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August 5, 20207 Mins Read

Leading Profitable Salesforce Integrations To Equip Your Business in 2020

Along with being one of the widely remembered customer relationship management platforms, Salesforce has extended its limit to almost every sector of business that you might ever need to work with. There are several platforms that you can integrate with your implemented Salesforce tools to make trading and business even smoother experience for the betterment of your enterprise. The companies that have reaped the benefits of Salesforce have admitted that its usage and assistance is the reason why they could achieve the amount of success in the least possible period.

Why Should You Consider Integrating These Platforms With Salesforce?

The platform can also be integrated with numerous third-party software applications that you can rely on. There are numberless possibilities in which Salesforce can be proven to be of incredible advantage in existence for executing the plans and strategies of your business in embarking upon challenges when it comes to accomplishing your business goals.

Not only does Salesforce allow you to generate a solution but also to integrate your solution with the already existing ones to make it more accurate. It can be very advantageous and save you a great amount of time and resources. Here is the list of most efficient Salesforce Integration platforms that can boost your productivity and help you in attaining higher levels of sophistication.

  • Facebook And Salesforce

Salesforce allows you to integrate your CRM with Facebook and enhance the relationship with your customers and clients by strengthening the bond. You can integrate Your Salesforce CRM platform with the features provided to you by Facebook that allow you to run various ad campaigns and generate beneficial leaves that can be of great advantage to your company from the perspectives of networks and connections established between you and your potential customers.

This real-time integration strategy will help in generating more leads and gather the information extracted from the designated sources to make it available in the database of your Salesforce CRM by connecting it with Facebook.

  • Mailchimp And Salesforce

The Mailchimp and Salesforce integration can be a major cost-efficient component of your business. It is an integrated business environment that helps you in establishing and maintaining a consistent connection between your clients for communication.

Along with the clients you can also keep in touch with your business partners and various interested third parties that you are looking forward to getting involved commercially with.

You can customize the interface of your integrated Mailchimp services to get well acquainted with the environment of your workspace and work efficiently in collaborative conduct with your partners and respond to your clients in a dependable manner.

  • Marketo And Salesforce

When it comes to marketing in exposing your products in front of the world, it is then when you start investing your resources into social media marketing and lead management. Marketo is a widely renowned connector that helps you in connecting your company with the leading social media platforms and managing the market strategies that are implemented by you. This marketing automation platform is used and preferred by leading companies across the world.

You can integrate it with Salesforce platform to accelerate your growth and notice a significant amount of increase in your revenues. It is also pronounced to be one of the most efficient techniques that are optimized in terms of cost and in promises exponential growth.

This integration will surely revolutionize the way your company interacts with multiple social media platforms. You can run your marketing campaigns with more accuracy based on the information that is gathered for you by this application. You can also provide a personalized customer experience that helps you in engaging a wider network of the audience that is going to be interested in your offerings and services.

  • Twilio And Salesforce

Another important integration that you should know is the one between Twilio and Salesforce. With the help of these functionalities, you can provide your uses with incredibly sleek customer experience. This integration is widely recognized by companies across the world for its efficient communications abilities.

It is a simple yet accurate way for companies and enterprises to strengthen their communication systems and features at a core level. You can effortlessly implement smoother customer engagement functionalities for the betterment of your company and the service it offers to the potential customers.

  • HubSpot And Salesforce

If you are working on a project that requires you to be approached with a bidirectional technique for looking after your insights along with our leads and tracking your customer data, then HubSpot is indeed the best choice to opt for. You can equip your team with the precise sorts of information to further implement the accurate solutions that are driven from the data gathered with the help of HubSpot. The lead information can be gathered with intelligence given the assistance of the application and its indomitable support.

It will help you in staying ahead of your competitors and make your way through the unending and cut-throat competition that is quite likely to slow your progress down without the assistance of an intelligent platform that is designed to fit your necessities and fulfill your requirements. it also allows you to take the most critical decisions based on the parameters that concern your sales and marketing activities. The best part about this application is that once it is integrated with Salesforce you can find all the functionalities available under one roof and it will make things multiple times easier for you.

