Salesforce Announces the New Einstein 1 Platform Powered by Data, AI, and CRM

September 13, 2023 eye-glyph 78

“A company’s AI strategy is only as good as its data strategy. “We pioneered the metadata framework nearly 25 years ago to seamlessly bridge data across applications. It’s the connective tissue that fuels innovation.”

“Now, with Data Cloud and Einstein AI native on the Einstein 1 Platform, companies can easily create AI-powered apps and workflows that supercharge productivity, reduce costs, and deliver amazing customer experiences,” said Parker Harris, Co-Founder and CTO, of Salesforce.

San Francisco. Dreamsforce 2023 unveiled one more innovation in the artificial intelligence of Salesforce, the Einstein 1 Platform, featuring the capabilities of Salesforce Data Cloud and the power of Einstein AI, designed over a native Salesforce framework.

Businesses can enhance operations by seamlessly integrating the New Einstein 1 Data Cloud with the Einstein 1 Platform. This integration enables them to safely unify customer data within Salesforce and infuse every customer interaction with AI, automation, and analytics.

The reason behind introducing the Einstein 1 Platform: As per Mulesoft, organizations typically rely on an average of 1,061 applications to handle customer data and relationships, with only 29% being synchronized. Businesses are overstacked with confidential data, and recent tech shifts like cloud, social, and mobile have created separate customer data areas.

Salesforce’s metadata framework helps companies manage and grasp data across its apps. Think of it like a shared language for apps on the platform to talk to each other. This framework also combines data from various systems in a company, no matter how they’re organized, by aligning it with Salesforce’s structure.

Thanks to this, Organizations can now personalize every user’s experience by utilizing low-code services like Einstein for AI, Flow for automation, and Lightning for interfaces. These customizations are immediately accessible across the organization’s primary applications, eliminating the need for complex integration code.

Einstein 1 Data Cloud Supports Seamlessly Scalability of Data, Automation, and Analytics

Data Cloud, Salesforce’s cutting-edge hyperscale data engine, seamlessly blends customer data, enterprise content, telemetry information, Slack chats, and organized and unstructured data to craft a comprehensive customer portrait.

This dynamic platform already handles a staggering 30 trillion monthly transactions and seamlessly integrates 100 billion records daily. See in what ways the Einstein 1 Platform is revolutionizing data, automation, and analytics:

  • Data at Scale: The Einstein 1 Platform can now handle lots of data from each customer, even with trillions of rows. Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud, significant parts of Salesforce’s Customer 360, were integrated into this platform after acquisitions.
  • Automation at Scale: You can now bring vast amounts of data from other systems into the Einstein 1 Platform and use it immediately in Salesforce. You can also set up actions to happen automatically when anything changes, whether it’s an event from a device, a calculated insight, or a prediction from AI. This can handle up to 20,000 events per second and connect with any system in your company, even older ones, through MuleSoft.
  • Analytics at Scale: Salesforce offers various tools for insights and analytics, like Reports and Dashboards, Tableau, CRM Analytics, and Marketing Cloud Reports. With the Einstein 1 Platform, they can all work with the same data on a large scale, giving you valuable insights for any situation.

How does it work in favor of businesses?

Every customer using Enterprise Edition or above can start with Salesforce Data Cloud at zero cost, said Salesforce. They can start with Tableau and Data Cloud to explore and organize data, extending its impact across all business areas and excel in their AI journey.

The metadata framework within the Einstein 1 Platform provides a swift and reliable path to AI. It creates a flexible, dynamic, and context-rich environment for machine learning algorithms. With metadata describing data structure, relationships, and behaviors, AI models better understand customer interactions, business processes, and outcomes.

Einstein 1 Platform: Pricing and Availability

Data Cloud is now generally available to customers with Enterprise Edition or above. This covers the capability to consolidate 10,000 customer profiles and commence exploration with two Tableau Creator licenses at no additional cost.

Einstein 1 Platform holds a promising future for data unification and engagement.

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