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Salesforce has recently launched Salesforce Genie as part of its vast portfolio, which would create a direct way of customizing and personalizing the experiences of customers in real-time. On a large scale, one of the roles of Salesforce Genie is collecting and storing data and then combining it with the data gathered by Salesforce. Presently, many applications are used to achieve the performance of Salesforce Genie. As a result, Salesforce Genie curbs the need for several applications and has become a single and fast solution for improving innovation and development.

What is the Salesforce Genie Platform?

Salesforce Genie is a platform that harmonizes data getting frequently updated every moment in real-time, faster than any other method before. Salesforce Genie helps to take the experience of customers to the next level. Salesforce Genie curbs customers’ wait time when they may be looking for something and face trouble. In this situation, Salesforce Genie gets them instantaneous help and results. Also, if the amount of your data has multiplied overnight, then Salesforce Genie would make it easy to assess and understand all the data from any data stream, channel, or system. What Genie does is that it takes the data from every single activity of the customer and transforms it into customer profiles which can then be used to create memorable and personalized experiences.

Why Did Salesforce Introduce a New Genie Platform?

The significant innovation of Salesforce Genie was introduced to make the collection and storage of data simple and incredibly fast. However, Salesforce Genie goes beyond merely collecting customer information and helps personalize experiences like never before. Some of the major pros are shared below.

Why Salesforce Introduces Salesforce Genie Platform

#1 Real-time data collection

The feature of real-time data collection would mean that through this data collection, there would be a minimum delay in executing customers’ needs in milliseconds. What sets Salesforce Genie apart from its competitors is that, unlike other applications, it stores and collects data in real-time faster than ever.

#2 Create better customer experiences

Whenever any customer faces an issue with a product, Salesforce Genie quickly notifies you to resolve the issue instantaneously. Until that is done, it pauses all sales and marketing interactions. This technique aims for quick and instant resolution of customer issues, which makes for fast and instantaneous customer service and experience.

#3 More data security

One of the goals of this platform is to increase the data and privacy ethics of the industry by best of policy automation, consent management, and more. Salesforce Genie had been created in an amalgamation of the Office of Ethical and Humane Use of Technology meant for best privacy and data ethics practices.

How Salesforce Genie Empowers Salesforce 360 Platform

Salesforce Genie helps the 360 platforms by making them intelligent, fully automated, and delivering real-time. Across the entire Salesforce Customer 360 and other products of Salesforce, it has become possible to view the customer graph created by Salesforce Genie, which ultimately helps study the customers and provide better services.

Commerce Cloud Genie

With the platform of Salesforce 360, every retailer could customize their customers’ shopping experiences, which adapt to the real-time actions of the customers, including any shopping carts that may have been abandoned or any action taken on the mobile application or website.

Service Cloud Genie

What Salesforce Service Cloud Genie does is that it makes the instant resolution of any issue possible due to proactive service, which directly contacts customer support and lets them know of the issue right when it appears. This makes it possible for the agents to solve the issue and assist customers in real time.

Marketing Cloud Genie

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Genie makes personalizing messages possible for every marketer to customers across different channels, which adapts to the customers’ activity across different brands in real time.

Sales Cloud Genie

During customer voice and video calls, Salesforce Sales Cloud Genie makes it possible for sales representatives to get guidance in real-time to adapt to the conversation and deliver personalized offers to each customer.


With intelligent workflows and allowing teams to view real-time data automatically, you could immediately increase your business’s efficiency.


The Salesforce 360 platform, Mulesoft, allows you to unlock your data across any different system in real time.

Work Process Of Salesforce Genie

Let’s See the Work process of the new Salesforce Genie Platform.

Work Process of Salesforce Genie

#Step 1: Connect

With Salesforce Genie, you could connect all the data of your customers at a large scale from any device while streaming in real-time with several connectors. Salesforce Genie complements the existing database with the capability of taking as many amounts of data as it increases.

#Step 2: Harmonize

In harmonization, some data models have been created that are now called the Customer Graph, and this graph harmonizes the data received in a single profile of a customer. After this, it does not matter where the data came from or how it was labeled before, but the result is that it is part of the complete customer profile.

#Step 3: Engage

With Salesforce Genie, your data work for you by consolidating the complete transaction history of your customers. This is done utilizing a lake house architecture, which makes it simple to classify and categorize all the unstructured data your business may rely on.

#Step 4: Experience

Overall, the major goal of Salesforce Genie is to create a better experience for the customers. With built-in compliance and prioritization of privacy, Salesforce Genie turns the data into customer profiles, making it easier for you to customize every customer experience.

Salesforce Genie: How is it built?

Salesforce Genie brings in real-time data and stores it at a huge scale to combine it with the data of Salesforce. This act is achieved through the connectors already built in Genie to bring in data from every channel, including historical data. MuleSoft also brings in legacy data from your data lakes. This technology has been built organically and relies on some significant pillars: Flow, Einstein, Genie, and Hyperforce. These four are the different infrastructures of Salesforce which form the foundations of Cloud and allow Salesforce to address the local data requirements while expanding consistently.

Difference Between Salesforce Genie And Customer Data Platform (CDP)

There are several similarities in what Salesforce Genie does with the functions of the Customer Data Platform; however, compared to the Salesforce Customer Data Platform, the Salesforce Genie has been improved and developed way better.

  • Unlike CDP, Salesforce Genie goes beyond the previous threshold of speed and utilization.
  • Typically, the CDPs would be targeted by marketers. On the contrary, Salesforce Genie amalgamates data from all the products of Customer 360, which increase its use in different departments for different cases.
  • As mentioned earlier, Salesforce Genie is the fastest way to integrate data. Instead of duplicating data to the records, it reads the data sources and processes them without duplication or movement. This makes a long process be completed within a matter of milliseconds.
  • In its own right, Salesforce CDP has been growing fast, and like CDP, even Genie falls under the same portfolio of Salesforce products. However, unlike CDP, Salesforce Genie has the fastest infrastructure, which reduces the overall time consumed.

Wrapping Up

Salesforce Genie has the capability of revolutionizing data processes and customizing the experience of customers. In this revolutionary process, the experts at Cyntexa can help you at every step, from the setup to the development of this product. Salesforce Genie can solve all your problems of gathering data and assisting you in making it convenient for your customers to solve any of their issues while improving the overall customer experience.

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