Empowering Work-Life Balance: Insights from a Tech-Driven Working Mom At Cyntexa

October 4, 2023 | visibility 158

Q&A With Practice Lead Vlocity: Neha Jain

In this, Neha spills the beans on her journey: career, work-life juggling, and mastering the art of team management!

What inspired you to pursue a career in IT, and how did you get started in this field?

I graduated with a B.Tech in Information Technology and fell in love with coding. I was always fond of learning something new, so I decided to enter the Salesforce ecosystem by learning from S2 Labs

Shifting from Dotnet to Salesforce was a turning point in my career! Embracing the captivating world of Salesforce, I discovered its vast ecosystem and confirmed my decision was wise. Joining Cyntexa proved a fortunate move, swiftly aligning me into the Salesforce realm. Here, I’ve honed my skills across multiple Salesforce verticals, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce Industries (Vlocity).

As a working mom, you might have encountered some difficulties. What were they & how do you strike a balance in your professional and personal life?

Balancing work and personal life can be difficult for many working mothers, myself included, due to the competing demands on our time and energy. As a working mother, I encounter challenges such as time management, guilt of not spending much time with my kid and family members, and stress in juggling between multiple responsibilities.

To address these challenges, I have found it helpful to prioritize tasks both at work and home, clearly communicate my needs and limitations, and set clear boundaries between work and personal life such as turning off work notifications outside of those hours. These strategies have helped me to increase my work life balance.

Salesforce Vlocity lead Neha Jain
Vlocity Lead Neha Jain

What does a fulfilling workday look like to you?

For me, a fulfilling workday is all about a sense of accomplishment and progress towards my goals. Whether it’s completing challenging tasks, solving complex problems, or achieving specific milestones, I love feeling like I’m making an impact and moving forward. Whether I’m contributing to the success of Cyntexa, helping customers achieve their goals, helping my teammates grow or making a positive impact on society as a whole.

Looking back on your career, what one thing would you have changed in your working environment to break the bias?

By looking back at my career, I wish I could change the fact that women were not given more, better, and equal opportunities, as countless talented and deserving women have been limited in their potential because of systemic barriers and gender biases.

It has been a great pleasure to find an opportunity at Cyntexa where women are not only treated equally to men but are also given the opportunity to flourish based on their abilities and not gender.

As we strive for a more equitable future, I am hopeful that society continues to address these differences and ensures that everyone, regardless of gender, has equal access to opportunities, enabling them to excel and contribute to their fullest potential.

Balancing team member’s strengths, weaknesses, and personalities while achieving project goals and maintaining effective communication can be a challenging task. What is your approach to maintaining a balance between all?

As a team lead, I balance team members’ individual strengths, weaknesses, and personalities using several ways. By understanding each team member’s strengths and weaknesses, I assign tasks that align with their strengths while providing support in areas where they struggle. For me, open communication and honest feedback are imperative to identify and resolve conflicts effectively. By fostering a positive team culture and providing clear expectations & feedback I align my team to work together effectively to achieve project goals and maintain positive working relationships. No matter how small or big an achievement may be I always celebrate team successes and milestones to motivate the team for future projects.

“Being a leader requires a strong sense of responsibility to deliver results while maintaining positive relationships within the team.”

-Neha Jain

In what ways do you bring your most authentic self to work?

Being authentic at work means staying true to myself while meeting job expectations. To do this, I prioritize honesty and transparency in my communication to build trust with colleagues and managers. I express my opinions respectfully to contribute to a diverse and inclusive workplace and embrace my unique personality, skills, and experiences to make valuable contributions. Sharing my personal story helps build relationships and demonstrate my values and beliefs. I take ownership of my work, demonstrating passion and commitment to building a positive reputation and contributing to the team’s success. Overall, being authentic at work means bringing my best self to the table and using my unique talents and perspectives to help create a productive and positive work environment.

What aspect of tech most excites you?

As someone who is passionate about technology, I find it incredibly exciting to see the pace of innovation and the potential for new and groundbreaking advancements. The democratization of technology has made it more accessible than ever before, even for individuals and smaller organizations. With the advent of cloud computing and affordable hardware, small businesses and startups now have the ability to compete with larger companies and create innovative solutions.

The possibilities of what technology can achieve are vast, and as someone who is invested in this field, I’m excited about the potential for positive change and the constant evolution of technology. It’s inspiring to think about the new technologies that are yet to be invented and the ways they can shape our world for the better.

How do you recharge outside of work?

Spending quality time with family and friends is an essential aspect of my life that truly rejuvenates me beyond the demands of work. To fully embrace these moments, I make a conscious effort to detach myself from electronic devices and immerse myself in the wonders of nature, as it acts as a natural balm that alleviates stress and brings calm within me.

Neha Jain Salesforce Vlocity Lead

What’s your favorite Cyntexa core value?

Freedom with responsibility is my favourite value at Cyntexa. It signifies the empowering idea that I have the freedom to make choices and take actions, but I am also accountable for their consequences. This value acknowledges that while I enjoy the privilege of freedom, I must utilize it in a manner that respects the rights of others and adheres to ethical and moral principles.

Within our organization, this value fosters an environment of trust and integrity. It encourages me to think critically about the impact of my decisions on colleagues, clients, and the community. I am inspired to act ethically, ensuring fairness, honesty, and inclusivity.

Embracing this value allows me to contribute positively to our collective growth and success while upholding our core principles.

cyntexa values

One advice for working mothers or women to manage their personal and professional lives.

As a working mother, I understand the immense challenge of having a proper work life balance. It’s crucial to think of ways you can manage your time and well-being. Firstly, prioritize and set boundaries. Determine what truly matters to you in both aspects of your life and focus your energy on those priorities. By doing so, you can avoid over-committing yourself and feeling overwhelmed.

Second, don’t underestimate the power of self-care. Carve out dedicated time for activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Whether it’s pursuing a hobby, engaging in exercise, or simply spending quality time with loved ones, prioritizing self-care helps replenish your energy and enhances your overall well-being.

As a working mother, we sometimes act as a role model for our children. Seeing determination and time management can go a long way to lead a fulfilling life.

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