Salesforce Introduced New Slack Integrations Post-Acquisition

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On the 2nd of December 2020 very unexpected yet surprising news came regarding Salesforce and Slack, that is, Salesforce acquiring Slack. The agreement was already signed during that time, and the sale confirmation was expected to close in mid-2021. Moreover, the deal was confirmed for approximately $28 billion. This acquisition is still said to be the largest one in the 21 years of the existence of the Salesforce company and its CRM Platform.

The acquisition was finally closed on 21st July 2021, and now as of August 2021, Salesforce has finally announced new Slack Integrations. Moreover, Salesforce has also announced the upcoming first set of features that would easily integrate with the Slack platform, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Tableau. These enhancements are designed to enable the connection among employees, customers, and partners, and that too in a single platform while having the ultimate goal of helping to close deals, resolve several cases, and optimize sales campaigns.

Now, let us discuss more regarding these new integrations in Slack, that have been brought exclusively by the Salesforce platform.

Slack salesforce Integration

Sales and Service Cloud

To address the challenges involved in the remote working of distributed teams during these current situations, Salesforce has introduced “Account” and “Deal” Slack rooms to Salesforce Sales Cloud. In these rooms, the companies, associated with the Slack platform, would allow their sales teams to have a good and smooth interaction around a specific customer deal cycle. These new rooms would also help in unifying several files, conversations, and data in one place. This will help in letting the representatives and partners get accounts onboarded by accessing the rooms’ histories first and later joining in to help in closing a certain deal.

Furthermore, there is a complimentary new feature, termed “Automated daily briefs”, which has also been introduced. This new feature will provide representatives with a list of daily tasks, along with lists of meetings, priority deals, and changes to Salesforce records that can be done within the Sales Cloud platform. Meanwhile, the other two new features in Service Cloud – Swarming and Expert Finder, would help in the creation of a Slack channel specifically for the service teams for collaboration on quite high-priority cases. Moreover, with the help of these new features, there will be identification and search for the experts over those cases, automatically, to further add to a swarm channel that will be entirely based on their availability, capacity as well as skills.

Marketing Cloud and Analytics

During these times of remote working, communication has been the most important part of the teams to work properly. But, failures in communication could have a major impact on the working of an organization. According to Salesforce estimations, 86% of all the employees and executives have mentioned ineffective communication as the primary reason for most of the failures that they faced in the workplace. And 33% of the employees mentioned that the ability to collaborate further made them more loyal to their work and workplace.

Thinking of the Marketing Cloud side, Salesforce has further aimed to lead this situation off by first letting the teams share some of the insights on the performance of marketing channels from both Marketing Cloud and Datorama directly in the Slack platform. There are new workflow notifications that further update the channels in an automatic mode when any changes are made to a marketing journey while providing the teams with the ability to first review them and then, later on, approve those changes in real-time.

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Beyond this, there are new notification features that aim at enabling the users to set up alerts that are automated particularly for the events in Tableau. An instance of such an event could be when a sales pipeline falls below a specifically mentioned threshold or when they are mentioned in dashboard comments. 

Dashboard updates will be provided within the team channels in Slack.

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In a more specific manner, it can be well said that Salesforce has launched Slack-First Customer 360. The main aim of the same will be to allow the enterprises to collaborate and further streamline the workflows with one view of the customer. Also, Salesforce will be using the Slack platform to automate routine business processes.

Rob Seaman, SVP for Slack at Salesforce agrees to look at Slack as the communications platform for Salesforce while moving forward with this acquisition and bringing about necessary capabilities. In an interview, he said, “We want Slack to be the primary engagement surface for our users, their communications, their work, their workflows, and the processes and the apps they support”.

The main aim is to look after all these integrations by further taking advantage of Slack’s capability towards the integration of external enterprise applications inside its own application. At the same time, it is also working together with Salesforce so that there could be even more ways that would ensure the speeding up and automation of various Salesforce tasks. This would ensure that the Slack platform performs faster and is easier to use without the need to switch contexts to make it happen.

Moreover, Rob Seaman has also promised that these announcements were just the beginning. This means that we will be hearing about more such amazing and innovative integrations with Slack at the Dreamforce customer conference, which is happening next month, and in the coming months. Stay tuned for such amazing updates!

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