information they require related to moving.

    9. Workplace Service Delivery for Mobile

    Workplace Service Delivery is also available for smartphone users. This application enables you to manage all the workplace service requests anytime using the smartphone. You can create multiple reservations.

    10. Workplace Central

    This application acts as a single source of truth to view key metrics, and view, or manage all your workspace-related activities.

    ServiceNow Workplace Central enables you to perform the following activities;

    • Workplace managers can create, approve, and reject the scenarios.
    • Workplace administrators or managers can access information such as space optimization, maintenance management, lease administration, etc to drive informed decisions.
    • You can track the number of scenarios that are deployed, in the draft state, and more.
    • You can collate the move request in a project using filter conditions, and keep track of their fulfillment.
    • Work on the move requests according to their priority and the date on which they are anticipated to be fulfilled.

    Furthermore, ServiceNow WSD can also be integrated with other ServiceNow products such as ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM), and ServiceNow Field Service Management (FSM). This integration will facilitate the unified services experience. For example, if a customer raises a ticket in CSM, a field service technician is assigned automatically through FSM, while WSD can enable the employee to manage the internal process that arises during the process.

    ServiceNow WSD Applications-3

    11. Workplace Connectors

    This application integrates the different badging systems with other hardware or sensors used within an organization. Let me put this differently, by integrating badging systems used for access control in the workplace, it can help in detecting the presence of people.

    Workplace connectors collect the data from the integrated hardware or sensors, and convert it into a vendor-agnostic format, so it can be used across the ServiceNow platform.

    Analyzing badging data, it can provide business insights into space occupancy like which area is most frequently used, peak occupancy time, etc.

    12. Workplace Maintenance Management

    This application enables workplace managers to set up plans for regular maintenance of assets (like equipment) and spaces (like rooms, or buildings). These maintenance plans can be set to be executed based on the time, or usage based. It creates preventive maintenance cases automatically whenever it’s time for asset maintenance.

    Maintenance cases can also be created when issues require urgent attention like a coffee spill or furniture broken.

    13. Workplace Concierge

    This application enables the employees real-time information to optimize their workspace experience. This could include information about the available resources, occupancy levels, and more.

    ServiceNow Workplace Concierge is helpful in hybrid work environments, where employees have to manage their time between working remotely and working on-site. Using the Workplace Service Portal, Employee Center, and Now Mobile app, employees can conveniently set their routine like when they are in the office and when they will work remotely.

    ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery Pricing

    ServiceNow WSD has two different pricing packages such as:

    • Workplace Service Delivery Pro
    • Workplace Service Delivery Enterprises

    Each pricing plan comes with different features catering to the different requirements of the business. Workplace Service Delivery Pro comes with the following features;

    • App Engine Custom Tables
    • Health and Safety
    • Workplace Case Management
    • Workplace Reservation Management
    • Workplace Visitor Management
    • Workplace Indoor Mapping
    • Performance Analytics
    • Virtual Agent
    • Universal Request Pro
    • Predictive Intelligence
    • Mobile Publishing

    The Workplace Service Delivery Enterprise package has all the capabilities of Workplace Service Delivery Pro with additional features such as;

    • Workplace Central
    • Workplace Maintenance Management
    • Workplace Move Management
    • Workplace Space Management
    • Workplace Lease Administration

    The pricing for these packages is tailored to business requirements. You can discuss your requirements with ServiceNow consulting company. They will evaluate your requirements, and suggest specific pricing to your business.

    Get Started with ServiceNow WSD

    How to Get Started With ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery?

    WSD is one of the most popular ServiceNow Products that helps businesses to maintain a safe, and employee-ready working environment. Are you ready to leverage the great capabilities of ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery? The first step of WSD implementation is understanding your business requirements and outcomes. The next step is to choose ServiceNow expert services and communicate your goals. With their expertise, they can help you get going faster with proven guidance to ensure the successful adoption of ServiceNow WSD.

    Looking for the best ServiceNow expert services? Cyntexa with more than 400+ technology professionals is here to help you gain the full value of the ServiceNow WSD platform.

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