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Simplify your data management with Easy RollUp for the Education Industry

June 13, 2022 eye-glyph 78
Easy Rollup
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About the Company

Our client is an educational institute that offers various courses to students based on their interests. With a team of 100+ tutors, they provided courses and study materials focusing on various subjects.

To grow their business, they ran different marketing campaigns and stored the leads based on the responses they received. Additionally, they offered various courses, and enrollment was based on multiple criteria.


Our client struggled while performing manual operations on large data sets, consuming much time. To record every student’s data manually was a tiring and tedious job, and monitoring all this data required extra effort and manpower, which made it very inefficient.

Moving on with the challenges, our client’s data was scattered, and it was a hectic process to extract valuable data and visualize it. Performing various operations and generating insights from that scattered data was complex.

Additionally, having an average between different data sets is essential in certain circumstances. Unfortunately, Salesforce doesn’t offer an in-built average as a rollup summary data type. Therefore, it was required to use the correct formula every time.

In summary, the key challenges to address include:

  • Time-consuming operations
  • No visual representation
  • Unable to get meaningful insights
  • Generating data average.


After understanding our client’s challenges, needs and requirements, we introduced them to an AppExchange solution called Easy Rollup. It lets businesses create roll ups without any limit within the Salesforce platform. This application helps the institute to organize, manage and view the data in a more simplified manner for both master-detail and lookup relationships.

Easy Roll Up helped our client save a lot of time by implementing a customized filter on massive data sets and tailoring them without additional manual effort or manpower. This resulted in the management of all student data, accounts and reports.

This application visualized the data in various forms like bar graphs, pie charts, doughnut charts, etc., which made it easier for teachers and mentors to view the overall performance of the students. Based on that, teachers and mentors can provide feedback, support and guidance to students who need it to thrive and perform better. This would also help them to understand the student’s strong and weak areas.

With the help of Easy Rollup, the client was able to track and evaluate the data of each student in real-time using rollup filters. Also, it provides an in-built roll summary data type to fetch the average. It helped the client collect the student’s average marks and other relevant data.


“Using Easy Rollup by Cyntexa has made a big difference. It’s super easy to manage and combine data in Salesforce now. The app is so flexible and user-friendly that we can create all the rollups we need without any problems. We’d definitely recommend Cyntexa to any organization.”


Easy rollup allows unlimited standard and custom rollups on master detail and lookup relationships.
The client was able to process the data dynamically with real-time events.
The client can schedule the rollup at their desired time, eliminating the need to keep a reminder or wait until the right time.
The client got the results immediately with a click on the ‘run’ option.
A User-friendly interface helps the client navigate the application and allows quick access to all the features.
Visual representation provides a summarized view of the data, helps to understand it and performs comparison. This benefitted the client in deriving valuable insights and making informed decisions.
Multiple filters could be applied to a data set to view and analyze the data.


Increase in Data Sorting


Increase in Productivity


Rise in Customer satisfaction

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