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Salesforce Unveils Next-Gen Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2022

April 18, 2022 eye-glyph 78

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    With the growing innovation in the world, data usage is seeing its peak with the ever-increasing demand to gain insights into customer-related information. It further includes social media activity, browsing patterns, online purchase behaviour, etc., and strategizing marketing plans. With this, comes a changing market scenario and related demand for innovation, even for the marketing landscape, but especially for customers. For the same reason, Salesforce has again come up with good news for all its users, and this time it is related to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

    In this blog, we will go deep into the Next-Gen Salesforce Marketing Cloud 2022 and all the innovations it has come up with for the Salesforce community.

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    What is Next-Gen Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

    Salesforce has introduced new Service and Marketing Cloud features as of April 6, 2022. The main aim of this next generation of Marketing Cloud is to bring in related data, teams, and relevant technology together, which would help in understanding the customers better. While using the same knowledge, with more enhancement through AI (Artificial Intelligence), companies would be able to customize and have continuous improvement in each interaction at scale and in real-time.

    With these new features, the customer experience will get a new form with the new AI-powered conversational intelligence, providing mobile offline access to all the relevant information and innovations in the Customer Data Platform. The Service teams and marketers will be more beneficial from this new technology to create more customized experiences.

    This would further drive customer relationships to be more long-lasting for every industry, which could involve retail, healthcare, and manufacturing.

    What does the Next-Gen Marketing Cloud Include?

    Now, talking about the main features of the Next-Gen Marketing Cloud it has been briefly discussed as follows:

    • Customer Data Platform: It would help create SSOT (single source of truth), which would help know the customers and engage with them through relevant data and information. It was formally known as Salesforce CDP.
    • Personalization: This feature would help in delivering hyper-relevant moments, which include real-time recommendations, offers, and relevant experiences that are customized as per each customer and prospect. It was previously termed as Interaction Studio.
    • Engagement: This further consists of email, mobile, advertising, and journey products, which would help connect with customers on their pre-defined terms and a channel of choice with the help of unified data and AI.
    • Account Engagement: This one would help align the marketing and sales department around the leads, buyers, and accounts to ensure the fast closing of deals. It was earlier known as Pardot.
    • Intelligence: Lastly, this feature aims to merge the analytics and further provide AI insights, and leverage to provide continuous optimized outcomes, which would further raise levels of customer value and growth. It was earlier known as Datorama.

    What is the reason behind this change?

    Businesses are always going with the trend as set by the consumers, since that helps in better sales and also gives an idea so as to what all new innovations or upgrades would better suit their consumers. Seeing the recent trends, it has become a well-known fact that more priority has been given to the experience that a company provides as compared to its actual products and services. For the same reason, marketers are ensuring to take notice of the top priorities, including real-time interaction, required innovation, ROI (Return on Investment), cross-channel unity, and collaboration.

    CTA Consultancy

    Salesforce has been evolving its product and solutions for better customer experiences which would help the organizations in getting closer to their customers and have better relationships. Also, in order to develop more customer loyalty and trust in the best possible manner, companies often focus on one channel or technology and hence, more focus on the total experience gained from it. These new and upcoming salesforce development services would help the companies to do exactly as mentioned above and further reflect three central values, which are as follows:

    1. Easy: The portfolio of Marketing Cloud has been made more aligned with the language that the marketers already put to use. This would ensure that the capabilities, as well as value, are way easier to understand.
    2. Unified: As mentioned in the above section, the new names have been made aligned with the Salesforce strategy. This would help integrate the Marketing Cloud into one unified platform with a strategy of ‘data-first’ for the customers. For instance, Salesforce released integrations last year that aimed to connect Personalization, Customer Data Platform, Engagement, and Intelligence and embed Intelligence into the Engagement experience.

    3. Flexible: With this new update, Salesforce is aiming to bring innovation across all the mentioned areas. This would further help in describing the capabilities, flexibly, that have been made available today and those coming shortly. For instance, in the past year, Salesforce had added Whatsapp and Snapchat as new ways of engagement with customers, which will help in complementing SMS, email, push, and all the other forms of advertising.

    Next-Gen Marketing Cloud Availability

    After having brief knowledge of Next-Gen Marketing Cloud, now it’s time to know more about its availability for the Salesforce community. Talking about the same, the following points need to be considered:

    • The features related to Customer Data Platform, Intelligence, and Visual Remote Assistant self-scheduling have been made available currently.
    • Features regarding Salesforce Service Cloud Voice Integration with AWS Contact Lens, Service Cloud Voice Genesys Connector, and Field Service Multi-Level offline briefcase have been expected to be made available by this Summer’22.
    • Another feature is that the Service Cloud Voice Google Contact Centre AI Platform connector is expected to be available by this fall of 2022.


    While looking at the recent trends, Salesforce is expected to come up with more new product innovations. In its subsequent releases, Salesforce has openly talked about new ways that the users will use to be able to unify and activate customer data while also being able to connect with both inbound as well as outbound moments in real-time, have proper engagement with leads, and accounts, and later properly optimize their customers’ journey.

    Product innovations by Salesforce would further continue to be more focused on the new capabilities, integrations, and Salesforce Hyperforce infrastructure aiming to give proper solutions to the customers.

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