Salesforce Announces Zero Copy Partner Network and More from World Tour NYC

May 14, 2024 eye-glyph 78

Recently, Salesforce announced a Zero Copy Partner Network, and new features from its extended partnership with Microsoft. This launch aimed at creating a secure, bidirectional zero-copy integration with Salesforce Data Cloud that could eliminate data fragmentation challenges for businesses using Einstein Platform.

What is Zero Copy Partner Network?

It is a group of technologies that enables IT teams to access business data across multiple locations while maintaining data security and privacy measures.

It gives a holistic view of data, which eliminates the traditional need for copying and pasting it from one location to another, maintaining a single source for truthful information.

This partner network includes Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Snowflake, Databricks, and newly added Microsoft. They are committed towards giving their customers a secure, cost effective and time saving approach to connect and perform actions on all kinds of their data.

How It Helps Businesses?

Eliminating the need for the traditional ETL (Extract, Transfer and Load) method which is costly and fragile, Zero Copy integration helps you with a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly way to connect data to business applications.

With this you can:

  • Access Live External Data: View and access real-time data from other systems without copying it.
  • Work With Data In Salesforce: Use the data for reports, automations, and AI models directly within Salesforce.
  • Share Insights Back (Without Copying): Send valuable information back to the original systems without replicating data.
  • Maintain Security And Control: Data stays secure in its original location, and access controls are centralized.
  • Power AI: Use all your data, even unstructured formats like PDFs, to train AI models in Salesforce.

Brian Millham, President and Chief Operating Officer at Salesforce, quoted about this announcement: “With this global ecosystem of partners, companies can access all of their data, no matter where it resides, and unlock the power of all of that data within Salesforce —creating more personalized customer interactions and establishing a foundation for trusted AI, in less time and at lower cost.”

Why Is It Important?

Salesforce found that many businesses struggle with data fragmentation issues, i.e., their data is scattered across different locations, making it difficult and time consuming for users to access it when needed on priority.

Moreover, in the past, businesses had to rely on custom integrations and complex data pipelines for various integration and data movement purposes, from Salesforce to any external source and vice versa. Additionally, they had to copy-paste the data, which gave rise to redundancy, duplication, and storage consumption issues. All this created a major challenge for the businesses to deal with.

Observing this, Salesforce announced Zero-Copy Partner Network, which can cater to all these challenges.

Additional Features Salesforce And Microsoft Integrations Offers Include:

  • Expanded support for zero-copy data access to open data lakes and lakehouses that use the Apache Iceberg format.
  • New Zero Copy Data Kits enable ISVs and data providers to unlock new datasets for customers.
    Zero-copy support for Heroku Postgres data.

Key Takeaways

  • Zero copy partner network eliminates copy-pasting of data, saving time, cost and storage.
  • It helps business users access data in real-time, providing an efficient way to connect data across various locations.
  • It resolves data fragmentation challenges for businesses.
  • Salesforce extends its partnership with Microsoft, aiming to deliver customer value powered by trusted data and AI.

The Final Takeaway

Salesforce highlighted their commitment towards innovation and reducing customer’s efforts, particularly in data management. The newly announced Zero Copy Partner Network is a step forward for businesses towards achieving reduced cost and complexity, improved data governance, enhanced decision making and prioritizing the seamless flow of data.

This initiative, partnered with top industry leaders, promises secure and real-time data access across the platform.

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