Streamlining Form Integration: Seamless Data Flow From Website To Pardot With Custom APIs


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Unified Google Analytics, Salesforce CRM and Pardot led to superior customer insights.

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SPAN is a smart electrical panel that enables homeowners to control and monitor their home’s energy usage from their phones. Through the app, the SPAN panel provides insight into how the home is sourcing, storing, and using energy in real-time. The SPAN smart electrical panel also allows for modernizing the home’s electrical system with smart features.


  • Seamless Integration of website form and Pardot!: The challenge is to build a system that seamlessly connects website forms with Marketing Cloud accounts (Pardot). A Custom API has to be built to fetch the data from the website forms to Pardot, and a form handler has to be written to pass the data from the webflow website to Pardot.
  • Seamless sync between Pardot and Salesforce CRM: The client wanted to ensure that Pardot and Salesforce CRM are linked, so that the Client ID is created and synced in both platforms regardless of the origin of the lead.
  • Form handler integration with Pardot: Pardot forms offer a solution to the challenge of collecting and storing data using form handlers. They allow us to connect with third-party forms and store data, but the benefits must be weighed against the limitations.
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