Building a Successful Career as a Business Analyst

October 5, 2023 | visibility 149

Q&A With Senior Business Analyst: Harsimran Singh

In this interview, Harsimran discusses the dynamic role of a Business Analyst, navigating challenges, and nurturing growth in a dynamic environment.

What attracted you towards the Business Analyst role & Cyntexa?

I was particularly drawn to the role of Business Analyst due to the intriguing roles and responsibilities it entails. Being someone who enjoys engaging with people and exploring different facets of life, this position resonated with me. Moreover, the opportunity to engage with clients worldwide at Cyntexa added an exciting dimension to the role. The blend of analytical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills further captivated my interest.

As Salesforce was a completely new domain for you, how did you handle the challenges and adapt to this unfamiliar territory?

Although Salesforce was a new field for me, I embraced the challenge with a strong willingness to learn and overcome obstacles. However, the extensive training process and highly supportive trainers helped me get comfortable with this new industry.

As someone who has witnessed significant growth in your career journey, how do you feel about the expansion of your team from a small group to a considerably larger size?

From the time of my entry at Cyntexa when there were merely three to four BAs, the transformation has been remarkable. Observing a fully-fledged team of business analysts now managing projects under my leadership feels like significant growth. This journey holds great importance for me as it signifies the creation of a team from scratch, with continuous learning from our mistakes.

Business Analyst Life at cyntexa

What advice would you give to individuals starting their journey as business analysts?

To those embarking on their journey as a entry level business analysts, my foremost advice is to cultivate strong communication and interpersonal skills. These attributes are invaluable for effectively managing relationships with clients and internal teams. Additionally, acquiring a solid understanding of the business domain and honing analytical knowledge is crucial for success in this role.

How do you see your future evolving?

I’m driven by the ambition to lead the Project Management department and its exceptional team, with a vision of a prosperous future. The dynamic landscape of project management presents an exhilarating avenue for continual personal and professional development.

I am genuinely enthusiastic about being an integral part of the project management community, a space where I can continuously enhance my expertise and knowledge, which I’m eager to share with my dedicated team.

“Our commitment revolves around delivering top-notch quality and optimal solutions, making sure our customers get the utmost value from their investment.”

-Harsimran Singh

Outside of your role, what are some hobbies or activities that you enjoy? 

In addition to my work, I have a passion for travelling to diverse destinations and capturing the beauty of cities and the people that inhabit them.

Harsimran Singh

Who are some influential role models within Cyntexa that you admire or find inspiring?

At Cyntexa, I have several role models who inspire me to excel in my career. Jagrat Maheshwari, in particular, has been instrumental in guiding me and encouraging my exponential growth through continuous improvement and upskilling.

I also want to give special mentions to VJ Srivastava, Deshna Jain, Vineet Bhagchandani, and Shubham Gupta, who have consistently motivated me to strive for betterment and excellence. Their support has been invaluable in my professional journey.

How do you go about comprehending clients’ requirements and delivering the best solution for them?

I kick things off by delving deep into the client’s needs and challenges through open and honest discussions. This forms the bedrock for shaping a solution plan that’s truly informed. The crux here is to understand your customer and their pain points, so we go all out to sync with them and their needs, aligning perfectly with Salesforce solutions.

“Our commitment revolves around delivering top-notch quality and optimal solutions, making sure our customers get the utmost value from their investment.

— Harsimran Singh

 Business Analyst Harsimran Singh

How do you find meaning and purpose in your work?

Meaning and purpose at work come naturally to me because I love what I do. This role not only allows me to learn constantly but also provides opportunities for self and team upskilling through leadership responsibilities.

As a business analyst, you often work with different teams and stakeholders. Can you describe a collaborative experience that stood out to you and how it influenced your perspective on teamwork?

Collaborating with diverse teams has provided me with invaluable experiences. Throughout my journey, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside individuals possessing varied skill sets and exceptional qualities. One particular project remains etched in my memory – a venture that revolves around cutting-edge technology. This endeavour marked a significant learning curve for me, and what made it truly remarkable was the collective effort of the entire team. Their collective expertise not only helped me understand complex details but also played a crucial role in successfully completing the project.

Your one favourite core value at Cyntexa.

Among the core values at Cyntexa, Transparency and Mutual Respect resonate deeply with me. The transparent approach of the management and the emphasis on mutual respect foster a positive work environment. 

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