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Boosting Sales and Reducing Costs: A Salesforce and CTI Integration Success Story with 80% Maintenance Cost Reduction

April 28, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Salesforce Sales Cloud And CTI
Salesforce Implementation & Integration Services
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About the client

Our client is a pioneer player in the brokerage and mortgage industry in North America. With sheer commitment to offering exceptional services, the client has evolved as a trusted name in the region. The client collects leads from different sources including websites, phone calls, email, SMS, and more. They also manage the debtor’s account and payment reminders.


The client was facing a series of interconnected challenges that were impacting their business operations. A significant decline in sales, despite an increase in leads, indicated a gap in their lead management process. This issue was compounded by the prolonged duration of closing deals, leading to resource complexity and inefficiencies. Furthermore, the absence of an effective internal communication platform was hindering collaboration among team members and impacting client closures.

Resource allocation was another area of concern. The lack of specific criteria for agent assignment was leading to setbacks, particularly for agents with more expertise and a higher probability of closing leads.

Simultaneously, customer interactions were suffering due to a lack of personalization in responses and delays by agents. This not only resulted in customer dissatisfaction but also highlighted the need for a more tailored approach to communication.

Adding to these challenges was the absence of call automation functionality. The time-consuming process of manually entering customer numbers and the inability to forward calls when required were creating bottlenecks in handling customer interactions.

In short, the client was facing the following challenges;

  • The steep decline in sales
  • Lack of personalization in customer responses
  • Lack of call automation and internal communication
  • Resources allocation

These challenges presented a complex scenario that required a comprehensive solution, setting the stage for Cyntexa’s intervention with its expertise in Salesforce and CTI integration.


We have implemented the following challenges to help the client overcome the challenges;

  • Enhanced personalization: We created a dynamic display board that displayed all the related data of a particular lead, such as short meeting notes of every call, preferred timing, etc. This helped agents provide a personalized response to every lead.
  • Streamlined call management: We used the Salesforce interface for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to set up calls. We also integrated call routing and call transfer to the right agent through an Interactive Voice Response. The functionality to record, hold, and transfer calls was made accessible with just a few clicks.
  • Seamless customer telephony integration with Salesforce: We identified the routing calls and transferred them to the right live agent through an Interactive Voice Response. Agents were able to record, hold, and transfer calls easily without any hassle.
  • Sales revitalization: We identified the shortcomings of the current system and created a solution using Salesforce and CTI, which helped clients increase the lead conversion ratio. We also created different automation which was triggered if the agent does not respond to a lead.


“Cyntexa consistently surpassed their expectations, delivering high-quality work that stood out in terms of its excellence. The project was completed ahead of the scheduled timeline, demonstrating Cyntexa’s commitment to efficiency and time management. Furthermore, the project was executed under the anticipated cost, reflecting Cyntexa’s ability to effectively manage resources and deliver cost-effective solutions.”


  • Improved customer experience with personalized responses and efficient call handling
  • Increased agent productivity with efficient resource allocation and call automation
  • Improved communication between internal teams
  • A competitive edge in the brokerage industry by improving the business processes

Decrease in the time frame to introduce new products


Reduction in maintenance costs


Faster scalability for products was achieved


Reduction in customer response time

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