Salesforce Sales Cloud Gets Smarter and Faster with AI Assistant and Data Integration

December 12, 2023 eye-glyph 78

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, has announced new AI and data innovations in Sales Cloud, the world’s most popular sales platform. These innovations are introduced to help every sales representative, leader, and operations team do their jobs more efficiently. Making more sales ultimately results in increased productivity.

Let’s learn more about these updates in detail in this blog;

Generative AI Copilot for Sales: Smart and Handy Assistant

AI copilot for Sales Cloud helps the sales reps in the following ways:

  • An AI assistant for sellers to find useful information about the accounts and update CRM records.
  • It can also summarize the calls to make notes out of them that can be shared with your team.
  • It can write personalized emails for different situations like saying hello or following up.

Automated Prospects

This feature helps the sales team to find customers who are most likely to make a purchase. It works by unifying Salesforce CRM data with external data and creates a list of potential prospects based on factors such as recent activities, website visits, interactions, and more. With automated prospects, the sales team can work on high-quality leads to boost revenue.

Process Intelligence

Sales Cloud enables you to create a data model from Salesforce data and external data to measure the effectiveness of sales processes. For example, you can use this data to find out information like how often you win, how long your customers stay, and more.

Sales Cloud Everywhere

Now Salesforce can be easily accessed from any device including email and web browser. Sales reps can access the CRM data, update records, and more from the device they’re working with.

Availability of Sales Cloud Innovations

All the latest Salesforce Sales Cloud innovations are available in the recently introduced Unlimited Edition+ excluding Automated Prospects, and Copilot for Sales.

Generative AI Copilot For Sales is expected to be available early next year, while the Automated Prospects feature is now in the pilot (no expected date has been announced yet).

Final Take

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the most powerful tool for the sales team to enable them to sell faster, and more efficiently. The latest Sales Cloud innovation further boosts the ability of the platform to automate work, identify high-quality leads, and prioritize efforts to boost revenue.

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