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Salesforce and Mulesoft Integration: A Success Story of Improving Appointment Management by 55% in Healthcare

February 18, 2021 eye-glyph 78
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About the client

Our client is a dynamic Healthcare Governing Body that manages a network of small hospitals and clinics offering various healthcare treatments. Each of these healthcare institutions has its management system working under the supervision of the governing body. An interesting aspect is that all their doctors and surgeons work across multiple locations.


The client was facing several challenges making it hard to sustain and thrive in the changing healthcare landscape:

  • Appointment management: It was tough to keep track of each doctor’s appointments across various clinics due to separate management systems.
  • Doctor availability: The individual systems at each healthcare center didn’t give the governing body access to doctors’ schedules, making emergency assignments difficult.
  • Data storage: Clinics use different methods for storing data. Offline bookings involved sheets for patient details and ERP software for payment details. Online bookings used Quickbooks for patient accounts and various payment gateways for transaction details.
  • Bed and ICU management: Keeping up-to-date records of bed and ICU availability was a challenge, especially during emergencies like COVID-19.
  • Prescription and medical records: Sharing medical records and prescriptions during patient transfers between hospitals was a significant hurdle.
  • Large database: The vast database of hospitals and clinics made data syncing a lengthy process, causing delays in important actions.
  • Lack of mobile version: The system was only accessible via desktop, causing work delays as not everyone could access a desktop at all times. They wanted a mobile-friendly system.


In response to the challenges faced by a healthcare governing body, we have devised a series of innovative solutions using Salesforce and Mulesoft;

  • Doctor availability: The client now manages doctors’ appointments on Salesforce. This gives the Healthcare Governing Body real-time updates about all appointments, making it easier to track doctors’ availability.
  • MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform: We used MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform to connect the Epic EMR to non-clinical systems. This created CareWeb Messenger, a unified messaging platform that works as a paging system across web and mobile platforms.
  • Management systems integration: We have integrated the separate systems of all hospitals and clinics using Mulesoft. This enabled the single source of truth for the client to access all the required information.
  • Bed and ICU Tracking: By integrating ERP software and sheets with Salesforce using Mulesoft, the client can track the number of beds and ICUs available across all hospitals from a single panel.
  • Prescription and medical records management: All the prescriptions and medical records are available in Salesforce, allowing one to keep track of information easily.
  • Real-time data management: We aggregate data in real time and expose it to providers through APIs. This gives providers a more informed view of the patient, improving care.
  • Mobile version: We built an API layer that functions across web and mobile channels. This exposed key pieces of logic that could be leveraged.


““From day one, Cyntexa focussed on our project needs and delivered the project on time. The team delivered the exact requirements I was looking for.””


  • Tracking doctor’s availability becomes easier
  • Unified platform for data management
  • Improved the process of managing and sharing patient records
  • Real-time data access to deliver better treatment plans
  • Mobile accessibility

Increase in overall management


Improvement in data storing and management


Enhancement in appointment management


Boost in real-time data management

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