  • QuickBooks And Salesforce

QuickBooks can be integrated with Salesforce to help your company in achieving broader aspects of the current scenarios and circumstances that surround your enterprise, along with the market places that you are dealing with. It can help you in finalizing the procedures that can be helpful for the improvement of your business.

The accounting software will share the resource with your CRM to help you in keeping track of sales and accounting. It will also provide you with the necessary data including the customer information, the invoicing and expenses, as well as the sales orders that are drafted in your system.

  • Jive And Salesforce

A relationship between service providers in the clients can be reflected in the way they communicate with each other. That’s why it becomes exceptionally important for each company to engage with their customers on a deeper and personalized level. Jive helps companies to get in touch with their clients directly and enhancing the way they engage and communicate with each other.

This platform allows the users to call clients in the most relevant and desirable ways the company could approach its customers. You can make and receive calls from anywhere with the help of this platform and provide seamless and convenient customer service. You no longer need to attend to the numbers before calling them manually. This platform allows you to handle the calls with just click and save a great deal of your time.

You can also streamline your communication methods by keeping track of the incoming and outgoing calls as well as taking notes that can be further referred to you for any future interaction. These nodes can be directly saved and retrieved from your CRM once you integrate Jive with Salesforce.

  • SurveyMonkey And Salesforce

As an enterprise owner, you are surely aware of the significance of the feedback that you received from your clients and business partners. SurveyMonkey can help you in receiving real-time customer feedback and make them available for you in the Salesforce database. This feedback can be further retrieved for you to study and work by.

Enhancing your system based on the feedback that you have received can be of great advantage to you since you are directly resolving the problems that are being faced by your users, clients, and business partners as well. You can take the most precise and accurately comprehended steps to make the necessary amendments in your system that will eliminate the recurring errors or problems that are keeping you from making consistent progress.

This application also allows you to generate highly interactive dashboards that are accessible by you from the interface of Salesforce that you have implemented for your company. You can deliver an accurately personalized customer experience that promises to improve the services provided by you to your customers.

Feedbacks received from the surveys and forms with the assistance of SurveyMonkey will be directly stored in the CRM database. You can use this information to generate the most interactive reports and produce effective strategies that you can implement for the betterment of your company.

  • Slack And Salesforce

While running a business or entering a market place it is of great importance that you communicate with your clients in business partners efficiently. Slack looks after the provision of appreciable communication manners that are designed to help you in communicating and exchanging important messages between you and the entity on the other side. You can communicate in real-time by exchanging messages both ways and conveying your convenience in getting acquainted with theirs as well.

You can also streamline workflows with the assistance of this application. Along with the seamless functionalities of communication provided to you by Slack, it can also help you in building a collaborative environment in which your company can work and make consistent progress at its own pace. The reason why the collaboration performed in Slack is exceptionally mentioned is that it does not only let the users collaborate but also the tools that are being used by them.

This product is undoubtedly fast and user-friendly when it is integrated with Salesforce. It will help you in overcoming the most commonly faced challenges in the phases of communication and collaboration as well. This enhanced and clarified environment in your workplace will surely boost your productivity and help you in attaining greater business achievements.

  • MuleSoft And Salesforce

When you are running a business then it’s quite probable that you are using more than just one business application. MuleSoft allows you to instantly connect all the platforms that your enterprise relies on and provide you with a unified and singular environment that makes it easier for you to manage time formation and look after your task and data.

You can add seamless agility to your business and make your process run even smoother without hindering the consistency of your growth. You can easily access all the important data that is stored within yourself for CRM once you integrate it with Salesforce. The process is later followed by your company can be automated and a greater level of productivity can be achieved with the help of this application integration.

It becomes highly imperative for the evolution of your company to have an integrated working platform that can help you in streamlining the business process. You can easily acquire and implement this widely used software integration platform that promises to fulfill your business necessity. This integration can help you see each one of the aspects that are of great and undeniable importance to the working of your business. These aspects can be synchronized to work consistently by integrating MuleSoft and Salesforce.

In Conclusion

Salesforce integration can boost the levels of your productivity and can help you in achieving an unconquerable stand when it comes to dominating your marketplace and rising about the levels bi entirely avoiding mediocrity. You can get in touch with us and let us assist you with the implementation and integration of the leading business tools with your Salesforce platform conveniently.

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