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Jan Sahas, a non-profit organization, empowers unorganized workers by providing comprehensive information on workplace laws. The initiative strives to foster non-violence against women and children, promoting safe migration and protecting workers.

Addressing the challenges faced by unorganized sector migrant workers in India, this NGO aims to secure their working rights by providing legal assistance and advocacy. The lack of proper employment documentation hinders workers’ ability to seek help in workplace issues.

Jan Sahas is guided by five core values: Equity, Dignity, Transforming Leadership, Co-Creation, and Integrity.


  • Complex case management procedure: Handling more than 25 distinct case types and dynamically guiding field officers through questionnaires poses a substantial hurdle in maintaining accuracy and operational efficiency.
  • Flawed and disrupted workflows: existing system bugs and inefficiencies created a challenging situation where customers bypassed essential tasks, disrupting the workflow. Inadequate customer information further complicated case management, demanding a technical solution to enforce task sequencing and improve data collection.
  • Approaching data loss risks: Migrating over 250,000 records from the old CRM to the live CRM environment carries a high potential for encountering data inconsistencies and migration errors. This intricate process demands meticulous data mapping according to the newly configured CRM.
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