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Brewing Success in the Tea and Coffee Machine Manufacturing Client: Improving Lead Follow-Up by 48% with Salesforce Pardot

March 25, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Salesforce Implementation & Integration Services
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About the client

Our client makes machines that brew tea and coffee. They are a big name in Australia. They sell their machines to everyone, from people who want one for their home to big hotels. However, the client experienced a decline in the number of machines selling and started exploring options to get back on the leads.


The client was aware of the importance of effective communication in today’s time and was looking for a way to improve it. They wanted to chat with their customers and evaluate their data in real time. They also wanted to have engagement on social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ensuring client satisfaction was another challenge for the client. The client wanted to offer a positive customer experience at the point of sale and after-sale as well. However, aligning both the marketing and sales teams on towards goal was a significant challenge.

Just like other businesses, our client also wants to accelerate the market share. Therefore, looking for a comprehensive view of marketing assets, including pay-per-click, websites, print and publications, sales, etc., was a major challenge.

In summary, the client was facing the following three challenges;

  • Improving the customer interaction
  • Adopting customer centricity
  • Increasing market share


We devised a solution for our client to tackle their challenges, focusing on three key areas: enhancing customer interaction, promoting customer-centricity, and increasing market share.

  • Enhancing customer interaction: Our primary objective was to boost customer interaction and satisfaction. We achieved this by integrating Salesforce CRM and Pardot, which sync every two minutes, providing real-time customer engagement data. We also configured most survey tools to sync with the CRM, centralizing all data. Additionally, Pardot’s ability to map customers to their LinkedIn or Twitter accounts facilitated social media engagement directly from the CRM.
  • Customer centricity: We adopted a customer-centric approach, focusing on providing a positive customer experience throughout the sales process. We used Pardot to create landing pages quickly, accelerating the customer’s entry into the sales cycle. Pardot also enabled personalized marketing conversations tailored to each buyer, giving the sales team complete visibility and a solid starting point for their interactions.
  • Increase in market share: Our client faced the challenge of obtaining a comprehensive view of their marketing assets, sales cycle, and customer service teams. Implementing Pardot addressed this issue, leading to an increase in market share and a reduction in sales cycle length. The client also saw improved lead follow-up due to better identification of qualified leads.


“Cyntexa has kept our project organized and has delivered the project on time. The team is fantastic and provides reliable services.”


  • Real-time customer engagement
  • Centralized data management
  • Streamlined marketing efforts
  • Increased operational efficiency

Increase in Market Share


Decrease in sales cycle length


Improvement in lead follow-up


Enhancement in identifying qualified leads

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